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Samuel C. Jun. 25, 2019
I liked how it took me step by step through the process and helped me to answer the questions by explaining exactly what I need to fill out. It changed my life by giving me a better outlook and having a chance at good credit again.
Aerial L. Jun. 25, 2019
I liked that I could email at any time and receive an answer to questions almost immediately. I am so much more responsible with money now. I no longer have or live on credit cards. My slate is clean and I have been working hard to keep it that way.
Joe G. Jun. 23, 2019
I really had a great experience with everyone that I talked to while going through the process of filing bankruptcy up until it was all done and my case was discharged. It's great that people have a free option when there isn't an extra few hundred dollars to hire an attorney while going through the bankruptcy process. After filing bankruptcy, I acquired several new lines of credit which have been able to help me start building my credit again. I just discharged a few months ago and my FICO scores are in the high 600s. I started a new business and was able to use some of the credit for startup capital, and to make cash flow management easier.
Sandra W. Jun. 21, 2019
Once I found out about Upsolve, things clicked into place for me. They were able to teach me how to file for bankrtupcy and do it where they would help me. And they would tell me what I needed to bring to the court when. And they told me everything I needed to know. And they helped me through the process if I couldn’t figure something out. I would just reach out to Upsolve and they would help fix my problem. Upsolve was very supportive throughout the process. It was easier than I thought it would be. Now that I have filed for bankruptcy I can keep as much money in the bank as I want. I have two savings accounts. One for me and one for my son who is sixteen. I don’t have to worry about the credit cards taking money out of my bank account.
Brittany W. Jun. 21, 2019
If it wasn’t for Upsolve I wouldn’t have been able to file. I don’t have the money for a lawyer and I didn’t know anything about bankruptcy. Upsolve made the process so easy and I can’t believe it’s 100% free. This is a fantastic nonprofit and I’m so grateful for this service. I am still waiting for my bankruptcy to go through but even the process has changed my life. I monitor my money way more closely. I consider every dollar I make and where it should go. I finally feel like I have some control over my life. Being able to file and use Upsolve to take things into my own hands made me realize I can recover and get back on my feet again.
Kevin R. Jun. 18, 2019
I answered the question honestly, followed all of the instructions, and provided ALL paperwork that Upsolve stated I would need. I was able to file at the courthouse, communicate with my trustee, and complete the 341 hearing without a hitch. Everything went extremely smoothly. I would have likely not been able to file pro se with out Upsolve. Considering my flawless payment history and filing proactively, my credit score actually went up as my accounts were closed due to the bankruptcy. I plan to use the budgeting tools that were provided by the 2nd online class that is required before the case is discharged.
Crystal P. Jun. 17, 2019
Upsolve is awesome because it's user-friendly and very informative. If the prompts while inputting your information didn't answer my question, I could usually find the answer elsewhere on the site. It complies all the information that you need to bring with you to file into one "packet" and everything was in the correct order. I still went through and double-checked everything because that's what I do and all the info was there and correct. The filing process at the courthouse ended up taking me less than 20 minutes. I'm hoping to make a fresh start with bankruptcy. I eventually want to be a homeowner and with the bankruptcy I feel like it's a lot more plausible. Right now, it is allowing me to live within my means and start rebuilding that credit.
Chris E. Jun. 16, 2019
I had tried to download the forms provided by the government, but they did not easily allow for adding additional creditors, etc. without making a mess of the entire form’s formatting. After spending days filling out these forms, I realized they were too much of a mess to file. It was then I discovered Upsolve and was able to complete the entire process in just a couple hours. The process was intuitive, the forms looked great when printed and the instructions were clear. It’s a relief to not have the debts hanging over my head. Just one less thing to worry about. I’m not proud of it, but am glad I did it.
Dana T. Jun. 13, 2019
The thing I liked and appreciated the most about using Upsolve was the fact that once the questions were answered, the complicated, multiple forms (or pages of the application) were automatically populated/completed. This functionality alone took so much pressure off of me; I didn't have to try to figure out legal issues while completing the application. This also made me feel confident enough to go to the hearing alone. Your process/product was a lifesaver for me. I also feel that Upsolve provided me with credibility; even if I had been able to complete the application on my own, the bankruptcy court would have rejected it ... I'm sure of this! Filing bankruptcy has changed my life in a very positive way. Even though I lost my home to foreclosure and I don't have much income (I am on the clock for 2 hours daily for taking care of my father at $12/hour, he has a caregiver for 9 hours daily), I can start over ... I can build my finances up again (when I'm able) without the burden of past debt. Finding Upsolve was a LIFESAVER! I'm so grateful!
