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Hear from our members

Thanks to Upsolve’s financial tool I was able to fill out and file all my forms, very helpful and worry-free; They guided me throughout the whole process.

A brand new beginning. I was so scared but upsolve made the process easy and painless.

This is an awesome service...I would recommend this to anyone who is in need of filing for bankruptcy but can not afford an attorney.

Helped me to feel able. Nothing but relief and thankfulness in my heart.

simple. straightforward. informative

Upsolve is the absolute best. I will recommend this to anyone that needs help. You guys are the absolute the best. i have another chance at life financially because of your help and guidance. Sincerely Sonya e.

The best way to put it is amazing people

Great option for those who cant afford an attorney.

They changed my life I was out of options and needed help step by step process I filed and as I wait I’m confident

Upsolve is a very organized organization that helped walk me through all the steps of filing for bankruptcy. Thank you for making a difficult situation (having to file for bankruptcy) go so smoothly.

Lawyers quoted thousands of dollars for this service. The website makes everything clear and simple. once finished, the paperwork was perfectly laid out and accepted without any? s or corrections.

Upsolve was so easy to navigate and explained everything! They don't rush through things and they make sure you understand the process.

Awesome tool. Very thankful for Upsolve. I highly recommend using their services.

A lot but I got through it! Im thankful for them frfr they saved me so much money!

Very helpful!

I filed this morning (without an attorney that was going to charge me $1,000), my 341 meeting will be in early June and will be by phone, not in person. The court clerk was extremely helpful and courteous, she checked all my d... Read More


Upsolve tool is very helpful with the filing requirements. The check list and step by step process makes filling out the forms a breeze. The bankruptcy clerk was please that I had use Upsolve making the filing process simple. I... Read More

Very efficient and easy process. The bankruptcy court clerk accepted the packet with no problems.

Easy so far

This was easier than filing Taxes with Turbo Tax. The set up is much the same. You are led a long with questions and prompts. The Utah Court told me they love people filling using Upsolve. The papers are in order and thoroug... Read More

It was very reliable and far definitely recommend

Upsolve has been such an easy and informed process. I'm so glad I didn't pay for a lawyer. My case was pretty straight forward.

Easy to use and answered all my questions

Upsolve makes the process so easy!

Thank you for assisting with the paperwork! It was easy!

IT was a seamless experience and I got it all done alot faster than expected.

Very easy process extremely self-explanatory I really appreciated all of the help!

Experience from start to finish was easy to understand. I felt confident the entire way. Thank you for helping me with my fresh start. I’m grateful for what you all do here at UpSolve.

Upsolve provides an almost seamless experience in filing for a bankruptcy. There is a great amount of work and signing to be done, but Upsolve takes it step by step, providing numerous videos and explanations of some of the tri... Read More

Upsolve really made this process better. I was feeling overwhelmed at first, but the Upsolve software guided me through it. I really enjoyed the side notes about successful people who filed bankruptcy, but still created a succe... Read More

Upsolve literally walked me through every step in the process! The guy at the courthouse says Upsolve makes their job so much easier! What a wonderful thing to do for people for free!

Amazing and simple. Highly recommend

The online forms were so simple to fill out. So far this has been a great experience. Definitely recommend.

The whole process and questionnaire are very user friendly and Upsolve's help is very thorough. I would recommend them to anyone who is filing pro se.

Easy, Free, Non-Profit Bankruptcy Service dedicated to helping those file for bankruptcy without the need for an attorney. Organizes the paperwork and walks you through the process. The software is top-tier and I was impressed ... Read More

great job and free

Upsolve guided me through the process for my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I couldn't have done it without them. Thanks Upsolve!!!!!!!!!!

I'm grateful for Upsolve!

Easy to use every step of the way ! So thankful it was recommended to me. It took a little bit of time but it saved me bc I didn’t have money for an attorney.

Upsolve lessened the emotional stress and pressure during the process. It was easy to read and flow through the paperwork without confusion.

Too easy! I filled out the questionnaire and received my packet in such a timely matter. I delivered it to the courthouse and now its just a matter of time. Thanks upsolve.

Super easy platform to use and it made this process feel very doable. Thank you!

so far everything was good and straight to the point. I filed today with a waiver and now its in gods hands lol thanks upsolve it was a very easy process

It took a long time to complete all of the paperwork. I was thankful that i had to insure all of my past bills were included in all of the information needed to accomplish my Bankruptcy journey

This is what I was looking when I decided to file my petition. It is a very helpful tool. No charge. You just need to be honest with yourself and realistic about your situation to start. Make a list of your assets, your debts a... Read More

Great service! Very easy to use!

I had an easy time understanding what i was doing and I felt comfortable with everything that I read as well.

Excellent, You Just need to be through when answering questions.

Upsolve is easy straightforward convenient they walk you through the paperwork that you need and when it's time to print out they make that easy as well I want to thank up solve for helping me with my bankruptcy and it's dress free.

Very user friendly, explanatory and straight forward!

They do a amazing and free service. I appreciate it highly. Thanks so much!


The process was very easy and informational. Upsolve healped with every step so far. When I went to go file at the courthouse the clerk asked if i had help and I told them I had a non profit help generate the papers. Once I s... Read More

A great help!

This has been a ton of work, but it was made easy by the upsolve app.

I am very happy to have found out about upsolve to help me file for bankruptcy. Yes it takes some time but you are guided with plenty of information if you have questions. I would recommend if you can not afford a lawyer.

There are clear instructions and help in every step of the process. I have had no issues using UpSolve.

very easy website to navigate and all the steps are given as you move along the process

Made a potential stressful and complicated process much more easy and far less terrifying. Thank you!!!!

Upsolve has changed the way I think about dealing with legal matters. They give you the support you need to strike out on your own. I hope for the best that this goes well, I will keep you posted.

Upsolve is a highly respected organization, recognized at the courts. Although this is a dreaded experience, it was reassuring that all of my paperwork was meticulously prepared with no errors. I was in and out in less than 30 ... Read More

Upsolve is a great and efficient service . This tool was very explanatory and made our process smooth. I would recommend this service to anyone. I also encourage all users to take your time when using this application and follo... Read More

Upsolve has come through for me in a really tough and tight situation for me. It's been super hard and overwhelming just carrying the mental budren of filing pro se, but Upsolve has helped me rest a little better at night. Th... Read More

Upsolve really made my filing painless. I filed today in court hoping all goes well. Thank you Upsolve

Easy to use, great content, everything was easy to do and explain.

They make it so easy and through. Had no problems. Would recommend for anyone struggling and needs some help with understanding how to do it yourself

Upsolve has helped me so much!!! They saved me thousands of dollars using their services instead of an over priced attorney

Thank God for this company! It's not easy having to come to terms with filing bankruptcy, and it's safe to say leading on to making this decision that life hasn't been going your way. But with Upsolve this company shines that l... Read More

easiest thing ive ever had to do with or for the governmet regarding paperwork. i was worried that it was going to take weeks and months and i had it all done within 4 days time from start to finish and filed. it was also a mat... Read More

This process with Upsolve was SEAMLESS! I’d recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with filing bankruptcy!

I filed bankruptcy 20 years ago, pro se, and it took me 6 months. Upsolve made the process incredibly simple. I was done and had filled within 2 weeks of finding the site.

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