If you're in debt, bankruptcy is a lifeline.

Our nonprofit helps you file for bankruptcy for free, guiding you every step of the way.

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Our free online tool asks you questions and generates your Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms. One of our lawyers reviews your forms before you get them.

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Here are what our inspiring users have shared with us:
Now I Can Focus On What I Love Doing

I used to be homeless. I was in so much debt I attempted suicide 3 months before I found out about Upsolve. I feel like I have a new life. I’m even learning to code.

— Filed March, 2018
Credit Score 543 to 720

Upsolve was sincerely life changing for me. I fell into debt when I got divorced. My child has autism and we didn’t have health insurance to care for him. I went through three years of constant stress before deciding to file for bankruptcy. Within one month of my discharge, my credit score went from 550 to 770.

— Filed September, 2018
Do Not Worry About Barriers

I have two jobs now. One of them is as a nonprofit drug counselor. My dream job is to open up safe houses for children aging out of foster care. They are the ones that are going to make changes in the world.

— Filed August, 2018

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Upsolve is a 501(c)(3) legal aid nonprofit that started in 2016. Our mission is to help low-income Americans in financial distress get a fresh start through Chapter 7 bankruptcy at no cost. We do this by combining the power of technology with pro bono attorneys. Spun out of Harvard Law School, our team includes lawyers, engineers, and judges. We have mission-driven funders that include the U.S. government, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, and private charities.

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