Jacqui M. Jun. 10, 2019
My favorite thing about Upsolve was the fact that you could kind of do it at your own pace and on your own schedule. There were no appointments needed, and I ended up doing a chunk of it on the train on the way to work. It’s very good for someone with anxiety and/or a hectic schedule. Bankruptcy has made my life significantly less stressful and has honestly allowed me to really start living. I actually have money left over after bills, now. I’m hoping this will allow me to start saving up for things down the road, like a car and maybe even eventually a house.
Derek D. Jun. 3, 2019
Upsolve ‘s website and support were outstanding. Once I provided all the information it was a seamless transition to take the completed paperwork with the clear detailed instructions to then complete the process. I have a giant piece off my back which has lead to some serenity and restful sleep. My phone no longer rings from am through the evening with calls from collectors and my mail has decreased exponentially since filing. My credit score has improved and I have gotten a couple credit cards to begin rebuilding my credit profile. I hope to have learned enough from the past and looking toward the future in continuing building my credit and also continue my education.
Andrew B. Jun. 2, 2019
What I like most about using Upsolve was the care and attention to detail that went into my case. They were professionals. They knew what they were doing. They took the time to answer all of my questions and make sure that all of my paperwork was exactly right. Bankruptcy has changed my life by providing me a way to reestablish myself without an outrageous obligation to a financial institution that already got a tax write off for it. I was able to get a secured credit card, a car, and an apartment. Today, I have two regular credit cards that receive cash back for my purchases, my credit score is rising with my on time payments, and with my credit score rising comes the hope of my own home in the future. I am very thankful for the assistance of the Upsolve team.
Robert M. Jun. 1, 2019
"Can’t say enough good things about Upsolve and everyone else on your team. You guys literally saved my life. It felt as if you were holding my hand every step of the way."
Ashley S. May. 30, 2019
The best way to summarize my feeling towards the Upsolve Team in a few words would be Respect, Understanding, and Genuine Help. The team members held my hand, and walked me through each step of the bankruptcy. They never hesitated to reach out to me, and made sure that I understood what was taking place so that nothing caught me off guard. I could not have made it through this process without them! Despite the negative stigma surrounding filing for bankruptcy, it was the best decision I ever could have made. My credit score is up by over 250 points, I have a qualified and received more approvals than when I was freshly 18 years of age, and I can walk around with my head held high knowing that I am no longer a slave to debt! It is just relieving not to have bill collectors calling day and night hassling me anymore.
Arielle L. May. 29, 2019
I loved that the process was easy and simple. Filing for bankruptcy seemed like one of the scariest things to do in life, but Upsolve made the whole process not so intimidating. There was always someone available to answer my questions every step of the way. And it’s free! I now have the freedom to make wiser financial choices. I am free to choose where my money goes and not have to spend it on a credit or loan payment. I have learned from my mistakes and will be a better person because of it.
Andrea C. May. 28, 2019
I wish I would have found Upsolve sooner. Lawyers charged so much money to file and I couldn’t find anyone who would do pro bono. Upsolve made it so easy to file on my own. They made answering the questions on the forms so easy. They tell you how to do everything, provide all the courses. I look forward to my clean slate. I'm excited to start up an actual savings in which i have never been able to do. I'd rather have my peace of mind then anxiety and stress of trying to figure out if I'm going to pay everything off.
Kathleen F. May. 28, 2019
It was straight forward and I could contact Upsolve when I ran into issues on the online app. It was also through and the videos helped a lot to prepare me for the 341 meeting. Being on the other side of this now I can say that there is hardly any financial stress in my life. The money I make now I can use to put into savings, to take the vacations I much needed, and to help friends. It will allow me to rebuild my credit as needed. Living on a cash basis is helpful in not going into debt again. I like this model as you can only spend what you have in your wallet!
Kimberly S. May. 26, 2019
I liked using Upsolve because I didn't have to pay close to $2000 in attorney fees. It was easy but time-consuming to complete all the information. Once it was submitted, I believe I received my packet within a week. It included everything I needed and i was able to file within one month. It took a while to save $335 to file the case. I know it will help me because I won't have all that credit card debt, which will allow me to pay my usual bills (car, insurance, groceries, etc). Eventually, my credit rating will go up again.
Alisa P. May. 19, 2019
I have a very very fresh start. The only debt I’ve got is my student loans but those are my responsibility. But otherwise everything was completely wiped out.
