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Sabrina J.
I tell everyone about my positive experience with bankruptcy; how easy it was, and what a good thing it’s been for my life. if i can help someone who’s afraid understand how it can be such a positive thing, then i’ll be making a difference. now that i have my financial freedom back, there are a lot of things i’m looking forward to. i raised my daughter single-handedly, and she’s my greatest accomplishment in life. now, i get to spend my time with her and with my grandkids. i’m always hopeful for my health; all the money in the world can’t buy your health or sanity.
Steven W. Aug. 30, 2020
Very easy to use.
Gary F. Aug. 29, 2020
Your questions are straightforward and easy to answer with only a little bit of research. all in all i’m very glad i contacted you and got this underway! i feel much more at ease already!
John S. Aug. 29, 2020
You may not realize it, but your organization is a big help for those living within or below the poverty line (like me) who cannot afford to hire a lawyer or the filing fee.
Maira U. Aug. 29, 2020
You made it easy for me
Timothy S. Aug. 28, 2020
Questionaire simplified the process
Adrienne M. Aug. 27, 2020
Excellent service promo.
Aundrae B. Aug. 26, 2020
It is a free service and appears easy to follow.
Angela Murphy Aug. 26, 2020
Nathan H. Aug. 25, 2020
Most of the questions are easy to answer but a few need more clarification
Dolly S. Aug. 23, 2020
Everything is going smoothly, and i have already told some friends.
Stephenie P. Aug. 21, 2020
Your service is free and affordable.
Elizabethea S. Aug. 21, 2020
I think what you guys do for people is amazing!
Gary D. Aug. 21, 2020
Very easy and happy
Gregory S. Aug. 21, 2020
A very friendly and effective method of filling out a lot of forms. what a pleasure to be involved in a wonderful non profit org. looking out for peoples financial situations.
Carrie L. Aug. 20, 2020
This is a very hard and extremely challenging time. choosing to go this route is not an easy decision. upsolve helps walk you through difficult questions and helps you decide if it is the right choice and maybe only choice. i do recommend upsolve.
Jorge M. Aug. 20, 2020
Made it easy and helpful
Latisha A. Aug. 19, 2020
Easy process that makes a hard situation seem a little easier.
Raymond G. Aug. 18, 2020
Easy questions.
Marcus A. Aug. 18, 2020
Filing pro se without any assistance is really difficult, the app makes it manageable, and the knowledge base is very valuable to help find answers.
Dana B. Aug. 17, 2020
I feel this is going to be a good fit for my current situation. i hope to return to the application here soon. thank you.
Deisy C. Aug. 16, 2020
I understand that
Caryn M. Aug. 16, 2020
It was too simple and easy.
Vanessa J. Aug. 16, 2020
Need help, can't afford a lawyer
Karen B. Aug. 15, 2020
Because a lawyer is so expensive and alot of people could do this on their own with a little help.
Savannah E. Aug. 14, 2020
User friendly website, helped me feel less lost. easy to use, very simple questions, not too much legal terminology that may be confusing to people who don’t have experience in law work.
Nicole M. Aug. 13, 2020
The process was easy, just answer ehat upsolve asks paper work comes out completed and my questions were answered.
Barry O. Aug. 12, 2020
It the best service providing the help that people who can't afford the high price of a bankruptcy attorney need to get out of the burden of excessive debt
Stacy B. Aug. 9, 2020
Smooth and easy process—so far.
Marlene M. Aug. 9, 2020
My personal experience was that the site was very easy to use, and made it quick to get everything done. i would recommend using upsolve to anyone needing to file for bankruptcy.
Tiffany M. Aug. 7, 2020
Very helpful service
Julie P. Aug. 6, 2020
The website is very easy to use.
Rachel M. Aug. 6, 2020
Upsolve is so amazing and helpful!!! i'm deeply grateful for the wonderful service they provide!
Getachew B. Aug. 5, 2020
It is very helpful.
Barbara T. Aug. 5, 2020
Very helpful
Shandra K. Aug. 5, 2020
Upsolve is a miracle for poor struggling people, always kind and informative, a bit of fresh air and sunshine in this dark world ,i thank you for caring about people. upsolve has already helped me just by being who they are: honest, kind, understanding, my stress from being 100% terminally ill is always at the highest. i appreciate upsolve for being patient and i have already told a few friends that are struggling also. thank you upsolve.
Damon B. Aug. 4, 2020
Very professional takes you step-by-step.
Kevin P. Aug. 3, 2020
Very good program, with out your help many people would not be able to file bankruptcy.
Peggy L. Aug. 3, 2020
You have saved me so very much time and money and not to mention the patience that you hold. i had tried to hire two seperate lawyers who both asked me questions and then basically had me go to their website that was set up a lot like yours so the client still had to do the footwork and the attorney then drew up papers and filed them. this is great minus the 2300.00 fee. i am super excited that i landed on your web site. thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Olyver F. Aug. 3, 2020
Upsolve is a knowledgeable and reliable site helping people to become free again.
Ray E. Aug. 2, 2020
Excellent debtor user interface. and post filing support to correct forms i loved how intuitive the software was and how quickly i was able to complete questionnaire over a weekend. with upsolves help i was able to save a minimum $1,000 cost to hire a lawyer.
Tracy R. Jul. 30, 2020
Very helpful! organized and encouraging!
Gail B. Jul. 27, 2020
The process was great, easy and very detailed. ty.
Samuel K. Jul. 27, 2020
The fact that a non-profit exists to help people break free from a cycle of predatory lending is one of the most encouraging things i have discovered of late.
Mary Ann F. Jul. 26, 2020
Fast and easy.
Jeffery J. Jul. 26, 2020
Upsolve's volunteers helped me do something i couldn't afford on my own and im struck without it.
Janet H. Jul. 25, 2020
Joshua P. Jul. 25, 2020
Save your money and do it yourself! easy cookie cutter program. simple and secure...
Shulanda J. Jul. 25, 2020
Upsolve was very helpful in completing the bankruptcy petition process. if i had tried to complete this on my own, there is no way i could have done it properly. the step-by-step instructions were exactly what i needed; and they were very easy to follow.
Deborah C. Jul. 24, 2020
Very easy straight forward service. it walks you through every step of the way. i will recommend to all who will listen.
Sean N. Jul. 23, 2020
I see it as a valuable tool to a person like myself who may have been down on their luck for a bit but are trying to get their ducks in a row.
Leland M. Jul. 22, 2020
Everything was well explained for the most part and it was a fairly smooth process once my technical issues were fixed.
Vanessa M. Jul. 21, 2020
Very easy to use and very helpful and affordable!
Jarrett W. Jul. 19, 2020
Upsolve has made such a daunting process incredibly simple. the instructions are extremely clear and the resources for answers to questions was more than helpful. i liked the simplicity. in a scary situation like bankruptcy it’s much less daunting to be able to approach it one question at a time. i sincerely appreciate this service. i thought i was simply out of luck with bankruptcy and i’d have to just live in this cluster of civil lawsuits and watching for process servers. this service allowed me to finally take the step of filing.
Michael R. Jul. 19, 2020
The ease of the website.
Sherif A. Jul. 19, 2020
Trustable and free services.
Gina K. Jul. 19, 2020
I am extremely impressed with your entire operation. i found upsolve completely be accident and you have saved my life. i was drowning in debt, just lost my car and didn't think i could afford to file bankruptcy. i have followed your course to the letter and am just about to begin bankruptcy course 2. while it was quite a bit of work, i found it to be manageable using upsolve. i would and will highly recommend you to anyone i know who could benefit from your service. i sincerely thank you for creating a system for those who need it the most.
Novel G. Jul. 18, 2020
Very helpful tool. thanks for everything that you do!
Landon M. Jul. 18, 2020
So far you all have helped me more than ever. my case is just now filed so i still have a bit to guy but thank you!
Christine P. Jul. 17, 2020
You give me hope for getting finances back on an even keel. where i'm not being chased by the dragon of debt anymore.
Yerilee C. Jul. 16, 2020
It was very easy and helpful service.
Brandon S. Jul. 15, 2020
Quick and easy to use.
Idania P. Jul. 15, 2020
User friendly. great job!
Denise K. Jul. 15, 2020
A very good service.
Victor A. Jul. 14, 2020
The reason is because you have made this process easy to understand as well as easy to commerce.
Diana F. Jul. 14, 2020
Seemed very user friendly. confidential and hopefully very helpful.
Jerri M. Jul. 12, 2020
Heck yes i will recommend upsolve, they saved my life mentally.
Arlene C. Jul. 12, 2020
Your service is very needed. thank you for providing a much needed service.
Mary Beth A. Jul. 12, 2020
I have been struggling with coming to terms with my inability to manage financially for sometime and have not really known how to proceed with getting advice on filing for bankruptcy. upsolve has really helped me sort through the qualification process and questions very compassionately and well.
Roderick D. Jul. 11, 2020
Step by step was easy to understand.
Marion A. Jul. 11, 2020
Y’all seem to be very helpful with my bankruptcy. thank you so much for your help with my bankruptcy form.
Tracy H Jul. 10, 2020
Thing sound good. thanks, hope it work for all that need help.
Jacqueline B. Jul. 10, 2020
The upsolve team is efficient & every single staff member that i encountered portrayed “outstanding customer service skills!” they answered every question i emailed them, promptly & with a friendly attitude. i will recommend upsolve to everyone. thank you upsolve team!
Gina W. Jul. 10, 2020
So easy and staff is very helpful! thank you upsolve staff for answering my questions and making this less anxiety provoking.
Anna K. Jul. 9, 2020
Ease of site informative app steps set up comfortably easy to understand
Joshua D. Jul. 9, 2020
Any help to such a desperate situation is commendable.
Edward M. Jul. 8, 2020
In my experience so far upsolve has been very effective in simplifying what seemed like an extremely complicated undertaking. thank you. you've been an amazing help. i cannot believe your service is free!
Jason R. Jul. 8, 2020
It was very straight forward and easy. very informational. you guys are incredible!! there is greatness for you all!!
William B. Jul. 7, 2020
Outstanding program
Sarah W. Jul. 7, 2020
Seems helpful in filing bankruptcy
Wendy P. Jul. 7, 2020
It was amazing and user friendly.
Joel R. Jul. 7, 2020
Keep up the great work, i appreciate what you guys do and the opportunity you have provided for me to start over.
Andrus B. Jul. 7, 2020
The process was made straightforward and much easier than i expected. a huge benefit for someone in my position.
Laos F. Jul. 7, 2020
Easy to use and lots of information
Myesha M. Jul. 7, 2020
Very user friendly
Sabrina H. Jul. 7, 2020
It made a process that seemed very stressful and overwhelming, feel simple and painless. i loved the facts of others who have also filed, made me feel less alone
Richard B. Jul. 6, 2020
Upsolve has been very helpful so far and gives me hope that i can complete the bankruptcy process and get a fresh start.
Cindy B. Jul. 2, 2020
What they said the lawyers was true i did what they said boom done.
Demetrius W. Jul. 2, 2020
Very encouraging and sympathetic to those in a very difficult situation. clear and easy to understand instructions. overall a great service.
Justina O. Jul. 2, 2020
Because you are helping a lot of people who need the services that you offer and who would otherwise us and guides with suggestions along every inch of the way. thank you. i will recommend you to any and everybody. you are doing a great work and helping alleviate people sufferings.
Jacare M. Jul. 1, 2020
Very easy and smooth process.
John C. Jul. 1, 2020
Your program teaches the questions/answers in order that we the user may learn the ins and outs of the bankruptcy process.
James W. Jul. 1, 2020
Service and responses were excellent
Michelle T. Jun. 30, 2020
I think they’re awesome. the software is easy to use and i feel educated and able and grateful for upsolve.
Asia S. Jun. 30, 2020
Covid-19 thanks i couldn’t have done it with out your help.
Foaad H. Jun. 29, 2020
Upsolve is such a blessing. it reduces so much stress that goes into filing for bankruptcy by reducing the hassle of paying huge sums of money to attorneys. its a very good resource for anyone filing for bankruptcy.
Julie V. Jun. 29, 2020
After researching every option other than bankruptcy, i took time to look through ways to get free
Grant R. Jun. 28, 2020
I consider myself to be reasonably adept at researching in general, but getting everything together and manually entering it into a variety of different forms is difficult / nerve-wracking. if i hadn't been using upsolve, i probably wouldn't have ended up filing for many months to come. the most important part for me was that upsolve was able to determine almost all of the debts that i had and automatically introduce creditor details. the ease of the questionnaire was convenient as well.
Diana E. Jun. 26, 2020
I have never experienced anything so easy as using your website. the encouragement along the way was priceless too.
Aaron Woods Jun. 25, 2020
Saved me 2000 that i didn’t have
Heidi P. Jun. 25, 2020
Seems like a good service, nonprofit financial help.
Tashonna P. Jun. 24, 2020
The process was extremely easy to navigate through. the questions were very detailed, and the instructions was helpful. i think you all are awesome. maybe, the ability to chat with someone for brief questions during the process would be helpful, not for legal help with the process, but general question with the preparation of the documents.
Winston L. Jun. 23, 2020
I think it's an excellent idea and anything that gets rid of lawyers is a plus.
Majeed R. Jun. 23, 2020
You are awesome
Jo H. Jun. 23, 2020
Great & easy format to follow. great people to work with answered all my questions. highly recommend.
Kimberly T. Jun. 21, 2020
Beyond helpful! process was simply amazing with the assistance from upsolve.
John W. Jun. 21, 2020
Couldn't be simpler! thanks so much!
Joel R. Jun. 21, 2020
Quick and easy process. a great service. it offers s great service to people when in need of getting a fresh start in finances without the cost of an attorney.
