Bankruptcy in a Box

Upsolve helps legal aid to provide an end-to-end solution for low-income debtors filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We help you screen clients, gather their information, fill out their bankruptcy forms, and prepare the attorney who meets the debtor. Then, online materials guide the debtor through discharge.

We're a team of attorneys, technologists, and judges with support from great organizations, including

Intake and Gathering Information

Using our intake tool, anyone can determine if a debtor is a good fit for Upsolve. If they are, the debtor uses our mobile-friendly web app to provide us their info, and we fill out their forms. To make things easy, we order the debtor’s credit reports and tax returns. We also guide the debtor through the required credit counseling course online.

Attorney Meeting

We send the complete bankruptcy forms, credit reports, pay stubs, and tax returns to the Upsolve coordinator at the legal aid organization. The legal aid organization forwards it to the attorney who will review and finalize the forms with the debtor. Once finalized, the attorney hands the forms off to the debtor to file pro se.

Debtor Files and Attends 341 Meeting

The debtor files their petition pro se with the clerk’s office and mails necessary documents to their trustee. They then come back to Upsolve to complete their debtor education course and watch a video to prepare for their 341 meeting. Upsolve is available to answer questions, and we monitor the case to make sure the debtor completes all their steps.

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