Teresa M. May. 18, 2019
I am so grateful for Upsolve because the process was SIMPLE. In my mind I had imagined bankruptcy to be a complex ordeal where you need a lawyer, but I was so wrong. Using the Upsolve platform everything went smoothly - from gathering necessary documents, watching the online financial management courses, and preparing for my case. On the day of my meeting at the Court, I wasn’t even nervous. Almost everybody else was there with a lawyer, but I went in confidant alone ... knowing that the documents I had prepared were enough. It was truly an empowering process. Bankruptcy has offered me a completely clean state to truly begin building my life from the ground up. Whereas before every month I felt tremendous anxiety to pay my bills, I am thinking about life more creatively and optimistically. I’m no longer using credit cards to pay my bills, and feel so much more calm and grounded taking financial and life decisions one step at a time. Everything in my life has improved. Gone are the credit cards, the cheap apartments, the perpetual fear. I’m finally living a life that I’m proud of.
Parker C. May. 17, 2019
Upsolve was amazing! It helped with all the paperwork and was very straight forward. In the end, I needed to make some amendments an Upsolve was easy to work with and helped us get those right away. The judge actually commended me for doing the paperwork on my own and how well organized it was. I did not use a lawyer in the end and filed pro-se, which I could not have done without the help of Upsolve. Bankruptcy has changed my life positively. I am no longer hiding from phone calls and afraid to answer the door. I am able to budget adequately each month and provide for my wife and kids to the best of my ability. We are getting back on track and building our credit back up. We hope to purchase our first home within the next couple of years.
Richard D. May. 9, 2019
I liked the series of wizards and frequent prompts helped enormously with filing. The checklist was incredibly helpful. The relief of no longer getting constant phone calls or emails from creditors right after filing eased my anxiety considerably. I adopted a cash-only form of lifestyle, where I now use the 50-30-20 budget system: 50% of income goes to needs, 30% goes to wants, and 20% goes to savings. When my debts were discharged and I received the official letter, I had a brighter outlook for my future. I am very careful about my financial life now, paying more attention to what I spend, how I spend it, and how I earn it. I no longer avoid checking my balances because I want to know where I stand financially every day. I’m excited about my future, as I hope to build wealth into my retirement, no longer being saddled with crippling debt.
Mary J. May. 9, 2019
If anything, I should be thanking you for YOUR diligence. Thank you for keeping in touch with me; I’m sure that, as a nonprofit, staying in contact with everyone you try to help is extremely challenging, so I appreciate you going the extra mile. I appreciate your hard work!
William D. May. 9, 2019
I wanted to thank you all personally, for all the assistance that I have received during my bankruptcy, I could not have effectively and efficiently handled the Pro Se Chapter 7 myself. When I had my 341 meeting, the Trustee was very impressed with my binder (containing all the forms, schedules, and lists in order) with sheet protectors, flags, and highlights. And asked about, which I let her read the letters you had supplied to me, and she appeared impressed with your organization, as well. She stated that I was the second Upsolve Pro SE Case of the day at The Pikeville Office, of The Eastern District of Ky Bankruptcy Court. The other Lawyer, even stated that I maybe one of the few that could successfully Pro Se their case. I stated “Upsolve was a very big help, with the questionnaires and PDF forms and Q&A email.” Thank You Very Much, again. I had gotten my fees waived, and my full federal tax return, to help with bills, and car repairs. But I should be able to donate to you shortly, to be able to help another person in distress like myself. Also my FICO score has climbed from 481 to 567 since my filing 1 1/2 months ago. You can use all, or any part of this as a testimony for your business.
Amanda S. May. 8, 2019
Hi! There Upsolve Team, My name is Amanda. First I would like to say Thank You!!! to everyone for all the help that I have received along the way to complete my bankruptcy.
Larry I. May. 7, 2019
Hello Upsolve Team: The forms are great! I have printed two copies at Office Depot, signed them, and getting ready to file by next week. As a former certified legal assistant, I found the forms amazingly well done, and I Thank you! I have a legal aid attorney that I have suggested to her that she should divert some low income clients to your website, to help everyone out!
Cynthia U. May. 7, 2019
Best decision I ever made to progress! Helped by the Best…UPSOLVE!!! THANKS SO MUCH
Cere C. May. 7, 2019
I was able to file bankruptcy correctly the first time. It was so easy and helpful that I didn’t feel overwhelmed and I didn’t feel embarrassed. Every step of the way there is somebody there answering your questions and explaining things. Then they reached out to me directly to answer any questions that they may have over the information given. Filling out the paperwork was no different than filling out a job application. The woman at the clerk’s office said I was the third person to come in that had used and she wish they could do everyone who files by themselves’s paperwork cause it is so thorough.