Kamran A. Jun. 21, 2020
Excellent service.
Prinsea S. Jun. 21, 2020
Easy to use.
Frances S. Jun. 20, 2020
Seen is social media
Soledad G. Jun. 18, 2020
Excellent service, very much needed for people who just can’t afford to hire an attorney to ensure their bankruptcy documents are completed correctly.
Fiegan F. Jun. 18, 2020
Very happy with the whole process. it makes filling so much easier and less complicated.
Nolan S. Jun. 17, 2020
Very user friendly... build confidence as you go through the process.
Karen N. Jun. 17, 2020
I like the set up of your site. thank you for helping the little people.
Susan P. Jun. 17, 2020
It was easy.
Marie M. Jun. 16, 2020
Your help every step of the way which makes it easy for me.
Bettina S. Jun. 16, 2020
I am not finished yet with this platform. why don't you ask me afterwards.
Sierra R. Jun. 16, 2020
This service is so needed. i felt happier and calmer the more i worked through each step! i felt reassured and safe throughout the process.
Melissa B. Jun. 16, 2020
It seems like a very good service. i am unable to use the service because i have filed within the last 8 years. i thought i would be able to because the bankruptcy was dismissed and an attorney told me that i could file.
Casey H. Jun. 16, 2020
Super easy and saved me a bunch of money!
Diane S. Jun. 15, 2020
So easy to follow your process, nice positive comments along the way - resulting in all of the forms and access to additional forms needed to file. thank you!
Felix I. Jun. 15, 2020
The process is simple. the website walks you through everything. excellent job! keep up the good work!
Ginger L. Jun. 15, 2020
I was afraid to do legal paperwork by myself. this program made it easy to enter information and find answers to questions. i have already referred a friend.
Lisa H. Jun. 13, 2020
So far so good but i’m still in the beginning stages.
Kim L. Jun. 12, 2020
I found the process clear and easy my only problem was on my side. very easy step by step instructions. thank you for providing this service
Rachel R. Jun. 12, 2020
I was able to complete the entire thing from start to finish including the 1st creditor course in just 2 days! i am so grateful for this service and the upsolve team of writers that seemingly predicted all of my questions and have the answers waiting! ugh, thank you, it is a great service that is easy and simple! it is so convienent and easy to use. i was able to complete the process in 24 hours. i received my case documents the same day i completed and it was done at no cost to me!
Richard H. Jun. 11, 2020
Seems like a very easy approach through the bankruptcy process. well thought out and plenty of resources available to give the user knowledge along the way as well as issues that will arise. thanks for the ability to relieve debt issues when everything seems hopeless.
Jacqueline B. Jun. 11, 2020
Your company made it “extremely easy” to understand & process.
Mark C. Jun. 10, 2020
You guys have it together. and in these times of trouble always nice to have someone to work with who knows what is going on
Andresa B. Jun. 10, 2020
Easy start up process and questions are straight to the point.
Carlos A. Jun. 10, 2020
Great service!
Renee P. Jun. 9, 2020
Appears to be a good service
Megan K. Jun. 8, 2020
In addition to taking some of the stress out of the stressful process of filing for bankruptcy, it has also been able to provide me with some useful information along the way to help me understand the process better. i have no regrets of using upsolve! i liked the ease of use, the way upsolve explains everything to its users, and the ability to complete the process at your own pace.
Aracely P. Jun. 4, 2020
I’ve been looking for help in bankruptcy for the last two years, your website finally has helped me understand and move forward. so far it’s been very informative and easy to maneuver.
Destiny M. Jun. 4, 2020
The process was simple to follow and very helpful! i’ve been unable to move forward in business endeavors as well as personal.
Jonathan B. Jun. 4, 2020
Upsolve made it easy. thank you for making something so confusing a bit easier to do.
Logan T. Jun. 4, 2020
I think its great what youre doing. all my research told me that even with a bankruptcy lawyer you have to do most of the work yourself! but still it’s intimidating to step into the bankruptcy process alone. you guys offer a great free resource that allows you to feel like you aren’t going it alone!
Devashia F. Jun. 4, 2020
Easy to use, no cost and website full of great information
Laurie C. Jun. 2, 2020
The process is very easy and straightforward.
Adil R. Jun. 2, 2020
Makes the legal process a lot less intimidating.
Jose O. Jun. 1, 2020
Very simple to follow process and representative follow up before finalizing the forms was a good peace of mind. i was very pleased that this service was made available for many of us who feel trapped on a bad financial choices
Terri G. May. 31, 2020
Your team has been fast and friendly in responding to my numerous questions. i can't thank you guys enough for helping me. i just found out that i have colon cancer again, so getting the bankruptcy filed will be a big relief for me. thank you all so very much!
Danny T. May. 31, 2020
So far so good. i've already recommended you. hope you don't let me down. appreciate the thoroughness of questionnaire
Kim P. May. 31, 2020
Very responsive support.
Caitlin C. May. 29, 2020
Such an incredible resource. i cant believe people exist that want to help others this much. it is such a revelation after the burden of debt and creditors
Aja J. May. 28, 2020
The process was very simple, thorough, and easy to maneuver.
Jennell O. May. 28, 2020
Been very helpful
Terri S. May. 28, 2020
Very helpful
Pedro F. May. 27, 2020
I just like how everything is set up, nice and easy to do it
Linda B. May. 27, 2020
I like how you help people like me. your a god send.
Michelle W. May. 27, 2020
I like the process and it was easy to use
Jamie L. May. 26, 2020
So easy and fast!!!!
Laura C. May. 26, 2020
The process was easy and accurate. i had no trouble filing for bankruptcy and was prepared and knew what to expect, thanks to upsolve. i couldn't have done it without them
James G. May. 26, 2020
You know the process.
Jonathan B. May. 25, 2020
It was simple and straight. unfortunately i go to property and it said i was no longer eligible.
Patricia F. May. 21, 2020
You all were great!!
Nicholas M. May. 20, 2020
When we find ways to fill voids where needs once were we deserve outstanding credit.
Paula G. May. 20, 2020
Exceptional service for bankruptcy filing! the upsolve program makes it very easy to file.
Theresa C. May. 20, 2020
Very doable and supportive
Pedro S. May. 20, 2020
Y’all are helping people! that’s great! keep up the good work!
Zaiere H. May. 19, 2020
Upsolve made this process so easy and simple. i would definitely recommend. thank you!
Henry G. May. 19, 2020
Detailed, responsive software that walks you through the process. and you can't beat the cost!
Diana Z. May. 19, 2020
Easy to complete forms and good instructions
Valerie H. May. 18, 2020
It was super easy and explained everything thoroughly.
Kendra G. May. 16, 2020
Well you offer a unique product and it’s very honest and thorough. it wasn’t able to help me personally but i’m sure the legal advice and questions will better prepare me for when i file chap 7!
Peggy K. May. 14, 2020
First you are the easiest kindest not a person i have ever worked with. i know someone is out there somewhere because i get an answer right away. very nice people. i had 3 big problems since i began this process, 1 with my mom, then with computer and printers, my health. you never let me go! you kept after me, thank you. i filed mainly because i was treated really super bad by a law firm and a judge. i came home, and said please google bankruptcy without a lawyer, and upsolve popped up. this was scary, i was taught never to file bankruptcy, but the world got mean so i have to act and react in this age and time. upsolve helped me understand its ok, it had to be.
Faith D. May. 14, 2020
Everything has worked out like they said it would.
Jean H. May. 13, 2020
Easy and everything is step by step
Patricia P. May. 12, 2020
Upsolve is so user friendly.
Arienne Casebier May. 11, 2020
You made the entire process easy
Lori L. May. 11, 2020
Although i had some issues with the case editor the team at upsolve not only fixed those things but they also found items that i had overlooked. they handled these things in a very efficient, professional manner.
Ronald B. May. 11, 2020
Upsolve made the entire process easy to understand and compete.
Patricia S. May. 10, 2020
It was easy to use and their customer service team was great. don't expect an immediate response but it was timely and very helpful. thank you for what you do.
Rachel S. May. 10, 2020
Everything is so user friendly for a process that is terrifying and meant to discourage people from filing ch. 7.
Ana M. May. 10, 2020
Very straightforward, easy to understand instructions. which is perfect when you’re already overwhelmed by such a daunting, nerve-wracking decision.
Julie B. May. 7, 2020
I like the process but every time i try to get into the site, all i get is a white screen. i'm trying to print now and cannot get into the site.
Jo H. May. 7, 2020
Renaya L. May. 7, 2020
Very easy and painless process!
Rosanny P. May. 7, 2020
Saved me a lot of time and confusion!
Cicely C. May. 6, 2020
It was a very easy streamlined process.
Oliver M. May. 6, 2020
Great service, highly recommended. thank you.
Beverly J. May. 5, 2020
Program is free, plus you can keep information to yourself about your bankruptcy journey.
Pamela M. May. 4, 2020
You guys made it simple & easy. the attorneys wanted $1700. i will make a donation to the cause. thank you.
Angela R. May. 2, 2020
Very helpful
Elizabeth M. May. 1, 2020
Thorough and concise.
Terri E. Apr. 30, 2020
I heard very good reviews
Genia G. Apr. 30, 2020
You make the process simple and also help people who need your help during these times
Brenda W. Apr. 30, 2020
I took a chance
Mary A. Apr. 30, 2020
It walks you through everything and it makes it fairly easy.
Dalila P. Apr. 30, 2020
Very easy and helpful. i had no idea this kind of help existed. thank you so much
Reanna S. Apr. 28, 2020
The experience i have had was amazing. i feel free, and i was able to do it by myself.
Heather B Apr. 28, 2020
Super easy to file for bankruptcy, very helpful and a great option for those in poverty who are also in a rut.
Charnasta W. Apr. 27, 2020
I chose a 10 because upsolve is very user friendly! the questionnaire is straightforward and it’s very easy to edit the forms sections. bankruptcy isn’t pleasant and with an attorney it’s expensive but this program makes life a little more bearable!
Jonie V. Apr. 27, 2020
For the simple fact that this whole process is horrible and overwhelming. i was so stressed out and ready to give up when i stumbled across upsolve. blessing.
Solomon B. Apr. 25, 2020
You guys are very thorough for what you are. very very helpful and give an ease to the whole situation.
Thadra E. Apr. 24, 2020
Easy directions. made the whole process easier.
Philip T. Apr. 23, 2020
Simple easy and you follow up quickly you take the stigma out of it
Sparrow S. Apr. 22, 2020
Absolutely easy to navigate and the support staff is amazing!
Jennifer E. Apr. 22, 2020
User friendly
Marijke L. Apr. 21, 2020
This is just the first time trying upsolve. so far, i have not had any issues, except trying to recall information. i will resume my application tomorrow.
Harry S. Apr. 21, 2020
I believe everything on the process of applying was straightforward and easy to complete.
Diana E. Apr. 21, 2020
The program is soo easy. but i very impressed by the simple, straight forward language and encouragement given.
Troya M. Apr. 21, 2020
Awesome easy to use service
Luis S. Apr. 20, 2020
Im beyond any kind of knowledge of filing a ch.7...just simply would not let me continue with out each step having to be done..and never lost my place when id stop then continue
Ivy A. Apr. 17, 2020
The process was easy to follow and i felt like i had community support when i had questions. i am so grateful.
Leon Q. Apr. 17, 2020
I haven't file yet but you have been very helpful. i hope too file june 5th, 2020 .
Holly K. Apr. 17, 2020
I'm homeless, jobless, and had no real hope of ever getting back on my feet because credit is everything these days. upsolve is so very easy to use. it may save my life! employers & landlords both use credit scores in the san francisco bay area where i "live". for years i've wanted to claim bankruptcy on my own because i couldn't afford an attorney. i will definitely tell shelter managers, other homeless, and other people i meet, about upsolve
Christopher Y. Apr. 17, 2020
A great experience and helpful from beginning to end! thank you!
Jason D. Apr. 16, 2020
It's an easy program to help with anyone that is wanting to file bankruptcy
Nikiya V. Apr. 14, 2020
This program is simply amazing.
Christopher B. Apr. 14, 2020
The process from start to finish was easy to understand
Jason H. Apr. 14, 2020
Incredibly helpful and easy to understand
Carl N. Apr. 14, 2020
I feel the honest energy in upsolve helping those in need with no i'll intent.
Edward A. Apr. 14, 2020
It was easy to use everything is laid out. the whole process was simple and easy to fill out. the staff was helpful
Chastity M. Apr. 13, 2020
Upsolve really walks you through section step by step. it made the process much more tolerable for me at a time where i’m already overwhelmed.
Ashley C. Apr. 13, 2020
Easy and simple.
Andrew S. Apr. 13, 2020
Y’all were the best
James P. Apr. 12, 2020
I never could have done this without your help :it a new start i am sooo ready for : the program was easy and with all your help i can start my life again
Rachel M. Apr. 12, 2020
You are helping me with my bankruptcy, i'm so grateful!
John M. Apr. 10, 2020
I have already recommended upsolve to a friend
Richard D. Apr. 9, 2020
I don't believe i could have done this on my own and i could not afford a lawyer the paperwork was expertly prepared and sailed through the court system the required counseling was great to be able to complete on line
Robert D. Apr. 9, 2020
Ease of use and great support
Dianna S. Apr. 8, 2020
Because they made it pretty easy and were always there to answer?
Saroya K. Apr. 7, 2020
Upsolve will be with you every step of the way to do this. they are helpful and ready.
Kaylin T. Apr. 6, 2020
If it can really help me through this difficult time so i can start over and live better. without the weight of debt on my shoulders
Marian M. Apr. 6, 2020
So far very helpful
Morgan C. Apr. 6, 2020
Free, thorough, and just a big relief.
