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"Can Medical Bills Garnish Wages" Discussion

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I am fully disabled since 1999 and can’t work. Living alone for the first time in my life since my mom passed in 2014. We shared expenses. I literally buy groceries with what little open credit I still have. Only way around this is to stop paying on the credit card bills and past due medical bills. The constant phone calls from creditors will drive me crazy. Been there before but not as much debt and slowly dug myself out using up every bit of savings and 401k. I already know it will affect the steadily growing monthly personal loan I receive from a family member. Will deciding to start this process over affect me from using this service at a later date? I think I should have asked more questions before fully starting the process. Having trouble finding some needed documents and can’t get copies due to age. They are in storage boxes. Will totally deleting and starting over be possible?

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Upsolve Community Member
Hi Julie, thank you so much for sharing this with us and for your questions! A user is free to restart this process if they need to with no penalty. We hope that the Upsolve Community can be a place of support and information as you continue this process towards a fresh start!

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This article may also be of some interest to you: https://upsolve.org/learn/bankruptcy-and-disability/

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I want to get rid of my debts

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Marcello, glad you're here

Upsolve Community Member
There's different options for what to do when you're in debt- glad you came here to learn more about what might be a good option for you. As a place to start, this article on some of the options can help you learn more https://upsolve.org/learn/debt-relief-options/

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Welcome! Ask any questions along the way 

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Filing bankruptcy can help with credit card debt, medical bills, and other types of unsecured debt, but not all debt. It's helpful to know https://upsolve.org/learn/non-dischargeable-debts-bankruptcy-filing/ before you file bankruptcy. 

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I owe medical bills to the same company. Can I put the total owed, or do I have to list each bill individually? I have a printout from the company.

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Upsolve Community Member
Hi Erin! https://upsolve.org/learn/do-not-remember-creditors-owed-chapter-seven-bankruptcy/ has some helpful information about medical bills that could be a helpful place to start! 

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Medical emergency had a stroke and heart attack November 2020 been awaiting SSDI approval since February 2021 they are backed up had no income since March 2021 completely broke brain damage very sick paid 5 years and 10 months at 22% interest on my 2014 Corolla through Santander got it in 2016, it was a 2014, due to interest paid almost 6 years still have over 10k left and am 80 days past due and up for reposession and they won’t work with me, credit shot from the last year, no one to help all alone need help please I won’t be able to get another car with amount of SSDI monthly payments and only 80k miles on my car I need to pay it off then drive it for remainder of my life please help also my credit score plummeted from 770 to 510 in the last year due to medical emergency and SSDI holdup medical bills charged off small credit cards and loans screwed me up brain damage please help 2144047715 Rachel flock have no money negative overdrawn in my bank please help

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Upsolve Community Member
OK, Rachel... the first thing you need to do is take three deep breaths so you can focus. Nobody is going to call you from Upsolve --- but if you are under such stress that you need some mental health help ---- 1-800-273-TALK (8255).  This is a "Do It Yourself" service for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you would like info as to how you get started with Upsolve, where you are doing the work yourself, let me know. Please respond to this message. Thank you! :-)

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Hi Rachel, disability is a tough road and my heart goes out to you. Medical problems can really turn a person's life upside down, and SSDI can be a slow process. Bankruptcy can help with medical bills. The article https://upsolve.org/learn/get-rid-of-medical-bills-in-bankruptcy/ has more information. It sounds like you're very worried about keeping your car. That will depend on different factors, but I recommend reading https://upsolve.org/learn/can-keep-car-file-bankruptcy/ to learn more about your options. If it's difficult for you to read or reading makes you tired, check out what accessibility options your phone or computer has to read aloud or narrate text. There are also extensions and apps that can help.  Sometimes it's hard to find community services to help, but you can call 211 to find out if the United Way has any community services available in your area to help you with your health care and financial needs. 

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what happens if you get new medical bills after filing for bankruptcy? do those get included? how does the court decide if those are allowed or not

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Upsolve Community Member
Unfortunately, new debts aren't included in a bankruptcy filing. If a debtor is worried they might incur new debts, they might consider if filing for bankruptcy right now is their best option. There are limits on how often a person can file for bankruptcy. You can learn more here: https://upsolve.org/learn/how-often-can-you-file-bankruptcy/

Upsolve Community Member
The important date is the date the debt was incurred - i.e. the date when you received the medical service. If that's BEFORE filing your case, it'll be discharged, even if the bill wasn't sent out until later. 

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