Trevor S. May. 6, 2019
They are honest and upfront with the way they volunteer to help others going through bankruptcy. I trusted Upsolve completely when it comes to helping me with my bankruptcy case. I learned a lot with the completion of my bankruptcy. It has helped me greatly in the way that I handle financial planning and saving.
Preston Q. May. 6, 2019
Thank you for all your assistance in getting through the bk process. I couldn’t have done it without your help.
Lulu N. May. 6, 2019
My most sincere thanks. I appreciate the personal communication as this is a very stress process. and I’m trying to work, stop the pending civil suit that could result in garnishment and complete all to file. I feel not so alone. Thank you.
Christy L. May. 6, 2019
I really want to reiterate my gratitude because filing pro se, literally barely able to afford the $10 for the first required credit course, and having the software see that I may qualify for the court fees of $335 to be waived, was such help for me. Even though you didn’t offer me legal advice, you offered me support and direction in order that I could make informed decisions. I had spent two weeks in research and unsuccessful attempts at trying to complete all the papers and do the numbers on my own. I could not get to completion w/o having several “do-overs”. That’s when I googled “free Chapter 7 software” and was led to an article about Upsolve.
Shyra J. May. 5, 2019
I was nervous to file for bankruptcy without an attorney handling the paperwork, but the staff at Upsolve walked me through step-by-step and answered all of my questions. It was an easy and pleasant process! I want to purchase a home now that we’re back in California. My husband and I have great jobs and my kids are getting older. I’ve been speaking to some mortgage loan officers and they tell me that I’m not out of the ballpark, so I’m hopeful!
Ismael S. May. 5, 2019
Extremely user friendly! Along with the real people that help individuals where beyond helpful and professional. It has given me financial stability in a situation where it is taking everything I have to keep my mobile home together and my relationship, as well as letting me begin to strive towards one day owning land.
Lisa T. May. 4, 2019
Hi Upsolve Team. I wanted to let you know that I successfully had my 341 meeting today!!! Also happens to be my Birthday!!! I would love to THANK YOU! for your kindness and care, your time, your generosity, your inspiration, encouragement, and goodness. What you provide is an Amazing, unique, and love based resource. I am blessed! Thank you and many blessings back to all of you there!
John D. May. 3, 2019
First, I would like to thank you for co-founding Upsolve to help low-income people access the fresh-start a bankruptcy can help provide to the problem of overwhelming debt. A friend of mine committed suicide about 20 years ago. Everyone who knew her was stunned. One of the pieces of information that emerged after her death was that this bright, beautiful, healthy young woman was deeply in debt. We will never know for sure if that contributed to her decision to end her life, but my guess is that it probably played a part. So my thought is that what you and those who work with you are doing is not only helping the poor access bankruptcy, but you may be saving lives, too.
Amy C. May. 3, 2019
I received word of my discharge about a week ago, and want to thank you and your team for having the ingenuity and tenacity to build such an incredible tool. Upsolve made the process really, really simple! Obviously, nobody feels great about finding themselves in the position to need to declare bankruptcy, but it was unexpectedly empowering to be able to file pro se and have the process move so smoothly. You guys are providing an incredible service that levels the playing field, making the process accessible to everybody. Thank you again!
Amanda S. May. 2, 2019
Thank You very much for getting back to me so quickly. Also, I wanted to thank the team for helping me out with this crappy situation. Trying to get back on my feet again and when I get there I will definitely send a thank you donation.
Lisa M. May. 1, 2019
I researched a lot before I found Upsolve. It was like discovering a cure for cancer. I decided to file bankruptcy because I was overwhelmed with bills and threats. I like most that it’s free and yet very knowledgeable. It stopped all collection threats, gave me a new beginning.
Angie F. May. 1, 2019
I JUST found out, that my bankruptcy had been fully discharged, as of this morning. Upsolve, thank you, for making this such and EAST, SEAMLESS process!!!
Sophie N. Apr. 30, 2019
Upsolve was so wonderful! When I first decided bankruptcy was a good idea, as suggested by a financial counselor, everyone I told about my idea said it would be expensive and not worth the hassle. Well I’m glad I didn’t listen, because I found Upsolve and was able to do the entire process by myself for free. It was easy and a smooth process for me. I did most of it from my phone and went to the library when I needed to print. When I had questions, Upsolve would email me back in a matter of minutes or hours. They were there with me every step of the way and we’re so nice and helpful. It was great and I am so so thankful! Bankruptcy has helped me leave behind a really hard time in my life for good. Because of Upsolve, I don’t have to look back. I also finished bankruptcy less than 4 months ago and I already have a credit card that I am using responsibly and making payments on time to start building my credit again!