Cynthia L. Apr. 6, 2020
The system was very user friendly and a great help to those that cannot afford an attorney!
Joshua B. Apr. 4, 2020
Very easy interface, very good help and documentation and videos, a lot of effort into educating and displacing fear and misinformation, everything feels reassuring and welcoming.
Erin M. Apr. 4, 2020
I tried to file bankruptcy about 5 years ago, but i couldn't afford the attorney fees. so i didn't do it. this service is so needed and so helpful --- i am very grateful it now exists. i've filed with the court, and it feels good to get it done. thank you!
Nathaniel T. Apr. 2, 2020
Very easy system to use
Angela R. Apr. 2, 2020
Very easy process
Dale C. Apr. 1, 2020
Currently i'm using upsolve, it's great, easy and walks you. questions you there are doubts or inconsistencies, good old ai - waited two years for it to be offered in my area, saw the wall street journal when it started in one or two states
Samantha P. Apr. 1, 2020
Still using it
April W. Mar. 31, 2020
Very easy process
Doreen B. Mar. 29, 2020
O my god! upsolve people were so incredible! they are my angels ! my cheerleaders too! they will be on your side- i had not been sleeping for months worrying about this chap 7 and when walk-in filing was shut down when the federal courts all closed their doors during covid crisis here upsolve came through to help me with a whole new strategy for filing!!!
Gina K. Mar. 29, 2020
You seem like a miracle to me. i have been researching credit counseling, debt management and bankruptcy attorneys and didn't know how i was going to be able to do any of these options because of the cost.
Matthew D. Mar. 28, 2020
There needs to be more places like this for people to go too for help that are in financial trouble that cant get out from underneath debt.
Collins K. Mar. 26, 2020
This online app made filing chapter 7 bankruptcy so easy and stress free! i couldn’t have done it without upsolve and i am forever grateful! i’ve been telling everyone about upsolve!
Antonio V. Mar. 26, 2020
So easyyyyyyy you guys rock!
Jewthye R. Mar. 25, 2020
At first i thought the idea of bankruptcy to be this daunting task that would be to complicated to complete. upsolve has made the process so far very easy and convenient for me to understand. definitely would reccomend to a friend who's going through the same struggles as i am at this time.
Aurelio P. Mar. 24, 2020
Your online questionaire is very easy to figure out if i qualify for bankruptcy.
Harrison Y. Mar. 24, 2020
I believe your service is highly needed and a great service for the less fortunate.
La Shawnda O. Mar. 24, 2020
Easy to use
Felix I. Mar. 24, 2020
Excellent and efficient service
Dennis L. Mar. 23, 2020
So far the software interview is very good. concise and easy to understand.
Kevin M. Mar. 22, 2020
I chose 10 because there are good people that sometimes have a problem.
Alicia P. Mar. 22, 2020
I chose 10 because the upsolve team went above and beyond to assist me. i was helped via text message reminders, emails etc.
Azalia M. Mar. 21, 2020
I needed a way out and you made it easy and hassle free.
Evelyn L. Mar. 21, 2020
You asked questions to insure my paperwork was correct.
Skyler P. Mar. 20, 2020
Do not have internet and seems to be no way to get my pay stubs to you. i could not find a phone number to call to ask how to do. i used a friends internet to answer all the questions but can't use it to send pay stub pictures.
Patricia N. Mar. 18, 2020
I can bearly afford the filing fees so a lawyer is out of the question.
Joakim D. Mar. 17, 2020
Easy software. clear instructions. super experience.
Malik I. Mar. 17, 2020
You are helping poor people like me
Anthony H. Mar. 16, 2020
Convenient and easy
Christopher Y. Mar. 15, 2020
So far its been great...easy to understand and easy to complete.
Kelly K. Mar. 15, 2020
Because you are a service that assists those whom obviously lack financial stability (hence reason why they are filing bankruptcy), and therefore find it next to impossible to come up with the 3-5,000.00 it costs to file the bankruptcy with the court etc. you are a godsend! thank you upsolve!
Julie M. Mar. 14, 2020
Everything went so smoothly
Michael K. Mar. 13, 2020
Because you are not out to get into my pockets but actually help me sort this out and try to get back on track
Patrick Q. Mar. 12, 2020
Extremely easy to navigate and use. extremely helpful, patient and promptly responsive staff.
Reed K. Mar. 12, 2020
You guy's gave me a free course waive, and help me with my chapter 7 bankruptcy. thank you upsolve!
Michele K. Mar. 12, 2020
So far everything has gone smoothly. just waiting until 341 meeting. thank you so much.
Duquette G. Mar. 12, 2020
You have offered so much help and clarity to the chaos of bankruptcy. i am very appreciative of how you've opened my eyes. thank you.
Greg C. Mar. 11, 2020
Even though the site didn’t help me, it seems very easy to use.
Koehler P. Mar. 10, 2020
Well people need a free service. however, i have hit a wall in my 5 days. it appears that there is a prejudice against disabled people in your computer system. since there is no way to contact anyone i will run past my 5 days. you add disabled people's insurance benefits to their income! ! i would question if you or the courts dof this to others?
Holly K. Mar. 6, 2020
I've been needing to claim bankruptcy for years and i was so relieved and i am so very grateful for upsolve. poor people now have the ability to claim bankruptcy without an attorney and get a new start on life...rather than continuing to struggle. so many people are unable to handle the stress of overwhelming debt and hurt themselves further with self medicating thru drugs, alcohol, or even suicide. what if upsolve is actually saving lives by assisting the poor to get out of financial holes!
Ralph M. Mar. 6, 2020
Very good
Amanda S. Mar. 4, 2020
Because people who need to file for bankruptcy do not have any money and upsolve realises that
Kelly W. Mar. 4, 2020
I think it’s a great resource for people to get a fresh start.
Beatrice W. Mar. 4, 2020
So far this is an excellent form of assistant for disabled people
Wollin Y. Mar. 4, 2020
Ability to fill in all required information in a q & a format. filing forms are organized and reviewed for accuracy. access to credit courses. able to save your info and forms as you go. checklist to keep track of progress.
Funera Q. Mar. 4, 2020
Upsolve has helped me in the process.
David H. Mar. 4, 2020
Free! it works, fairly easy to use.
Sandra N. Mar. 3, 2020
The questionnaire tool was extremely helpful. i appreciate there is someone that can review my case. thanks
Clark V. Mar. 3, 2020
The process so far has been painless and non-profit judgemental.
Sara W. Mar. 3, 2020
So far, the experience has been positive.
Nancy K. Mar. 3, 2020
Easy to follow instructions, able to complete all paperwork on line and lots research info available.
Agosto F. Mar. 3, 2020
It's a great product to understanding the bankruptcy process.
Johnny M. Mar. 3, 2020
You help when people need it. as a matter of fact. i all ready recommend you to someone.
Brandi D. Mar. 3, 2020
Easy and helpful
Lauren W. Mar. 2, 2020
Amazing! people like you are what the world needs more of. thank you for your service to your fellow humans to make life brighter.
Austin D. Mar. 2, 2020
I am very new to the site. so it’s hard for me to tell yet but so far i think it is helpful
Catherine N. Mar. 2, 2020
So far it's extremely helpful and i will always share helpful tools with my friends.
Brandon D. Mar. 2, 2020
Fry T. Mar. 2, 2020
Ease of use and the process is informative.
Douglas J. Mar. 2, 2020
So far so good. i have a couple questions. but what i have seen so far of the process looks very good.
Howell T. Mar. 1, 2020
I would have given upsolve a 10, except that i haven't yet completed the bk process. so, far, its wonderful, but i will know better once i have had my case granted in court.
Alberta H. Mar. 1, 2020
Simple to use application.
Nadine C. Feb. 28, 2020
The questions were easy to answer and it was nice to have this company help me.
Anita S. Feb. 28, 2020
Simple and friendly to use as long as you are prepared to answer the questions.
Tia H. Feb. 28, 2020
Upsolve was so easy to use.
Matthew J. Feb. 27, 2020
It has been very helpful, informative and simple. saving money during a period where money is tough to come by
Joseph V. Feb. 27, 2020
The process was simple and the guided process was very easy to use.
Sullivan B. Feb. 27, 2020
I fee there is a lot of people who says they will help and dont.
Linsey G. Feb. 27, 2020
I absolutely loved the uplifting motivational factoids about leaders, and the sweet words of encouragement along the process. it was a really difficult process to go through.
Kinnaman A. Feb. 27, 2020
Simple forms. questions explained.
Saila C. Feb. 27, 2020
Your wealth of knowledge and experience. it's a very convenient format to use.
Roth G. Feb. 26, 2020
Most of the process was simple upsolve managed to make very complex court documents simple.
Paul C. Feb. 26, 2020
You're awesome!
Lorraine M. Feb. 26, 2020
It's a great resource and you make it possible for people who cannot afford a lawyer. thank you.
Taylor J. Feb. 26, 2020
Very helpful to be able to do the forms online and get walked through it. the questions i have sent via email have been promptly replied to. just finished the questionnaire so i have a ways to go, but very happy so far.
Fedor H. Feb. 26, 2020
It's a great service for people who truly can't afford to pay attorney fees in their financial crisis.
Tibbs L. Feb. 26, 2020
Got the job done....sooo far
Sandra G. Feb. 24, 2020
Explanations were so much simpler to me than reading all the forms. clear step by step. love it
Munoz N. Feb. 23, 2020
Easy to use and fast results.
Charles B. Feb. 23, 2020
All questions i had were answered. the whole process was very professional
Angela Y. Feb. 22, 2020
Saves money
Chadwick L. Feb. 22, 2020
Was able to perform what most would pay a professional to do :-) thank you !
Pearson Q. Feb. 21, 2020
So far it’s been awesome
Kelly J. Feb. 21, 2020
What a wonderful resource for people. it means the world for those of us without access to much to have resources and tools for what we need. thank you for your services!!!!
King J. Feb. 20, 2020
Everything has been smooth for me. thanks
Randall G. Feb. 20, 2020
Extremely easy and detailed instructions. helped me understand every section clearly
Tice U. Feb. 20, 2020
Easy to follow and saving money from not hiring attorney
Frank B. Feb. 20, 2020
Upsolve saved my life! to be able to go through the very complex process of bankruptcy with the incredible help of the upsolve team, it took away a major burden, and so much stress out of me. thank you!
Charlotte E. Feb. 19, 2020
I like the way the program is set up technology wise it makes it easy to navigate through and get things entered. they provide a rapid response turn around. i have a few corrections to make yet.
Valliere W. Feb. 19, 2020
I’ve inquired to many companies and yours was definitely the most friendly doable site i found.. thank you!
Christina D. Feb. 19, 2020
I can’t afford a lawyer and was having a really tough time trying to fill out all the forms on my own with no help.
Robyn R. Feb. 19, 2020
You helped me in a time when i didn't feel that i had any solutions
Rebecca H. Feb. 19, 2020
It makes finding a simple bankruptcy for people like me very easy as i could not afford an attorney
Jonny S. Feb. 19, 2020
Absolutely amazing help!!! i appreciate the help i have received and thank you very much!!!
Tonya P. Feb. 18, 2020
I was in a real bind. i tried going to a bankruptcy lawyers but the price for their services was ridiculous! i was at the end of my rope so to speak and googled bankruptcy help to file on my own and saw upsolve! i've been telling my friends so thank you again
Trent G. Feb. 18, 2020
Upsolve is very easy to use and understand! what a big help you’ve been!! thank you!!
William V. Feb. 18, 2020
Needed a free online service to help me file
Liliana F. Feb. 18, 2020
Very helpful
Launa L. Feb. 18, 2020
So easy to use! excellent resource!
Carmen J. Feb. 18, 2020
I needed to file an emergency chapter 7 to help me with an eviction.
Julie T. Feb. 17, 2020
Upsolve is life changing. it's a step by step process. it has encouraging vibes and facts all the way threw.
Andrea U. Feb. 17, 2020
Because the help is phenomenal
Brittany Z. Feb. 17, 2020
I've already recommended upsolve to 2 people.
Amy S. Feb. 16, 2020
This site has been amazing at telling me prepare to file for bankruptcy so that i may begin to move forward financially
Gordon H. Feb. 16, 2020
I think it a great thing you guys are doing. i love to help people and that’s exactly what your doing. and to the level your helping with. amazing really keep up the great work.
Jacqueline S. Feb. 14, 2020
I needed help and could not afford an attorney
Davis D. Feb. 14, 2020
Free of charge and helpful easy to use
Sharmarke S. Feb. 13, 2020
Because relative told me he win
Kaylene B. Feb. 12, 2020
Made it easy and step by step and the instructions explained everything.
Moses M. Feb. 12, 2020
The simplicity of the process.
Rhea B. Feb. 11, 2020
There are very little resources in my situation
Larry J. Feb. 11, 2020
It's free, great facebook use, easy to use so far.
Coriann S. Feb. 11, 2020
Extremely helpful!!!
Norma S. Feb. 11, 2020
It went smoothly and clear to understand
Lata T. Feb. 11, 2020
Because it's a self realization when you're going through the process. takes you back to every decision you made financially & what you may plan to do in the future to avoid making not so good decisions. this process is also is educational & informative. answers questions before you ask them.
Kristin M. Feb. 11, 2020
Wonderful process from beginning to end.
Bonnie F. Feb. 10, 2020
Very simple, self explanatory process
Justin K. Feb. 10, 2020
Excellent help
Stephanie H. Feb. 10, 2020
So helpful in preparing the correct information and walking through every step
Kaia G. Feb. 9, 2020
This organization has made this process easier and much less stressful.
