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Upsolve Community Member

I have a credit score of 600. I have looked into debt consolidation but the interest fee is more than my credit cards. Is bankruptcy the best option?

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Upsolve Community Member
That's a really good question, Miranda! Lots of people wonder the same thing. It really depends on the specifics of your circumstances, but our Learning Center is a great place to learn the pros and cons and see what might be a good option for you

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For example, this one might help! https://upsolve.org/learn/should-i-file-for-bankruptcy-or-debt-relief/

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It depends, but you might find it helpful to learn more in our Community here. Lots of people have thought about this question and everyone's here to help :) 

Upsolve Community Member
Thank you, I will look into that.

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a powerful debt relief tool for American consumers. For your information, here's a 10-Step Guide on how to prepare for and get a fresh start in the form of a bankruptcy discharge: https://upsolve.org/learn/how-to-file-bankruptcy/

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This is an article that may be helpful! https://upsolve.org/learn/debt-consolidation-vs-bankruptcy/ 

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How long before my score380, is respectable (+600)?

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Upsolve Community Member
2-3 years if you work very hard, understand how to rebuild your credit, set up a budget, and don't spend over your means. Pay your bills on time. No late payments at ALL and start out with Secure Credit Cards for the first TWO YEARS. That means you are using your OWN money but the credit bureaus look at your on-time payments the same as Unsecured credit cards and your score will rise. If you buy something on credit, make sure the interest rate is reasonable. You don't want 14% interest on something at this point. Make sure you build yourself a rainy-day fund in case you fall into hard times again. Ideally, the fund should be a year's expenses. Good luck! :-)

Upsolve Community Member
Joshua, thanks so much for asking! It really depends on your personal circumstances, but there's a lot you can do to improve your credit score 

Upsolve Community Member
Try reading our guide to rebuilding credit to learn more about the steps you can take- things like paying you accounts in full and on time can make a world of difference, so can secured cards which start you off building credit history https://upsolve.org/learn/rebuild-credit-after-chapter-7-bankruptcy/ 

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My credit score is a 547 and I'm trying to get it to 600 to get along for a house

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You may find this helpful? https://upsolve.org/learn/ways-to-build-credit/

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If I paid someone 600 for rent in the past 2 years would I say yes when it asks me if I’ve given a gift or payment for 600 to a person

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Upsolve Community Member
Cameron, thanks so much for asking! Generally speaking, payments for living expenses like rent wouldn't be considered a gift. 

Upsolve Community Member
Here's an article that might help! https://upsolve.org/learn/how-much-money-considered-gift/ 

Upsolve Community Member
You may find this useful, too: https://upsolve.org/learn/prefiling-spending/

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