Sylvester D. Apr. 30, 2019
I am thankful to your fine company for seeing me along. Your positive support Helps. A lot.
Kyle T. Apr. 30, 2019
Start to Finish: 91 days. (5 days w/Upsolve, 86 days in the court system). The website is very straight forward. The email follow-ups were clear and timely. FREE service with A+ service level. Entirely happy and ~$96k less worry
Christopher D. Apr. 30, 2019
AWESOME! If you’re not the best, then I don’t know who is. Thank You, very much!
Carrie B. Apr. 29, 2019
I loved how easy and streamlined the process was. There was no guessing involved. From step 1 all the way through my 341 meeting I felt like Upsolve was there to guide me. Links to the credit courses were provided; assistance in filling out paperwork was provided by Upsolve taking the initiative to add "sign on next page" sheets; I was told what to do and how to complete each step and honestly felt like I mattered to Upsolve. The biggest change has been my attitude towards life. I am no longer in fear of debt collectors and feel like I have a fresh start. I am hoping to rebuild my credit, so I know I am on the right path to provide the best life I can for my child.
Darin J. Apr. 28, 2019
Upsolve is a very special organization. Their expertise and compassion made going through the daunting task of filing bankruptcy infinitely easier. When I had questions, they were generous with their time and knowledge to answer, and to assuage my anxieties around the filing process. But perhaps the greatest thing I can say about them comes from my experience meeting with the state-appointed bankruptcy trustee where all of the documentation is presented for review. The trustee - a highly respected member of the San Diego business community who has seen thousands of bankruptcy cases come across his desk - took time outside of my hearing to ask who had helped me prepare my case. He was so impressed by the thoroughness and clarity of the paperwork that he asked me to give him the contact information for Upsolve so that he could recommend them personally. With the fresh start afforded by filing, I find my mind free to concentrate on the present and to focus on what’s important, today. Debt and unmeetable financial obligations are so incredibly crippling that many stagger under the burden and lose sight of what really matters in this fleeting life. Now I am able to make decisions without the anxiety and dread of what seemed like a hopeless future of unmanageable debt. Liberating the mind from these anxieties has had tremendous benefits to my health, mental focus, and creativity. Don’t underestimate the power of de-cluttering your mind and your life; all sorts of possibilities can flourish when you plow the field and allow new seeds to sprout.
Ashley A. Apr. 27, 2019
I loved that it was easy to fill in the blanks. Once you have all the right documents to enter in, you’re set. This will change my life in the future for sure. I feel able to have that great credit score to get that place to rent. Now that i have this under my belt I feel like I can start my life again and my partner won't have to suffer with my poor credit score. Thank You Upsolve You have changed my life! I think i dropped 5 lbs of stress immediately!!! I can’t wait to give back and get back on track with life!
Kade H. Apr. 23, 2019
Why I went with you guys: because I couldn’t afford the 2k that an attorney would’ve run. By doing it with you guys I was able to save thousands and actually declare bankruptcy. Now that I’m mostly debt free; I plan on saving up for my own home and move out from my parent’s home in the next few years. As an early 20s someone, this is a very exciting prospect.
Elizabeth M. Apr. 22, 2019
The process was organized into simple, easy-to-understand steps. There were tips, reminders and clear expansions. There was absolutely no guesswork. You answer the questions, fill in the blanks, print, then submit. The optional court alerts were a big help. They kept me on task and reminded of deadlines and court dates. There were also very minimal fees with the Court, which made it affordable. Bankruptcy lifted an overwhelming burden for me. The process taught me about debt, financial planning, and budgeting. I now have the skills I need to manage my money effectively. Thank you Upsolve!
Jennifer R. Apr. 22, 2019
I liked Upsolve because it was extremely easy to use. All I had to do was follow the steps. Bankruptcy has changed my life because it has cleared away a lot of debt I no longer bear.
Lyn R. Apr. 17, 2019
I was able to pay for the bankruptcy and get it done. They also were super easy to communicate with. It was a very personal experience. I felt like they knew my case. I wasn’t just a number. They knew what was going on.They would even send me updates. They would text me. They would send me a checklist of what I still needed. And I was able to do most of it from my cell phone. It was very user friendly and very easy. I just thought it was such a great idea and I am so happy I used Upsolve. My life has really gotten so much less stressful. I’ve been able to increase my credit score. Every month it goes up. I’ve been able to get a couple of credit cards with small credit limits. That’s fine though. I didn’t want a big credit card. I wanted to stay with a small credit card just in case I needed it for an emergency. And I charge something once a month and I pay it. And my credit score has just been going up because of that. So my experience was great.