JaDene P. Feb. 9, 2020
Easy to navigate and i can do it all at home at my pace. filing isn't costing me hundreds of dollars.
Karen C. Feb. 8, 2020
Yes! i’m in the process and soooo hoping i can get through it all the way! thank you!
Anthony H. Feb. 7, 2020
Very easy to use
William E. Feb. 7, 2020
You made this process extremely easy.
Mbuotidem I. Feb. 7, 2020
The process is very clear and the tool tips and videos really help.
Veronica R. Feb. 7, 2020
Doing it online in the privacy of my home allows me to stop and think, take a breath and maintain my composure. having to file at this stage in my life has resulted in debilitating shame. i cannot afford an attorney and finding this avenue has been an enormous relief.
Ahmad S. Feb. 7, 2020
It’s an awesome service and helps people like me who are completely overwhelmed and lost.
Edwin O. Feb. 6, 2020
It was simple and helpful and made a difficult process understandable.
Thomeka H. Feb. 6, 2020
Someone recommended me to the site. it was so helpful. i’m a single parent and don’t have money for legal fees.
Angela J. Feb. 6, 2020
Ease of use
Lynn F. Feb. 5, 2020
You simplied the process and made is much easier to understand
Aimee H. Feb. 4, 2020
User friendly platform, super easy.
Doreen B. Feb. 4, 2020
Love it!i could not afford attorney and this will help me so much to get ahead
Shannon H. Feb. 4, 2020
Because you are helping people complete a process that i don’t believe many of us would attempt on our own; let alone be able to afford paying someone to represent us.
Charkesia B. Feb. 4, 2020
John R. Feb. 3, 2020
The simplicity
Mohammad O. Feb. 2, 2020
The process was extremely easy and non-stressful.
Jazzmin P. Feb. 2, 2020
Made it easy to understand and was very convenient. thank you!
Tamara C. Feb. 2, 2020
Because you really not only helped me to be able to handle my credit problems on my own but to understand them also and i really appreciate that and am all the better for it, thank you so much.
Katherine P. Feb. 2, 2020
Very helpful information
Anne B. Feb. 2, 2020
Because you have made this highly stressful and what could be a very difficult situation simple and easy to understand.
Nicholas D. Feb. 1, 2020
Step by step very easy to follow instructions. also, the whole attitude of the website in general, very wholesome and upbeat. i loved the examples of famous people who have gone through bankruptcy.
Beatrix B. Feb. 1, 2020
Easy to follow
Barry O. Jan. 31, 2020
I have had great service from you even though i have had to redo the questionnaire to my financial problems in getting the fee to file.
Savannah A. Jan. 30, 2020
Easy and fast. very much help
Thomas R. Jan. 30, 2020
Well, so far, things have clicked very well. i just hope the rest oh the process, goes as well.
Cassandra G. Jan. 30, 2020
It was really easy process. user friendly
Cinteria M. Jan. 30, 2020
Easy to navigate and it takes the stress off tremendously.
Julio S. Jan. 30, 2020
Very helpful for people that can't afford a lawyer to file for bankruptcy.
Heathor N. Jan. 30, 2020
Free and easy
Cathy L. Jan. 29, 2020
Easy/ private.
Natasha S. Jan. 29, 2020
Great amazing service
Julius J. Jan. 29, 2020
You made it so easy to complete the forms.
Curtis H. Jan. 29, 2020
User friendly site and saves me a lot of money.
Anne B. Jan. 29, 2020
The questions were clear and i could always go back to a section to edit
April J. Jan. 28, 2020
The organization is extremely helpful, clear to understand, and has a user experience that is friendly.
Rachel F. Jan. 28, 2020
Your service is thorough and user friendly
Robert Z. Jan. 27, 2020
This is a great resource for people that can’t afford to hire an attorney to file a bk
Breanna P. Jan. 27, 2020
Very helpful, detailed, and organized
Gail M. Jan. 27, 2020
Easy to follow
Steven F. Jan. 27, 2020
Because you help people with bankruptcy
Alice R. Jan. 26, 2020
Very satisified with the help
Tamieka A. Jan. 26, 2020
This was very easy and fast and clear to understand.... the class they make you take really helps also highly recommend
Jean B. Jan. 25, 2020
I feel this was very easy and you guys explained everything and i have a friend that referred me to you guys for help
Manuel B. Jan. 24, 2020
Step by step instructions how to file it. i love it!!
Shannon D. Jan. 24, 2020
It works
Joshua N. Jan. 24, 2020
Great non-profit
Patreisha R. Jan. 24, 2020
The website is easy to use, but, most importantly, i was able to file without having to feel bad.
Shayla M. Jan. 23, 2020
I was able to do all my bankruptcy filing through the system i just am waiting to get to get papers to file with the court.
Barbara T. Jan. 23, 2020
I cant afford an attorney so this is so ideal for me.
Tina L. Jan. 23, 2020
Ease of use, good directions.
Elijah M. Jan. 23, 2020
Very easy to navigate and you were understanding
Timothy T. Jan. 23, 2020
This is an incredibly useful and helpful resource a stressful situation
Teresa R. Jan. 23, 2020
I was so happy to find your service! the website and questionnaire are straightforward, the process was easy to understand and the tips along the way were very helpful.
Katherine M. Jan. 22, 2020
Easy to answer questions. very helpful!
Sherry E. Jan. 22, 2020
Because the process was easy you had you care and you help but that's what i need right now
Veronica M. Jan. 22, 2020
I have severe social anxiety and any time i can complete something online is a benefit, but mostly to even have something like this available for ones who fall on hard times is such a blessing. i have been frantic because i had no way out of my situation and to know there is a group out there willing to give a break on something like this is huge. thank you so much!
Terri K. Jan. 22, 2020
You were very helpful
Stefanie F. Jan. 22, 2020
Upsolve helped me to file bankruptcy on my own since i could not afford a lawyer.
Lindsey P. Jan. 20, 2020
I haven't filed yet, but this made the process thus far so much easier. i called the self help desk at the courts and double checked all the items i was supposed to include in my filing packet, and upsolve had it all covered. i would have been lost without upsolve.
John M. Jan. 20, 2020
Already have recommended
Tammy H. Jan. 20, 2020
Very helpful
Harry R. Jan. 20, 2020
You guys are on the ball. courageous and you move well like me
Angel B. Jan. 20, 2020
Excellent program and great service.
Colleen M. Jan. 19, 2020
I couldn’t have gone through this process without them!
Eola B. Jan. 19, 2020
User friendly, free service that saves time and money for people who are already under tremendous financial stress. thank you to creators.
Deleon R. Jan. 18, 2020
The process was very clear, thorough, and helpful. it walked through every part of the bk forms that i would have surely struggled to fill out on my own without a lawyer.
Alayna P. Jan. 16, 2020
What is an emotionally stressful decision to make, the ease, encouraging explanations and facts etc... have made my bankruptcy endeavor far less stressful.
Patrick Q. Jan. 16, 2020
Easy to use, very ‘affable & sympathetic’ interface. the only thing i would suggest is providing and easier way to contact support/ask question. i am at the stage of taking the online credit course but won’t have the $14 fee until next tuesday, outside your arbitrary 5 day time limit. so i’m afraid i will have to start over and won’t for lack of,energy/exasperation.
Belinda B. Jan. 16, 2020
Upsolve really helps and make this process much easier than i thought it would be
Valerie M. Jan. 16, 2020
This was a great resource and even though i’m not finished with the process everything thus far has been wonderful.
Kathleen G. Jan. 16, 2020
The representatives at upsolve are incredible. they have been extremely kind, compassionate and conveyed very important information to me which, in turn, are preventing me from hiring an attorney. they all have excellent communicative skills and are very positive people that give to me hope in a very difficult and sad situation.
Conner P. Jan. 15, 2020
So very helpful and understanding
Carl P. Jan. 15, 2020
The process is very easy to navigate!
Ashley C. Jan. 14, 2020
Easy process
Katherine D. Jan. 14, 2020
Very easy to use
Maggie B. Jan. 14, 2020
Service is easy to use
Martha M. Jan. 14, 2020
It's a great resource for those who could never afford an attorney
Jessica C. Jan. 13, 2020
It was very simple
Jennifer B. Jan. 13, 2020
I didn’t have any money for a lawyer. this was a very fast decision i made . the customer service is excellent
Pamela C. Jan. 13, 2020
Very easy and helpful filling out the forms. you can go back and check to make sure you filled everything out ok. the are questions at every end of section to make sure you answered correctly.
Heather K. Jan. 12, 2020
Your help is amazing and the site is so easy! i would not have been able to do this without you!
Ronda A. Jan. 12, 2020
The outline for the unsolved program is detailed, organized, and easy to follow.
Luis C. Jan. 11, 2020
Easy and very helpful.
Shannon M. Jan. 10, 2020
Easy to understand process
Susan M. Jan. 10, 2020
It’s been a straight forward and organized way to prepare to file with help available every step of the way
Emin A. Jan. 10, 2020
Easy to use
Cynthia C. Jan. 9, 2020
So far, the process has been very easy to understand and execute. i can't believe i am actually filing on my own. thanks to upsolve, i will save time and money!
Carley D. Jan. 9, 2020
Upsolve has made the nerve racking bankruptcy process easy and stress free.
Chancie S. Jan. 9, 2020
I feel like i can breathe again. upsolve makes it so easy!!!
Ashley D. Jan. 9, 2020
I love how elaborate you guys are on this whole process!
DWalla J. Jan. 8, 2020
Easy self explanatory with upsolve help of course
Cari B. Jan. 8, 2020
Upsolve was very easy to work with and the step by step guide was the best part
Donice W. Jan. 7, 2020
I was pleased to see how the site offers tutorials at each step. this is a great way to stay in the game of life.
Charita S. Jan. 7, 2020
Using upsolve was very simple and easy to use. i could not imagine doing this myself and feel that this is what lower income individuals need. it's hard to come up with thousands of dollars to file bankruptcy and this really helps put your mind at ease. i would definitely recommend this to anyone within the income limits to use.
Tammy H. Jan. 7, 2020
I was at a loss. i just had my vehicle repossessed, i had been out of work for over 6 months and could not afford a lawyer. i had found the forms to file on my own but had no idea which forms i needed or even how to complete most of them. then i found your site. so far upsolve has taken so much stress off of me. your site is so easy to use. all i have to do is answer questions and the forms i need are filled out for me. thank god i found you.
Melissa F. Jan. 5, 2020
Helpful. and easy
Spencer E. Jan. 5, 2020
Very easy to use. tho it is time consuming it works. my bankruptcy was an easier one. i’m two hours in and it’s still not completely done. it’ll be worth the effort and upsolve made it much easier!
Dana B. Jan. 5, 2020
You guys are amazinggg made everything so much easier!
Jennifer W. Jan. 5, 2020
It’s easy, even a caveman can do it
Shawn M. Jan. 5, 2020
They are a great nonprofit.
Lisa G. Jan. 4, 2020
Unbelievable was so confusing thank you
Lou A. Jan. 4, 2020
Very satisfied
Corinne H. Jan. 3, 2020
Easy to follow steps, with informative videos and reading materials for each section of the questionnaire that i complete for your experts to review.
Erika T. Jan. 3, 2020
Terry S. Jan. 2, 2020
This was a very stress free experience. i found the app over all easy to understand and very helpful in explaining what i need to do.
Elton F. Jan. 2, 2020
Upsolve! the best ever!~
Mario R. Jan. 2, 2020
Jamie M. Dec. 31, 2019
Easy. understandable. efficient.
Laurie K. Dec. 31, 2019
You folks are the best.
Eduardo V. Dec. 30, 2019
If you follow the instructions up solve makes it very easy to file.
Serena S. Dec. 30, 2019
Ease of use, affordability
James H. Dec. 30, 2019
Cost effective, easy to fill out forms, fast
Brooke W. Dec. 30, 2019
Easy to use and comprehensive
Patricia T. Dec. 29, 2019
No complaints
Gisele P. Dec. 27, 2019
I really hope i can file for bankruptcy and this site has put me one step closer to starting my life over!
Robert S. Dec. 26, 2019
Professional, courteous and easy to navigate.
Lori M. Dec. 25, 2019
If this works then it's awesome.
Christy L. Dec. 24, 2019
This service is amazing ! i have been telling people everyday.impressed
Marquita A. Dec. 22, 2019
Rose R. Dec. 21, 2019
Oh my gosh! thank you, thank you, thank you! you made this so easy. i can finally breathe easy and start over! you are life savers!
Jenna K. Dec. 20, 2019
Upsolve takes the fear out of filing for bankruptcy and offers an easy to understand step-by-step process to prepare a bankruptcy petition, and it is absolutely free! thanks to upsolve, i am on the road to being debt-free!
John W. Dec. 20, 2019
Because upsolve deserves a 10!
Orissa T. Dec. 19, 2019
User friendly and timely service, thanks!
Kimberly R. Dec. 18, 2019
Your system is easy with its step-by-step coaching to file your own chapter 7. i also appreciated the supportive feel of your online process.
Jacqueline C. Dec. 18, 2019
I choose you guys cause i needed help and you were able to help thank you so much
Kenisha R. Dec. 16, 2019
The site is very user friendly and made me feel at ease.
Julie T. Dec. 16, 2019
Upsolve is life changing. its your helping hand when you did not know what else to do. its people taking the time to help change your life.
Sofiya K. Dec. 16, 2019
Very user friendly website.
Jennifer D. Dec. 15, 2019
Great program--even though i had an easy case i felt overwhelmed with all the court rules, etc. this made it much easier. i only had problems with schedule j, but it's looking like i'll be able to correct those after they're reviewed.
