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Bankruptcy Basics
Learn the basics about how bankruptcy works and how it can give you a fresh start by eliminating your debt.
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Learn why this is the most common type of bankruptcy and what you should know about getting a fresh start through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
Wage Garnishment
Learn how bankruptcy can give you immediate protection from wage garnishment and stop creditors from seizing your hard-earned money ever again.
Property & Exemptions
Learn how to protect your property using exemptions and what you should know about buying property after filing.
Many people filing for bankruptcy want to keep their car and you’re in luck, as you can often keep your car in bankruptcy. Find out how.
Learn about the different kinds of debt and how they’re handled in a bankruptcy case. (Hint: Most of them are wiped out by the bankruptcy discharge.)
Student Loans
Learn about student loans and how to deal with them. (Hint: you may have options you don’t know about.)
Debt Collectors and Consumer Rights
Your rights as a consumer protect you from aggressive debt collectors and unfair or deceptive practices.
Taxes and Bankruptcy
Learn how bankruptcy can help relieve your tax debt and how your tax refund is treated in bankruptcy.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a type of bankruptcy that provides debt relief for folks who make too much money to qualify for Chapter 7 or want to protect certain property they might lose in a Chapter 7. Learn how it works to find out if it’s right for you.
Going to Court
What to expect when going to bankruptcy court, whether you’re headed to your creditors’ meeting or have a hearing before a bankruptcy judge.
Divorce and Bankruptcy
Learn about the relationship between bankruptcy and divorce and how one can impact your options in the other.
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Learn how even the wealthy and big businesses can - and often do - get bankruptcy protection and debt relief by filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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