Latash K. Apr. 16, 2019
I liked all the tools that were offered and the constant communication. My life has changed so much. I know more about credit in general. I am working on buying my first home.
Brad F. Apr. 15, 2019
I loved using Upsolve they were very professional and without them I never would have been able to do it. I was living in the nursing home on $50 per month the state takes all your money plus my bank account was attached so once I got out and started to revive my Social Security checks they were at risk even though it's ILLEGAL for creditors to touch Social Security they sometimes do it and it takes months to get your money back plus you will not get it all back because if you accumulate more than your exempt from they can take it all. Upsolve allowed my to go bankrupt for free they filled out all the paperwork then I printed them went to the courthouse and filed I was able to get the filing fees waived. I would highly recommend them. Bankrupt has removed the stress of all debt hanging over my head the phone calls the judgements against me all of it gone it truly is a fresh start.
Joanna M. Apr. 15, 2019
The first thing I noticed was the professionalism combined with a low-key approach, in other words, no hype. It felt like the utter grace of God, because paying up to $1500 was not possible for me. I don't have to think about creditors or have the black cloud of debt hanging over me. I've learned how to live without credit cards, with the bonus of keeping my car via family/personal loan at 2.2%.
Antia T. Apr. 14, 2019
I enjoyed the ability to do almost everything online. Upsolve held my hand throughout the whole process which gave me comfort. This process gave me the ability to start fresh, with hope and a clean slate to bring my company to life. A support network for other single parents without a village. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Hezekiah L. Apr. 14, 2019
When I found Upsolve, I was astonished by the amount of help, both video and written, that I received in walking me through every step of the Bankruptcy process. They were a godsend and a huge support to me, showing me exactly what to do and making certain my documents were prepared accurately. I highly recommend them to anyone! Since being Discharged, I was surprised at a jump in my Credit Score -almost 100 points!- and realized that all of the missed payments and negative marks were doing more damage to my credit report than Bankruptcy could. This was a huge burden lifted from my shoulders and now I'm able to start saving for an emergency and getting my life back on track. I can't thank Upsolve enough!
Robert M. Apr. 12, 2019
Upsolve was very easy to navigate. I loved that I could log in and out to continue the lengthy process of filling out all of the required paperwork. I only had to make some minor adjustments to my paperwork prior to filing. Upsolve really streamlined and simplified this process which I thought was going to take weeks! I actually finished in about two days. Bankruptcy has alleviated all of the extra stress that I was under while I was so deep in debt. It has allowed me to rebuild and re-establish myself.
Lori P. Apr. 3, 2019
I like that there are lawyers, paralegals, etc. out there that are willing to devote their time to helping people stuck in my type of situation, that can’t afford to file bankruptcy (seems like an oxymoron, huh?). I AM FILLED WITH EXTREME GRATITUDE FOR EVERYONE THERE!! I cannot believe how simple they make it for you also; my mind was blown. I lived with the stress about it for so long and really thought it’d be stressful doing it Pro Se but I was stunned that I didn’t suffer stress from it. It has made it so that I can focus on taking care of myself right now which is much needed. I still have to deal with the FFEL loan I have but things will all work out.
Leshel B. Apr. 3, 2019
There was no judgement and I was provided with so much assistance. Any questions, someone was there to answer. I love that they pretty much did the grueling part of preparing the documents. It has changed tremendously. I've been able to rebuild my credit and have since obtained a higher score.
Cynthia T. Feb. 22, 2019
Best decision I ever made to progress. Helped by the BEST...UPSOLVE!!! THANKS SO MUCH
Christine T. Feb. 20, 2019
The Trustee made an off-record comment that in many ways, I was as, if not more, prepared than many attorneys who walk through their doors. He did not need any additional information. He said that the resource I found in you served me well.
Larry H. Feb. 19, 2019
As a former certified legal assistant, I found the forms amazingly well done, and I Thank you! I know a legal aid attorney, and I have suggested to her that she should divert some low income clients to your website to help everyone out.
Brandi Portwood Feb. 13, 2019
You helped me during a tough time. I couldn't thank you and your team enough.
Kyle Smith Dec. 20, 2018
Start to Finish: 91 days. (5 days w/Upsolve, 86 days in the court system). The website is very straight forward. The email follow-ups were clear and timely. FREE service with A+ service level. Entirely happy and ~$96k less worry.
Amy Hans Dec. 14, 2018
Upsolve is amazing. I never thought it would be possible to file your bankruptcy in such a way. I am so very very grateful for their time and attention to my serious financial woes. They were always on top of things - despite this is all electronic!!! They must be a group of very hard working individuals!!!!