Thomas C. Dec. 15, 2019
Excellent website; a little bit too early for survey.
Lavoris S. Dec. 15, 2019
Process is so easy and simple to use. i would highly recommend it to my friends and family!
Miguel N. Dec. 14, 2019
The legal headache of filing for this was made more manageable in a step by step process. explanations on each item helped me understand what was being asked. it's been an amazing process.
William V. Dec. 12, 2019
Very helpful service during an already hard time
Brian B. Dec. 10, 2019
For the most part, so much easier than going through each form
Carol F. Dec. 9, 2019
Upsolve is a great company that helps many people! filing for bankruptcy is a very stressful experience, and it was made so much easier with upsolve. thanks so much!
Merri H. Dec. 9, 2019
Because people need access to a way to help themselves without being afraid of the legal system and expenses and this non profit does exactly that.
Patricia M. Dec. 9, 2019
Easy online process
Rosanna B. Dec. 9, 2019
Easy to use and informative
Temeka K. Dec. 8, 2019
Very user friendly... explains options via video and easy steps. like "bankruptcy for dummies" in survey and video form.
Jennifer W. Dec. 8, 2019
So far the process was fairly easy. i haven,t completed my bankruptcy or courses yet, so still have more to go.
Dawnyell T. Dec. 6, 2019
Because you make the process so easy and how it is available to everyone. filing bankruptcy is a stressful process and can be expensive, this program is great for poor and low income individuals like me, seeking a new start.
Lentheric J. Dec. 6, 2019
Easy to understand
Jacqueline M. Dec. 6, 2019
Upsolve is so helpful and easy to use. it gave me the tools i needed to file. upsolve gave me hope for a better financial future when i didn't have the means to hire an attorney for bankruptcy.
Beverly A. Dec. 6, 2019
Even though it's time saves a lot of money and convenient.
Jeffrey L. Dec. 6, 2019
Ease of use
Samantha H. Dec. 5, 2019
Yes been struggling to get help. this was very easy.
Shannan S. Dec. 5, 2019
So far the process has been so easy and not at all stressful
Bradi D. Dec. 4, 2019
Makes filing for bankruptcy without a lawyer so much easier. the step by step process ensures you don’t miss anything
Russell P. Dec. 4, 2019
Very thorough and easy process to complete.
Laura J. Dec. 3, 2019
Very helpful. a lot of information but explained very well
Esther M. Dec. 2, 2019
It was very easy and stress free. what a relief!
Alexicia H. Dec. 2, 2019
Budget friendly
Calvin D. Dec. 2, 2019
Easy to enter all the required information
Linda D. Nov. 29, 2019
Helpfull great information without going to a lawyer
Dana H. Nov. 28, 2019
Very user friendly
Terri K. Nov. 26, 2019
This app is very helpful
Julie V. Nov. 26, 2019
After i had tirelessly researched all my options i contacted legal aid, someone suggested ’upsolve’ they came highly recommended and i found their process was clear and easy to follow.
William H. Nov. 25, 2019
So far great service
Britni W. Nov. 25, 2019
I truly appreciate how helpful this has been.
Karin M. Nov. 25, 2019
I had no idea what i was doing or how to file, and could not afford a lawyer, so when i found you i was thrilled! you walked me through it every step of the way, just like i had a lawyer here with me and it was awesome. i am forever grateful!
Phillip C. Nov. 25, 2019
Very helpful and not asking for reimbursement to file quality documents! thanks so much.
Senovia F. Nov. 24, 2019
Very easy to use
Sasha M. Nov. 23, 2019
I couldn't afford to hire a lawyer so i just sat on my debt for 4 years with constant bill collectors calling and mailing me. it affected my health and caused deep depression in me .i was so extremely grateful when i went online and discovered upsolve. i have never heard of them before. thank you so much for your help online. i will be forever grateful for it!
Stephanie J. Nov. 22, 2019
I’ve already sent the link to people
Christopher G. Nov. 21, 2019
Excellent service and prompt delivery of papers. 10 out of 10.
Robin L. Nov. 21, 2019
Upsolve provided me a solution to file bankruptcy on my own, without an attorney. i appreciate them.
Joshua G. Nov. 21, 2019
Because you guys make it easy
Lori L. Nov. 20, 2019
I would tell all my friends that upsolve is the best way to file bankruptcy because it is easy to navigate through. it helped me tremendously through a tough time.
Penny P. Nov. 20, 2019
What a relief to find you on line. my husband died suddenly at work and loss of his income reduced my monthly income by $20,000. i didn’t even have the money to file bankruptcy! your information, forms and overall ease of access was just a god send!!
Brittany T. Nov. 20, 2019
So helpful when i don't have the money at all for a lawyer.
Donisha B. Nov. 20, 2019
I don't know anywhere else i could went to receive the caliber of help i received from upsolve. i'm truly grateful.
Mary C. Nov. 19, 2019
It is like turbotax for bankruptcy! it’s a difficult decision to choose bankruptcy as the best way to handle debt that has gotten out-of-hand. it feels like you have a support team @ upsolve that is with you every step of the way, cheering you on and taking the guilt & shame out of a pretty common ordeal. i am so grateful that i found you on google & will share my amazing experience with anyone who needs help with crazy finances. upsolve made a somber and uncomfortable situation manageable and humanized the reality of my situation. american consumer credit counseling services was amazing, too. thank you, upsolve!!! from the bottom of my heart!
Travis L. Nov. 18, 2019
Some of the questions were difficult to understand. they didn't offer little questions bubbles to click on to explain what they were asking for in better detail or give examples.
Amy M. Nov. 17, 2019
I am in no position to hire an attorney to help me with bankruptcy. you guys have made the process easy! fingers crossed it all goes through correctly! but so far, i love them!
Cindy B. Nov. 17, 2019
Easy to follow questionnaire, and good customer service
Mark E. Nov. 17, 2019
The process was much easier than i ever imagined.
Deon A. Nov. 16, 2019
Very easy to fill out required info and docs. upsolve will be the saving grace i needed because i could not afford an attorney.
Alana M. Nov. 15, 2019
Easy process and have already recommended to 2 friends
Niko F. Nov. 15, 2019
This company has been a magnificent tool to help me file bankruptcy. they basically did everything for me. all i had to do was type in my information and a few other things.
Tammy M. Nov. 15, 2019
It was easy to use, asked you all the questions that you needed. it is a great help for people in a bad spot where they have to file for bankrupcy, but do not have the $1500 to $2000 that lawyers need to get you out of a bad financial situation.
Cherry O. Nov. 14, 2019
It seemed so far, like a simple process with a bit of homework that one could do without the high cost of an attorney. it was like a turbo tax type platform for bankruptcy
Chauntel J. Nov. 14, 2019
Because you guys make it simple for someone like me who is struggling right now
Harry R. Nov. 14, 2019
You at upsolve were thorough and mase sire the paperwork was thorough
Jennifer H. Nov. 13, 2019
The process was awesome. easy access to my questions and video to go along with steps.
Toni H. Nov. 13, 2019
The process was so much easier then i had expected and its thanks to upsolve
Genevieve P. Nov. 13, 2019
This is very easy. explainable...
Thomas W. Nov. 13, 2019
Because the process is stress free fast and very easy
Brandon G. Nov. 13, 2019
You make this easy, although i have questions to which i could not find answers
Trisha S. Nov. 13, 2019
It is very informative, easy and helps those who can't afford an attorney.
Christopher E. Nov. 13, 2019
Great service
Joshua M. Nov. 12, 2019
Great experience
Toye C. Nov. 12, 2019
Because they are a big help and the software is easy to follow and fill out. i was scared but i was guided all the way.
Autumn L. Nov. 12, 2019
I have been putting off doing this for a year. you made it easy and more understandable. less scary!
Sherrie W. Nov. 12, 2019
You have made this process bearable. your guidance has been very supportive
David P. Nov. 11, 2019
Website was very easy to navigate also was easy to understand
Lisa D. Nov. 10, 2019
The process is easy and on a step by step basis. the cost is very affordable, i would not be able to file without it.
Tamera L. Nov. 10, 2019
Overall a great experience. a couple of questions were not clear to me and could not find an answer in the faqs.
Amie J. Nov. 10, 2019
Upsolve help me get my life back.
Laiton B. Nov. 9, 2019
You saved me a massive amount and everything was seemless
Susan S. Nov. 8, 2019
Clear, easy to understand
David H. Nov. 8, 2019
I am in a desperate situation and have to clear my debt. i have tried everything i know to do and it just isn't working for me. i barely have the money to eat much less pay bills. finding this site and service was a blessing. i knew i could not pay for an attorney, so this has lessened an already heavy burden.
Cleona F. Nov. 7, 2019
You are so helpful and knowledgeable regarding the bankruptcy process. you answer questions in a timely fashion, and that really helps put my mind at ease.
Tearies B. Nov. 6, 2019
The process was easy and clear. no one was breathing down my back making it more stressful. takes away the embarassment of the whole situation. i’m broke which is why i’m filing so its an actual service ppl who need to file bankruptcy can use.
Jackie B. Nov. 6, 2019
Very easy to follow directions on step by step.
Shannon M. Nov. 5, 2019
Easy to use and very informative
Lisa H. Nov. 5, 2019
I cannot afford a lawyer and my local legal aid said it would take months to be placed with an attorney so this organization made the process so much easier
Ronald J. Nov. 5, 2019
Very though it made it fairly easy for me
Kathy G. Nov. 4, 2019
I haven’t completed the process yet, but so far upsolve broke the process down into sections so you are not overwhelmed and can get this time. you do have work to do, so don’t think it’s easy, but if this is the right choice for you, upsolve has made it easy as possible.
Kara B. Nov. 3, 2019
So easy to use. and not intimidating like i thought it would be.
Andrew R. Nov. 3, 2019
Upsolve makes it easy to fill the forms out to get the ball rolling, i'd give them a 10 but i just started with the process, but so far they have been very helpful !
Shelby C. Nov. 2, 2019
Very helpful!
Darryl B. Oct. 31, 2019
Your service is excellent.
Theresa L. Oct. 31, 2019
It is quick and easy to use.
Andrea D. Oct. 31, 2019
I already have recommended it to a number of people. while i did have technical issues and got paused once etc, it's a great public service. also you guys got back to me and always corrected the issue pretty quickly which is better than most for profit companies these days. so good on you for caring and wanting to help!
Michelle B. Oct. 31, 2019
Easy step by step process so far. i have already recommended this service to a friend.
Rose W. Oct. 30, 2019
Program is very easy to use.
Cicely M. Oct. 30, 2019
Easy process
Latasha W. Oct. 30, 2019
The process was an easy to navigate through and understand. the staff does a good job in a timely manner
Darlene S. Oct. 30, 2019
It was very easy to file out the paper work with your help. i could not have done it with out you. thank you.
Rosa A. Oct. 30, 2019
The forms and videos are extremly easy to follow
Glenna L. Oct. 30, 2019
Thank you so much for creating upsolve. because of a divorce i had no choice but to file bankruptcy. i couldn’t afford a lawyer or their fees. you offering this service saved my life. it is easy to use and helped me get through the most difficult time of my life with ease. thanks again.
Marc H. Oct. 29, 2019
They were thorough, quick and efficient. more importantly, they waived the fees due to my financial situation. i am very pleased and recommend.
Tierra H. Oct. 29, 2019
The process was a lot less stressful and made me feel secure in filing my own bankruptcy without an attorney!
Nicole F. Oct. 28, 2019
I received quick responses to any questions i had. also, you made the process fairly easy.
Dhonsjurae C. Oct. 28, 2019
The process may have been a bit time consuming but it was relatively easy. also, the information received was valuable.
Jasmine G. Oct. 27, 2019
Upsolve has been a godsend for me! a simple, easy to use service has really helped me in a delicate situation
Alahnda M. Oct. 27, 2019
Because this was a very easy to use site that explained things very well over the course of use
Angela F. Oct. 27, 2019
Filling out the online forms was not complicated. there was no pressure involved in a company trying to make money.
Richard M. Oct. 27, 2019
Easy and clear
Scott C. Oct. 27, 2019
Very convenient and easy to use very helpful when have problem would highly recommend upsolve and have to my neighbor who. i'm showing! her your website this weekend i thank upsolve so much am almost complete have to take 301 course and complete .once again great company and highly recommend.
Jaime P. Oct. 26, 2019
This program has given me back piece of mind by far the best feeling i finally have a plan and feel free than i have in a very long time thank you upsolve
Gregory B. Oct. 26, 2019
Good platform and similar to turbo tax but questions felt a tiny bit vague or not fine tuned enough which sometimes made me question certain parts.
Ashley C. Oct. 26, 2019
Wonderful, easy to use service.
Elizabeth F. Oct. 26, 2019
Very user friendly site
Michelle J. Oct. 26, 2019
I liked the way i wasn't rushed to complete everything as long as i logged in and worked on my case.
Zoyda M. Oct. 25, 2019
I was very worried about my situation and feel now more relax it looks like they gonna helps me
Ryan D. Oct. 25, 2019
I had a few problems changing my answers after initial paperwork was generated but overall this was easy and saved money i dont have for an attorney. i have already recommended to people and will def donate as soon as i have some available cash.
Mareena F. Oct. 25, 2019
Fast. convenient. easy to understand.
Ulysess O. Oct. 24, 2019
I love the way the platform is set up and that it is a nonprofit. i am not done with the process but feel cared for by upsolve.
Jaelynn C. Oct. 24, 2019
Absolutely amazing service. so helpful. very knowledgeable. very customer oriented.
Kathleen G. Oct. 24, 2019
This program is quite easy to complete, has an array of helpful resources, and slowly walks one through the entire bankruptcy process. thank you!