Ken Preston Dec. 12, 2018
The staff at Upsolve were very helpful with my filing and they answered all my questions that I had along the way. Their dedication to helping me get a fresh start was unbelievable. I would recommend Upsolve to anyone who needs help with filing. Excellent people.
Ryan Roberston Oct. 26, 2018
Great service! Walked me through the process, and saved me the hassle of having to use a lawyer and pay fees I couldn't afford. I highly recommend Upsolve, it feels great to have a fresh start!
Kimmy Meyer Oct. 17, 2018
I just can’t get over how friendly and warm the staff was to me during a very difficult time, they were knowledgeable and were able to provide me with easy to understand steps to get me through the process. I would highly recommend Upsolve to any of my family or friends, this company was a lifesaver!!:))
Karren Lawson Sep. 14, 2018
I have had such a positive experience with Kristin, John, Rohan, and Ben to name a few. Everyone is so friendly and willing and able to help. Without Upsolve I would not be on my way to a fresh start of a debt free future ahead!!! Thank you so much to all of you!!! May God Bless and Keep each and every one of you.
Julianne Steele Aug. 29, 2018
The upsolve team has helped me so much during this process. I would recommend them to everyone needing help that just can’t afford a lawyer right now . I pray they are able to continue offering this service for a lifetime to come.
Melvin Isaac Aug. 24, 2018
To be honest, I was putting off my bankruptcy for awhile because I didn't have the attorney or application fee to apply. However, when I heard about Upsolve bankruptcy through a friend and that it was free, I immediately when online to find out more. It was true it didn't take long to get my application started with the expert team of Jonathan & Rohan. They help me all the way with my bankruptcy free of charge and now I am happy to say I have no more worry about any debt collector agency. I thank Jonathan & Rohan for their advise and guidance, and I would recommend Upsolve to anyone.
Cyndi Gomez Aug. 13, 2018
So amazing and helpful with filing my bankruptcy. They made the process so simple, and took on the responsibility of finding every debt I had wherever I told them to look. Truly helpful and very pleasurable experience.
Dawn Clay Aug. 12, 2018
Incredible organization with people who really care. Everyone works so hard to try to improve the lives of their clients. Working here has been an incredibly rewarding opportunity.
Amu Ptah Aug. 9, 2018
Upsolve has a user friendly platform that is both engaging and encouraging for people who find themselves in financial crisis. The Upsolve team is responsive, helpful and nonjudgmental. I received great counseling and support. I recommend them to anyone considering or actively pursuing bankruptcy as a solution. While, I did not need to move forward with my process, I received help and solid guidance. Give them a shot, they are doing great work! I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Upsolve!
Elena Ivleva Aug. 7, 2018
Upsolve is very helpful. I walked through paper work with easy to understand instructions. Rohan always answered all my questions quickly using chat online which is convenient. Jonathan and Rohan are professional and supportive, with great amount of patience. I highly recommend Upsolve service to anyone who needs help to deal with bankruptcy.
Johnnie Quezada Aug. 1, 2018
I had been putting off my bankruptcy for a while. Finally, one creditor decided to collect through the courts. It was now or never and Upsolve came to the rescue. Just made an appointment, showed up with the necessary documents and the Upsolve team did the rest. All I had to do was turn in the completed forms at the Court and show up on the appointed date to be questioned by the Trustee. Upsolve made what was a hassle into a bearable process. Thanks Upsolve!
Deborah Medley Jul. 30, 2018
Great service and very helpful, kind staff. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends. At first I was worried and nervous but anytime I had a questions they were there to help. Smooth process.
Cameraz Mile Jul. 27, 2018
These amazing team made this process simple. Their hearts is amount helping people like myself have a fresh start. I am forever grateful😊💕
Nissim Jul. 18, 2018
Good service,great people. Helped make a not so easy experience that much better. I wish you guys the best!
Ken S. Jul. 14, 2018
Go to UPSOLVE they're a great help for anyone needing to file bankruptcy, specifically if you don't even have the financial resources. They were a blessing to me. I highly recommend them. Instructions are very easy, each part of the process goes very quickly, and smoothly. No complaints here. I give UPSOLVE from 1-10...10 🌟 Also a big Shout out to our local Community Legal Aid thanks couldn't have done it without you.