Anwar O. Oct. 24, 2019
You are the best
Jeffrey W. Oct. 24, 2019
I think the process that you’ve created is very well organized and efficient.
Roxanne B. Oct. 24, 2019
It's easy to use and answered l the questions i had
Alvin S. Oct. 24, 2019
Perry G. Oct. 24, 2019
Easy program
Ariel M. Oct. 23, 2019
Upsolve is really helping me with my bankruptcy and helping to achieve my goals and be debt free!
Karen G. Oct. 23, 2019
Great service. ease of use.
Eric Y. Oct. 23, 2019
You give useful and comprehensive information to the clients including me. thank you very much. god bless you all.
Amber B. Oct. 23, 2019
Very easy and great guidance
Katina H. Oct. 22, 2019
Very helpful and easy to apply
Anselm D. Oct. 22, 2019
I needed this, but i don’t know if i have or can get all the info i need.
Michelle S. Oct. 22, 2019
I am so thankful for how easy it was to go through the process with upsolve. thank you so much for making such a positive difference!
Joshua C. Oct. 22, 2019
It’s a humbling process and very complicated process and most importantly very expensive process. i appreciate you guys “dumbing” down the process and assisting me in get my life back in the right direction.
Kimberly J. Oct. 22, 2019
I’m very emotional, i’m finally about to get my life back on track.
Wendle J. Oct. 21, 2019
Just wanted to let you know i received an order of discharge from us bankruptcy court dated 9/23/19. thank you all so very much for your in depth work on this case filing assistance. i look forward to donating!
Michelle R. Oct. 21, 2019
This is a very stressful thing to have to do and using upsolve and made it so much easier.
Donald H. Oct. 21, 2019
Because it gave me enough confidence in your association to trust you had my best interest in mind verse other companys or associations that offered services. i am confident i made the right choice.
Carol C. Oct. 21, 2019
Upsolve makes it simple to navigate, enter important details and understand the bankruptcy filing process.
Tiffanie A. Oct. 21, 2019
The process was easy enough to complete with concise explanations for each line of questioning.
Roger A. Oct. 21, 2019
Upsolve was a life saver for me.
Gregory H. Oct. 21, 2019
In a desperate situation, your assistance helped me tremendously. i found myself in a dark place and your company gave me options and a financially feasible solution.
Courtney C. Oct. 21, 2019
The process was very easy to understand.
Jacob Y. Oct. 21, 2019
Very helpful very fast process i think you upslove. and god bless this company
Brian S. Oct. 20, 2019
Easy step by step form to fill out.
Djuana K. Oct. 20, 2019
Straightforward, affordable help. counseling that helped me come to a decision quickly.
Chanel W. Oct. 20, 2019
I am very glad to have found this service! i have already mentioned it to a friend and also a family member. people wouldn’t be so scared of filing if they knew how simplified the process is and how helpful this service can be.
Marvin W. Oct. 20, 2019
Upsolve is very helpful for people like myself that stress out over filing bankruptcy.
Gloria D. Oct. 20, 2019
The process was simple, self explanatory most of all free for people like me who cannot afford to pay an attorney 2,000. great job, thank you upsolve!!!
Trisha C. Oct. 19, 2019
Well, so far everything has been extremely easy and straightforward. i am currently waiting for the documents so that i can go to the court and file.
Dennis S. Oct. 19, 2019
Easy to do.
Heather G. Oct. 19, 2019
Everything about this website makes it very user friendly, takes the stress out of a very overwhelming subject.
Kerry K. Oct. 18, 2019
Very easy & very good at communicating the clear, step by step expectations
Kayla U. Oct. 16, 2019
It seemed like such a smooth process and it was!
Shana E. Oct. 16, 2019
I had already gone through the process of filling out the forms myself, but i was a little nervous about whether i had done it right. your questionnaire and simple program set my mind at ease through this process.
Denise J. Oct. 16, 2019
Great online service, it was fast and convenient and affordable.
Ashley C. Oct. 16, 2019
Easy and simple loved it.
Robert M. Oct. 15, 2019
I wanted to pass on a wish of gratitude for all the help upsolve provided in the preparation of my petition. i had a million and 1 questions, but in the end it all worked out and in the end i was granted the chapter 7. although i don’t have any money to donate i will be recommending your very helpful and supportive service to others. again my sincerest thanks to all the staff there.
Riccardo M. Oct. 15, 2019
There isn’t much to say except, great company! great service! blessing in my life! i will refer your company to every and anyone i know that may need to file banking! it was truly a painless process. i submitted what your company summed up for me, i appeared in court just once and it all was over within 5 minutes! i waited 2 months for the discharge order to become debt free with a fresh start! thank you so very much. all lawyers i met with prior were asking a starting price of $2000 the least. also good to note; if the court charges the filing fee it would be best to pay it off as soon as possible. the sooner the better, the quicker the discharge. thanks again for giving me a fresh start!
Bernard H. Oct. 14, 2019
Your program was stteight forward and fairly simple.
Brian K. Oct. 13, 2019
It is a great site.
Sharon F. Oct. 13, 2019
I was stressing over how i was going to pay an attorney hundreds if not thousands to file bankruptcy for me so, i decided to search the internet for information on how to file my own bankruptcy and if it was legal to do so, and this site popped up; boy, am i grateful!!
Conner P. Oct. 13, 2019
Great follow up and so very helpful
Taneesa S. Oct. 13, 2019
You are great help to gettong my life back. on track
Christopher W. Oct. 13, 2019
Like superheros who help, upsolve is the best. bless them.
Brandon H. Oct. 13, 2019
Ease, customer care, helpful hints
Ellen B. Oct. 12, 2019
Like the idea of filling out forms on line
Jason E. Oct. 11, 2019
The process is pretty straight forward. everything is easy to follow and understand.
Jennifer N. Oct. 10, 2019
Easy and simple to follow steps as well as the accountability to the process by the organization.
Tessa A. Oct. 10, 2019
Very easy steps to follow. also, i don't have $1000 to pay an attorney.
Nicole C. Oct. 10, 2019
I actually have already recommended unsolve to a friend. it is evident that you all put a lot of effort into making the process easy to follow.
Karma L. Oct. 9, 2019
Savior a humanitarian work social reformation act noble peace prize worthy
Lawson T. Oct. 9, 2019
This was easy, well informed and quick.
Brian F. Oct. 8, 2019
The process was so thorough yet uncomplicated. never knew such a service existed.
Angelica A. Oct. 8, 2019
It was so easy to fill out and understand. it's such a scary process to begin with but with upsolve's help i think i'm in a much better position than i was before.
Major J. Oct. 8, 2019
User friendly and very convenient.
Trisha S. Oct. 7, 2019
Very easy, excellent way to help anyone that can't afford an attorney.
Agatha S. Oct. 7, 2019
This made my application for chapter 11 very easy and pain free. it also explained step by step in great detail! it is the best for people who want to file but can not afford a lawayer
Ashley S. Oct. 6, 2019
This made my filing so easy and relatable
Patricia M. Oct. 4, 2019
Very easy to navigate, straightforward and informative.
Regina K. Oct. 4, 2019
This has been a seamless process.
Qingwang L. Oct. 3, 2019
Great! this software and the whole process and services provided by upsolve lets me feel comfortable.
Victor M. Oct. 3, 2019
A financial counselor from a new leaf agency in mesa, az is helping me to get my financial mess in order so i can get back my sanity. she told me about your kind services. thank you !!!
Glenda P. Oct. 2, 2019
I gave you guys this rating because the process has been very easy. everything is straight forward, very well explained and the website walks you through ever little thing that you need to do to finish this process. i would recommend it to anyone.
Linda D. Oct. 2, 2019
Just a message to let you know i received a letter today 10/2/19 that i received a letter saying it is ordered a discharge is granted to me on 9/23/19. thank you so much for all your help i could not have done this without your help.
Lori N. Oct. 2, 2019
They were exceptional, fast, affordable, and awesome.
Kaitlyn F. Oct. 2, 2019
I had been so nervous and anxious about filing for bankruptcy but upsolve has made me realize it's ok and i'm not a failure. i don't think there are any words to describe how grateful that makes me.
Fisher C. Oct. 1, 2019
The thoroughness of the questions. the cautions about the process. the attitude about addressing how you got here and how you are going to stay out of trouble in the future, in a positive manner.
Candace W. Oct. 1, 2019
I like the step by step instructions on how to file and the questions that are asked are basic i don’t have to guess if what your saying is correct.
Melissa S. Oct. 1, 2019
An amazing service. walked me through the entire process . giving me my life back.
Shakira D. Sep. 16, 2019
Am spreading the word about your organization. i am grateful for your team in helping me. without upsolve i would have been lost. i didn’t have the attorney fee to file chapter 7 so upsolve stepped in at no cost and gave me a chance. can you say discharged? praise god because my case has been discharged. i will always be thankful. thank you and may god bless you all.
Leanna L. Sep. 16, 2019
Just wanted to reach out and thank everyone at upsolve who helped me with my bankruptcy. i had my 341 meeting yesterday. there were a lot of people there with their attorneys, of course. i kept thinking to myself, if only they knew about upsolve it could have saved them a lot of money. there was only two of us without attorneys in that large room full of people. anyhow, i appreciate eveything you did for me. yay’ i’m finally done! thank you so much!
Mary T. Sep. 3, 2019
Upsolve was really easy for me. you enter your information…it is reviewed by an attorney and then you print it our and send it in. the trustee was impressed enough to add upsolve to a website that helps low income individuals in my state.
Julie C. Aug. 12, 2019
I fell into debt before i filed due to under/unemployment. i couldn't find a full time position and i turned to freelancing, which really didn't help me save or pay my debt. my advice is to just do it. there's a ridiculous stigma attached to filing bankruptcy, as though it means you're less of a person. if this isn't something available to people, the government would have gotten rid of it a long time ago. the only fear i had was during the inputting of expenses section on upsolve. it took a while, but i got through it, filed, and now have my fresh start. i filed to stop a credit card transaction lawsuit in its tracks while i regrouped myself and my financials. what i liked most about using upsolve was the fact that it's just like using turbo tax. you only need to have your information to be able to input what's required to file. it's a very time consuming and streamlined process, but it's a thousand times better than poring over the various bankruptcy forms yourself, if you don't have a lawyer. bankruptcy has changed my life in the way that i now have a budget that i'm sticking to, and i'm more than okay with not having a credit card. bankruptcy also showed me how strong i am. i filed pro se. having undergone that process, i know there's nothing i can't do.
Sharisse H. Aug. 12, 2019
The first debt that i acquired was medical bills. but then once i got on social security, those were written off and paid in full. after that, it was really just credit card debt, and a lot of that had to the mania, the mania side of bipolar disorder. just spending unusual amount of money that you really don't have, so that was my issue was 2 or 3 years ago. i couldn't continue paying the credit card and minimum balances. social security only gives you so much for payment and it was just couldn't live that way, and i no longer couldn't afford it. i just couldn't do it. i would just say, it's a fresh start. it gives you a new look. eventually the calls will stop and you will just feel like you have a brand new start. it's just really encouraging and inspiring to not bring on anymore debt in your future. i guess my advice would be okay, so once you have this fresh start, what are you going to do with that? and my answer to that would be i'll take out my credit card. i think that credit cards are a huge thing that leads to bankruptcy, because these credit cards would be like, oh you know you'll get 20% off on your first purchase or whatever. in the grand scheme of things you're going to pay a credit card company 4 or 5 times more than what you actually spend it on that card. and when you take out store credit card, you're paying 25% interest, just knowing the game of credit cards and how they can be so damaging to your financial future. you guys did that just really went above and beyond what you were set out to do. you guys just did so much in addition to your responsibilities. and we both really appreciate it. i feel pretty good. karen got her discharged letter and i hope the calls will stop soon. they haven't stopped yet but she did get her discharge letter and mine was a couple of weeks after her so i'm sure i'll get my letter soon. i'm definitely doing things differently. i'm not trying to get any additional credit cards. i'm not trying to go beyond my means, and that's very helpful.
Denise S. Aug. 12, 2019
Honestly, if i had to give anyone a piece of advice, i would tell them that even though going through bankruptcy is scary, they have to use something like upsolve. it was just such a humongous asset. don't try doing it all on your own, because it is intimidating. there is a ton of paperwork, and it’s a lot to take in. as soon as i got in touch with upsolve, the fear and agony i had over my finances washed away. with the help of upsolve, i feel free again. i have the ability to build myself into something new. i'm going to be honest with you, pre-bankruptcy my credit score went down to a 543. my score today is a 720. it's amazing, the feeling, knowing that that's not looming over your head anymore. and again feeling bad that you even end up in that situation, but feeling very good that i am able to start all over again.
Crocker C. Aug. 4, 2019
I have recently successfully used upsolve as an alternative to going into even more debt to pay the overpriced fees that private bankruptcy attorneys can charge. i have found that upsolve is an organization sincerely dedicated to the financial benefit of and equality of all; making financial stability an option for all, not just for those who have the means. they have made it easily possible for those without the money for a bankruptcy attorney. there are lots of reasons that people find themselves in debt, some are of their own making and some due to unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. for those who have the resources, the climb out of a mistake or mishap can easily be done. but for those of us who don’t, climbing out of the financial dirt pit isn’t so easy. what if you don’t have a shovel? and even if you do, it just doesn’t make sense to climb out of one hole, just to dig another. i would recommend upsolve to anyone who is diligently looking for debt relief without the financial burden of an attorney. i will say that when i started, i wasn’t sure how it would go, would i get help from them if i ran into any problems? so, i was so awed and pleased at getting a response within 24 hours of my first question. and when i had another question, it was again answered within 24 hours…. and… by the same person! i was amazed and tickled. i felt like i had my own trouble shooting guru on the other end… one who actually cared! but, would it work when i got to court? turns out it went perfectly, without a single hitch. from the court clerk who filed my paperwork to the court attorney assigned to my case. both commented on my pristine paperwork. so, yeah, i literally did a little happy dance walking out of the courthouse. yeah, i got some looks, but i didn’t care.
Katrina A. Aug. 1, 2019
Bankruptcy has a bad stigma but you should not be afraid. having a clean slate to start over is better than constant debt and paying out all your earnings each week to credit cards. my credit is actually higher after my bankruptcy in just a few weeks. upsolve made the process so easy. their website sets everything in the paperwork and their guided steps make sure you don't miss a thing. thanks to upsolve my bankruptcy was complete without a hitch. i am much less stressed now that bankruptcy is complete. i am focused on family and getting my credit up to buy a house.
Sarah B. Jul. 24, 2019
My fico score was 437 just over a year ago; i learned that score when i was denied a switch to a cheaper cell phone carrier because my credit was so low. i thought it was funny (in a dark way) that i could not save money with a cheaper plan because i didn't have the credit. it really is more expensive to be poor, especially with bad credit. that's part of the beauty of upsolve - it was designed for those of us who may be too poor to get a lawyer and didn't have the tools, time, or confidence to do it ourselves.
Sarah B. Jul. 1, 2019
I started getting into debt 23 years before i filed.   first year of college:  student loans, that's expected.  i also got an at&t credit card to make cheaper calls home and to buy food because my meal plan didn't cover three meals a day.  that card got close to its limit and the vultures in the lobby of the student union at school were always available when i needed to get an additional card.  after college, i kept going further in debt because i was frugal, but was paying a lot of interest.  i took meaningful but low-paying jobs, so the debt just piled up and compounded even though paying it off was truly a priority.   i had paid it down somewhat and decided to buy a house in 2005.   it was not a great time to have bought a house, and really i shouldn't have been approved.  in 2016 my house was worth 30% of what i had paid - partly because of the bubble and partly because out of necessity i had rented it out to a person and he trashed it.  also in 2016, i was a single mother of a one-year-old and i could not find childcare affordable enough to allow me to work more than a few hours a week.   i hadn't paid hardly any bills in a year other than car insurance and phone bill, which were bare necessities.  i couldn't pick up the phone because i was always afraid of the shame and guilt and pressure from debt collectors.  my parents were embarrassed to be getting visits from sheriff's deputies with papers to serve me from discover card and other banks.  my house was in foreclosure, and i was in a pretty bad place financially. (i was still using my parents' mailing address while in an awful long-term live-in dog-sitting-for-free-rent situation.) i wanted to provide a better life for my daughter, pay my parents back for the all the bits and pieces they've helped me with - which over the years have really added up!  i went to a free legal assistance non-profit, but they couldn't help with foreclosure or bankruptcy.   i didn't have enough money to hire a lawyer to file. it's an incredible relief.  at first i felt ashamed that i could not pay my bills, but i had to admit i had been choking while treading water for years, and it was just going to get worse unless i did something.  i knew it was going to cost several grand if i could find a lawyer who would do it for the bare minimum.   honestly, if i had a few grand, i would probably have put it toward the bills i had been so behind on due to the pressure and guilt i felt about not paying.  i was in a dark hole and couldn't see the big picture due to the emotional side of the debt. i had to let go of the shame and think about my daughter and my future self.   i told myself that these banks had been bailed out, i should not feel so guilty if i get "bailed out" with my relatively small pile of debt.  i had tried my best for years. i happened to stumble upon upsolve, and it seemed too good to be true.  it seemed too easy.   i was afraid that something that seemed so easy wouldn't work.  i am not a lawyer, i thought i could easily screw it up without even knowing! i liked that they pulled all my info from the credit report.   i was previously daunted by trying to think of all the debts i had, and how to find the amounts and creditors' addresses in the shameful pile of unopened collections letters.   i liked that a computer did it and i didn't have to talk to a lawyer (or anyone face to face) about all my debt.   logically i knew that this happens to a lot of people, and that i should not beat myself up, but i have been a hard worker (albeit at low paying jobs) and didn't like to think of myself as someone who could not take care of her bills, etc.  i admit there was a strong emotional component causing me to avoid this matter, and that wasn't a concern with upsolve. i liked how upsolve sent reminders about where, when and how to file and to take the online classes that i needed - and reminded me to check that the corresponding certificates were filed.  i like how they walked me through the process.   even though a computer did all the digging, i felt confident knowing that a volunteer was going to be reviewing the packet before i was able to print. i was still very nervous - i was sure i'd screw something up and get in trouble.   i did have one legal question regarding an offer from my old student loans to settle for a small amount so i could go back to school - this was around the same time as filing, and i was able to ask a different free online legal answer service in my state, which reassured me that everything was probably going to be ok.   months after filing i went to the scheduled hearing with the judge.   it was in a classroom with other people.  i was last.  everyone else in there had a lawyer with them.   i was very nervous, but when i heard the questions the judge was asking the other people, i knew that i could handle it on my own, and felt heaps more confident in myself because upsolve had prepared me for the moment.   it also helped me to find my case on the pacer website so i could track its progress.   it was hard to wait, but i could see from pacer that everything was moving along on track.  immediately i felt like i had control of where my life could go, and since my debt started when i was 18, this was one of the first times in my adult life that i felt this.  some people said, "oooh nooo, bankruptcy stays on your record a long time!"  yes, but how long will collections continue and remain unresolved on my record if i can't pay for just as many years?   i have been able to start school again - bankruptcy helped me have confidence to apply to school and work hard at school, knowing i would soon have a clean slate and could rebuild my life without tens of thousands of dollars of debt that was crippling me emotionally and limiting my potential and my ability to provide for my daughter.   i am much happier and confident.   i am still very poor, but i am swimming along instead of choking and almost drowning.  it was also a good life lesson:  previously bankruptcy sounded like failure/destruction in my mind.  it felt healthy to reexamine my feelings and learn to let go of something that was smothering me when i could no longer fix the problem or even make a dent. my fico score was 437 just over a year ago; i learned that score when i was denied a switch to a cheaper cell phone carrier because my credit was so low.  i thought it was funny (in a dark way) that i could not save money with a cheaper plan because i didn't have the credit.  it really is more expensive to be poor, especially with bad credit.  that's part of the beauty of upsolve - it was designed for those of us who may be too poor to get a lawyer and didn't have the tools, time, or confidence to do it ourselves.   my score started to climb after bankruptcy it is 580 today, only eleven months after i dropped the papers off in court.  580 isn't that great, but it's halfway to good!  i just got a secured credit card to help rebuilt credit.  i'm a little bit nervous to be going down the credit card road again, but i like to think i have learned a lot and i am grateful for the second chance that upsolve has provided.
Aerial L. Jun. 25, 2019
After my divorce and my alimony ultimately stopping, i was left with thousands of dollars of debt, which included credits cards, a car loan, and medical bills. i struggled every single month to put food on the table and pay most of the most important bills; like rent, car, and electric bills. i got to the point where i had sold a lot of my furniture, paintings, and my son's old toys just to survive. i had tried consolidating the debt and living on a shoe string but nothing was working. finally i made the decision to file and turned to upsolve to walk me through the process. if you are at the end of your rope, consider the bankruptcy process. you are not a bad person. you are not irresponsible. sometimes life just gives us lemons, it's your responsibility to deal with it as best as you can and make lemonade. i overcame the fear by looking into my son's eyes and realizing that i have to better myself for him, no matter what...and i did! i liked that i could email at any time and receive an answer to questions almost immediately. i am so much more responsible with money now. i no longer have or live on credit cards. my slate is clean and i have been working hard to keep it that way.
Samuel C. Jun. 25, 2019
I fell into debt from medical bills and a layoff causing me to fall further behind. i would say it is not as scary as you think. upsolve was there every step of the way and made my experience as seamless as possible. i just faced my fear and everything turned out amazing and i’m debt free! i liked how it took me step by step through the process and helped me to answer the questions by explaining exactly what i need to fill out. it changed my life by giving me a better outlook and having a chance at good credit again.
Joe G. Jun. 23, 2019
I fell into debt originally after going through a period of time where i was unemployed, and lost my health insurance benefits. my debt was a combination of medical bills that went unpaid due to not having health insurance, as well as credit card debt that i accrued while trying to stay above water. if there is no chance in being able to recover within a year or two financially after going through hardship, filing bankruptcy makes sense to me. i felt like i would never be able to end the constant debt collection calls. it would have taken me over 5-6 years to have been able to pay everything off with what little i have left over after my bills are paid. i really had a great experience with everyone that i talked to while going through the process of filing bankruptcy up until it was all done and my case was discharged. it's great that people have a free option when there isn't an extra few hundred dollars to hire an attorney while going through the bankruptcy process. after filing bankruptcy, i acquired several new lines of credit which have been able to help me start building my credit again. i just discharged a few months ago and my fico scores are in the high 600s. i started a new business and was able to use some of the credit for startup capital, and to make cash flow management easier. after filing bankruptcy, i acquired several new lines of credit which have been able to help me start building my credit again. i just discharged a few months ago and my fico scores are in the high 600s. i started a new business and was able to use some of the credit for startup capital, and to make cash flow management easier.
Brittany W. Jun. 21, 2019
I was young and given too many credit cards. always thinking i could pay them off. at first, i was great at paying everything off. then spending became too easy. it spiraled out of control. i lost control of my finances and myself. at 24 i found myself in crippling debt and unsure what to do next. bankruptcy can happen to anyone. i’m 24 years old and just filed bankruptcy. it’s a chance to restart and i’m glad i did it. i was terrified to do it but i started doing some research. very successful people had filed bankruptcy and it helped me to see that this doesn’t mean the end, it meant a new beginning. i didn’t want to wait any longer and push myself deeper in a hole. my best advice is to just do it. research successful stories after bankruptcy and consider all your options. if it wasn’t for upsolve i wouldn’t have been able to file. i don’t have the money for a lawyer and i didn’t know anything about bankruptcy. upsolve made the process so easy and i can’t believe it’s 100% free. this is a fantastic nonprofit and i’m so grateful for this service. i am still waiting for my bankruptcy to go through but even the process has changed my life. i monitor my money way more closely. i consider every dollar i make and where it should go. i finally feel like i have some control over my life. being able to file and use upsolve to take things into my own hands made me realize i can recover and get back on my feet again.
Sandra W. Jun. 21, 2019
Upsolve was very supportive throughout the process. it was easier than i thought it would be. once i found out about upsolve, things clicked into place for me. they were able to teach me how to file for bankruptcy and do it where they would help me. and they would tell me what i needed to bring to the court when. and they told me everything i needed to know. and they helped me through the process if i couldn’t figure something out. i would just reach out to upsolve and they would help fix my problem. now that i have filed for bankruptcy i can keep as much money in the bank as i want. i have two savings accounts. one for me and one for my son who is sixteen. i don’t have to worry about the credit cards taking money out of my bank account.
Kevin R. Jun. 18, 2019
My debt was slowly approaching my ability to pay my monthly expenses. i lost my job and knew at that point i would need to do something. credit "fixing" services were out of the question. my credit repayment history is perfect with not one late payment in over 12 years. after researching, i decided to get ahead of the game and instead of allowing my credit accounts to move to collection, repossession, etc. i decided to file bankruptcy. the decision was not easy, but in my case, it was necessary. my biggest fear was the embarrassment and was worried that i would be treated like a deadbeat by the people i would encounter during the process. i answered the question honestly, followed all of the instructions, and provided all paperwork that upsolve stated i would need. i was able to file at the courthouse, communicate with my trustee, and complete the 341 hearing without a hitch. everything went extremely smoothly. i would have likely not been able to file pro se with out upsolve. considering my flawless payment history and filing proactively, my credit score actually went up as my accounts were closed due to the bankruptcy. i plan to use the budgeting tools that were provided by the 2nd online class that is required before the case is discharged. thank you to upsolve and those that give their time to assist those of us that would otherwise not be able to file bankruptcy due to the likelihood of excessive attorney fees, etc. also, it was empowering to know i was taking an active role in the life decision i made.
Crystal P. Jun. 17, 2019
Like many other americans, i fell into a large amount of debt due to a hospitalization and other medical bills that inexplicably were not covered by my insurance. i was using credit to try to juggle all the payments while i tried to make money doing odd jobs and selling crafts as i had lost my job due to the illness/hospitalization. eventually, it all caught up to me and i was constantly inundated with calls and letters from my debtors and collection agencies. it was overwhelming and i could see no other way to get out from under it besides filing for bankruptcy. if you're considering bankruptcy, keep in mind that it isn't and instant fix for everything. you will have to rebuild your credit from the ground up and it will follow you for at least 7 years. it was scary, but after talking with my parents and their friends who had to file, i decided that in the long run, it would be worth it. i finally got to a point where i was fed up and as much as i really didn't want to, i had nothing left to lose. it was my only option that would allow me to actually be able to save money and afford a place to live, so i took the plunge. upsolve is awesome because it's user-friendly and very informative. if the prompts while inputting your information didn't answer my question, i could usually find the answer elsewhere on the site. it complies all the information that you need to bring with you to file into one "packet" and everything was in the correct order. i still went through and double-checked everything because that's what i do and all the info was there and correct. the filing process at the courthouse ended up taking me less than 20 minutes. i'm hoping to make a fresh start with bankruptcy. i eventually want to be a homeowner and with the bankruptcy i feel like it's a lot more plausible. right now, it is allowing me to live within my means and start rebuilding that credit.