Keri Savoca Jul. 13, 2018
I knew I needed to file chapter 7. I did the paperwork by myself because I couldn't afford attorney fees, but then paused at the last minute and realized I had better have someone look over this. I found Upsolve when I searched for pro bono bankruptcy attorneys. Their process was simple -- fill out a quick online form, which auto-populates the bankruptcy forms; upload copies of bills and a few other documents; go down to the office to finalize the paperwork; walk a few blocks to drop off the documents at the bankruptcy court. Easy and life-changing. I'm glad I had them do my paperwork because there were a few little things that I had missed when I did the forms on my own. Bankruptcy is NOT the end of the world -- if you're too deep into debt and you can't get out, it's often a better solution than doing debt consolidation because you can begin to repair your credit right away instead of 2-3 years from now when you finish paying everything in a debt consolidation plan. I'm looking forward to starting over.
Vanessa McNeil Jun. 23, 2018
Professional, courteous, and educated team of individuals. I was assured that even though it can be nerve wrecking to fine bankruptcy, the end result is literally, a breath of fresh air- A Fresh Start. I am glad i took this step and had the guidance of educated professionals. Thanks Upsolve Team!!
Betsy O'Brien Jun. 13, 2018
Upsolve is a great program for anyone filing bankruptcy. I never thought it could be so easy. I had Pine Tree Legal and Volunteer Lawyers Project help me through this process. They told me about Upsolve online. They said I was the first person in Maine to file for bankruptcy through the Upsolve Program. This program wasn't available in Maine until January 2018. I started my first bankruptcy course with Upsolve on January 29, 2018. I filed my bankruptcy paperwork with the court on February 16, 2018. I went to bankruptcy court with my Volunteer Lawyers Project lawyer in March 2018. I received my discharge on May 21, 2018. I couldn't thank Upsolve enough. They helped me whenever I had a question. It feels great to be debt free. I never thought I would ever have to file bankruptcy, but thanks to Upsolve they made it easy. They helped me through a tough time in my life.
Ron Poulin Jun. 9, 2018
Very user friendly. Rohan was there to answer all questions immediately. My experience with Upsolve was easy to understand and made my Bankruptcy less stressful. I thank them for all their help.
Shaemane Davis Jun. 6, 2018
I knew bankruptcy was something I had to do. I was a little unnerved and didn't have the funds to file. After putting it off for as long as I could I contacted Upsolve. I followed their instructions with regards to what documentation I had to provide and boom, they took it from there. They were so helpful, so informative and now I am so ready to get my life back. Thanks guys
Andrew Harkins Jun. 5, 2018
Upsolve is Great if you need a fresh start . I am very greatfull for all what they did for me. Thank you!
Abed Mahmood Apr. 13, 2018
Thanks for all your help.
Tarrita Wyre Mar. 7, 2018
Great staff that is knowledgeable about debt relief and is available to assist with any questions or concerns. I would recommend a friend.
Bill Higgins Nov. 22, 2017
I was in such a bad way financially,I contacted Upsolve and applied and once approved was immediately taken care of. SO THANKFUL!!!!
Anne Polashenski Sep. 5, 2017
Working with Upsolve helped me file for bankruptcy with ease and confidence. Their support was essential with regards to understanding the lengthy process and paperwork. I recommend Upsolve if you need assistance filing for bankruptcy!
Edna Cardwell Aug. 9, 2017
When Upsolve said that they would be able to assist me, I did not believe them initially because I was let down by other organizations. They held my hand throughout the entire process and I cannot thank them enough. I highly recommend Upsolve!
Andrew Bishop Jul. 4, 2017
The Upsolve team did a fantastic job of helping me relieve my debt
Lawrence DeLucia Apr. 3, 2017
Great Legal Aid Co. to get help when filling for Bankruptcy.
Thasha Jackson Mar. 17, 2017
Thank you so much for all your help!
Thelma Tanner Nov. 15, 2016
Great very friendly unique individuals. They was there from start to finish, and provided me with all materials I needed. They were very knowledgeable and covered all aspects of my case. I would definitely recommend them.
Maria Diaz Nov. 8, 2016
Great experience and very helpful
Felicita Rodriguez Aug. 20, 2016
Upsolve was great in helping us throughout the process of filing for bankruptcy. We had done so much research prior to contacting them. Yet once we had the initial visit at their office we knew we had made the right decision and left assured knowing that they'd guide us every step of the way. They answered all our questions and eased any doubts we had. We can finally breathe better. Thanks Upsolve.
Rashad Taylos Aug. 10, 2016
I received the most knowledgeable and secure experience with the Upsolve team. We were available around the clock to answer any question before, during, and after my filing process. What I thought would be a horrible experience filled with judgement and pressure was just the opposite. I recommend Upsolve for anyone considering bankruptcy or just need advice on the subject matter. Its a knowledgeable, user friendly, process with great people around to assist. Thank you Upsolve team.
Kisha Farley Aug. 1, 2016
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