Chris E. Jun. 16, 2019
I was living a lifestyle we couldn’t afford and, ultimately, after i lost my job, i had nowhere else to go. for me, realizing that i didn’t need to pay an attorney to file was huge, once i decided i was out of options. my fear of filing for bankruptcy was simply overcome by desperation and the realization that i had exhausted all other options. upon that realization, i decided i had to file. i had tried to download the forms provided by the government, but they did not easily allow for adding additional creditors, etc. without making a mess of the entire form’s formatting. after spending days filling out these forms, i realized they were too much of a mess to file. it was then i discovered upsolve and was able to complete the entire process in just a couple hours. the process was intuitive, the forms looked great when printed and the instructions were clear. it’s a relief to not have the debts hanging over my head. just one less thing to worry about. i’m not proud of it, but am glad i did it.
Dana T. Jun. 13, 2019
I fell into debt because i stopped working to take care of my parents who are both bed & wheelchair bound. they also have dementia, so i didn't want them in a facility (my father resided in a facility from september 2014 when he had a stroke to november 2017 when i had him transferred home, so i have a lot of negative experience with facilities). the main debt i needed protection for/from was my mortgage, so i really had no choice but to file. because filing was my only choice, i reasoned that corporations and many people who have more means than i file often and they use it as a tool to help them move forward. i do still sometimes feel bad (but not quite ashamed) about filing, but i have decided to not buy into the stigma of filing for bankruptcy. if the debts i had included a sports car, a 2nd home, etc., then i would feel shame! the thing i liked and appreciated the most about using upsolve was the fact that once the questions were answered, the complicated, multiple forms (or pages of the application) were automatically populated/completed. this functionality alone took so much pressure off of me; i didn't have to try to figure out legal issues while completing the application. this also made me feel confident enough to go to the hearing alone. your process/product was a lifesaver for me. i also feel that upsolve provided me with credibility; even if i had been able to complete the application on my own, the bankruptcy court would have rejected it ... i'm sure of this! filing bankruptcy has changed my life in a very positive way. even though i lost my home to foreclosure and i don't have much income (i am on the clock for 2 hours daily for taking care of my father at $12/hour, he has a caregiver for 9 hours daily), i can start over ... i can build my finances up again (when i'm able) without the burden of past debt. finding upsolve was a lifesaver! i'm so grateful!
Jacqui M. Jun. 10, 2019
I fell into debt when i decided to pick up my life and move to a new city in order to help out my brother. i was expecting to have a job waiting for me when i got here, but that turned out not to be the case, so i ended up using my credit cards for the first couple months to survive. when i finally got a job, my brother lost his, so i was putting all of my money into paying rent and buying groceries, so i started to fall behind on payments, and eventually there was just no catching back up. my advice to anyone thinking about filing for bankruptcy is to not wait. the longer you wait, the worse it is. it ended up being a lot less stressful than i expected, and i wish i hadn’t waited so long. i finally ended up filing when i started getting hit by lawsuits from collection companies. my favorite thing about upsolve was the fact that you could kind of do it at your own pace and on your own schedule. there were no appointments needed, and i ended up doing a chunk of it on the train on the way to work. it’s very good for someone with anxiety and/or a hectic schedule. bankruptcy has made my life significantly less stressful and has honestly allowed me to really start living. i actually have money left over after bills, now. i’m hoping this will allow me to start saving up for things down the road, like a car and maybe even eventually a house. bankruptcy has made my life significantly less stressful and has honestly allowed me to really start living. i actually have money left over after bills, now. i’m hoping this will allow me to start saving up for things down the road, like a car and maybe even eventually a house.
Derek D. Jun. 3, 2019
The contributing factors in my debt load were student loans, credit cards, auto loans, and medical bills. i was doing ok with repayment until i began divorce proceedings followed by having my nursing license suspended for 3 years. i would strongly advocate for bankruptcy if needed and if unable to retain an attorney use upsolve. i believe the stigma and reputation of “bankruptcy” is misleading to a lot of consumers. if you want to discharge a majority of debt and have your credit score go up then file and move forward without the monkey of debt on your back. upsolve ‘s website and support were outstanding. once i provided all the information it was a seamless transition to take the completed paperwork with the clear detailed instructions to then complete the process. i have a giant piece off my back which has lead to some serenity and restful sleep. my phone no longer rings from am through the evening with calls from collectors and my mail has decreased exponentially since filing. my credit score has improved and i have gotten a couple credit cards to begin rebuilding my credit profile. i hope to have learned enough from the past and looking toward the future in continuing building my credit and also continue my education.
Andrew B. Jun. 2, 2019
I fell into debt before i filed because of a mental illness that i developed in the most recent years. the depression caused me to look for ways to feel better. as a consequence, i spent lots of money on impulse. i consumed a lot of alcohol and bought a lot of supplements that i thought would fix me. i was only self medicating myself. i was not able to keep steady employment. the more debt that i acquired, the more inadequate that i believed myself to be in life. you don't have anything to lose except all of your debt. credit can always be rebuilt. there are law firms and companies that will help you to rebuild your credit after a bankruptcy. a secured credit card is also my recommendation. i overcame my fear of bankruptcy by putting aside my fears and reaching out for help. i knew that i was not the only one who needed a fresh start. i found out that the banks write off your delinquent debt and use it as a tax write off. then, they have a collection agency go after you! don't be afraid to let it all go. the banks weren't afraid to write it off and neither should you! what i like most about using upsolve was the care and attention to detail that went into my case. they were professionals. they knew what they were doing. they took the time to answer all of my questions and make sure that all of my paperwork was exactly right. bankruptcy has changed my life by providing me a way to reestablish myself without an outrageous obligation to a financial institution that already got a tax write off for it. i was able to get a secured credit card, a car, and an apartment. today, i have two regular credit cards that receive cash back for my purchases, my credit score is rising with my on time payments, and with my credit score rising comes the hope of my own home in the future. i am very thankful for the assistance of the upsolve team. bankruptcy has changed my life by providing me a way to reestablish myself without an outrageous obligation to a financial institution that already got a tax write off for it. i was able to get a secured credit card, a car, and an apartment. today, i have two regular credit cards that receive cash back for my purchases, my credit score is rising with my on time payments, and with my credit score rising comes the hope of my own home in the future. i am very thankful for the assistance of the upsolve team.
Robert M. Jun. 1, 2019
"can’t say enough good things about upsolve and everyone else on your team. you guys literally saved my life. it felt as if you were holding my hand every step of the way."
Ashley S. May. 30, 2019
I honestly fell into debt, because of my lack of education and resources on financial literacy. on top of not knowing how to properly care for my finances, i divorced my husband, and took on a lot of the debt he accrued during the marriage. i was drowning in debt from retail credit cards, emergency room visits, payday loans, and installment loans. if i could offer a word of advice to someone who is thinking about filing for bankruptcy, i would advise them to meet with a financial advisor first. the financial advisor can help look over the debts, and determine if they can be snowballed and paid off. in cases like mine, that was not an option. filing for bankruptcy was my saving grace. i was able to overcome my fears through focusing on the clean slate the bankruptcy would offer me. i took the time to take a dave ramsey course to learn how to rebuild my life after the bankruptcy, and through educating myself i replaced fear with courage. i decided to file because if i had not, my daughter and i would have been up a creek without a paddle. i wanted the opportunity to give her the life i always wanted. the best way to summarize my feeling towards the upsolve team in a few words would be respect, understanding, and genuine help. the team members held my hand, and walked me through each step of the bankruptcy. they never hesitated to reach out to me, and made sure that i understood what was taking place so that nothing caught me off guard. i could not have made it through this process without them! despite the negative stigma surrounding filing for bankruptcy, it was the best decision i ever could have made. my credit score is up by over 250 points, i have a qualified and received more approvals than when i was freshly 18 years of age, and i can walk around with my head held high knowing that i am no longer a slave to debt! it is just relieving not to have bill collectors calling day and night hassling me anymore.
Arielle L. May. 29, 2019
After graduating college i couldn't find a full-time job with a great salary. i worked several part-time jobs, but the amount of money i was making didn't cover the cost of living in new york and paying back my student loans. to make up for the lack of income, i used my credit cards and personal loans for living expenses. after a while, my debt increased and i didn't have enough funds to keep up with the payments. i wanted to pay off all of my debts myself, but i just didn't make enough money to pay them off in less than 10 years. my roommate suggested that i file for bankruptcy and gave me a bankruptcy e-book she wrote, which explained the process and provided reasons why someone should file. i decided that filing for bankruptcy would be the best option for me at the time. i knew that it would give me the chance to start over, to learn from my mistakes, and start becoming financially literate. i loved that the process was easy and simple. filing for bankruptcy seemed like one of the scariest things to do in life, but upsolve made the whole process not so intimidating. there was always someone available to answer my questions every step of the way. and it’s free! i now have the freedom to make wiser financial choices. i am free to choose where my money goes and not have to spend it on a credit or loan payment. i have learned from my mistakes and will be a better person because of it. i now have the freedom to make wiser financial choices. i am free to choose where my money goes and not have to spend it on a credit or loan payment. i have learned from my mistakes and will be a better person because of it.
Kathleen F. May. 28, 2019
I had medical/dental debt from health issues and had several layoffs where i was unemployed and not enough unemployment insurance to file a claim so a lot of borrowing was done at that time. this was accumulated over 15 years and could not pay it down enough to make a difference. i would recommend if someone needs to get out from any major debt burden of 20k or more to consider bankruptcy. so after understanding that upsolve handles the paperwork and it is the court standard for my living area that i could handle the 341 meeting myself, i went ahead and started the upsolve process. it was straight forward and i could contact upsolve when i ran into issues on the online app. it was also through and the videos helped a lot to prepare me for the 341 meeting. being on the other side of this now i can say that there is hardly any financial stress in my life. the money i make now i can use to put into savings, to take the vacations i much needed, and to help friends. it will allow me to rebuild my credit as needed. living on a cash basis is helpful in not going into debt again. i like this model as you can only spend what you have in your wallet!
Andrea C. May. 28, 2019
After my first divorce i began to accumulate my debt. as a single mom of 2 i ended up taking out more cards to try to make ends meet. i was able to stay afloat with my debt till my second marriage. my husband was without work for a few years and whatever side jobs he did weren't enough to make ends meet. after i got pregnant, i had to stop working and we had twins in 2016. i went back to work may 2017 so i could bring home a steady check. i would get payday loans then another loan to pay that one and it just went downhill from there. i did a lot of research about the pros and cons of bankruptcy. after reading so many articles i felt more at ease about my decision to file. i can understand how it can be an overwhelming and frightening choice to make especially of you have a home and vehicle. in my case i didn't have either. yes it will be on your credit report for 10 years but i was done throwing away money to try to pay everything off. i wish i would have found upsolve sooner. lawyers charged so much money to file and i couldn’t find anyone who would do pro bono. upsolve made it so easy to file on my own. they made answering the questions on the forms so easy. they tell you how to do everything, provide all the courses. i look forward to my clean slate. i'm excited to start up an actual savings in which i have never been able to do. i'd rather have my peace of mind then anxiety and stress of trying to figure out if i'm going to pay everything off.
Kimberly S. May. 26, 2019
I already had quite a few credit card bills but was managing them through a debt management program. i was scammed by someone on craigslist toward the end of last year. i lost several thousand dollars on the home i had secured. i had to move seven days after i moved in. this caused me to have to quit my job without notice and move to another city. from that point, i was unemployed for almost 3 months. by the time i secured a new job, i had fallen behind on all my bills. because i am on disability, i couldn't afford to maintain the debt management program. this is why i decided to file chapter 7. if you have no other means of paying your debt, i would recommend this. i liked using upsolve because i didn't have to pay close to $2000 in attorney fees. it was easy but time-consuming to complete all the information. once it was submitted, i believe i received my packet within a week. it included everything i needed and i was able to file within one month. it took a while to save $335 to file the case. i know it will help me because i won't have all that credit card debt, which will allow me to pay my usual bills (car, insurance, groceries, etc). eventually, my credit rating will go up again.
Alisa P. May. 19, 2019
My name is alisa and i had to file for bankruptcy because i had got a lien against me that really didn’t have nothing to do with me. it had something to do with my ex. and when we broke up it was on my credit report. if i didn’t do anything about it they would start garnishing my paycheck. i have a very very fresh start. the only debt i’ve got is my student loans but those are my responsibility. but otherwise everything was completely wiped out. so that freed me up to start with my student loans.
Teresa M. May. 18, 2019
I fell into debt soon after graduating from college. i had absolutely no savings to “begin my life” and very little experience managing my finances. when i encountered opportunities to further my education, such as yoga teacher training, i charged them on my credit card. it was my original intention to pay off my credit card quickly, but before i knew it ... i had accumulated more than $10,000 in debt. most of these expenses were investments for my educational training and related expenses in attempting to start my own business. i remember the day i decided to file. i was driving home in my beat up car, wondering how long i would continue to pay $200-$300/month for credit card bills. i just couldn’t do it anymore. that evening, i researched bankruptcy online and stumbled upon upsolve. i could hardly believe that there was a straightforward solution. my main fear in filing was in what others - family, partner, and clients - would think of me. however, i couldn’t let that fear stop me, though, because filing bankruptcy is something i had to do for myself. my advice is to release all of the social pressure and external judgement, and do what’s best for you! i am so grateful for upsolve because the process was simple. in my mind i had imagined bankruptcy to be a complex ordeal where you need a lawyer, but i was so wrong. using the upsolve platform everything went smoothly - from gathering necessary documents, watching the online financial management courses, and preparing for my case. on the day of my meeting at the court, i wasn’t even nervous. almost everybody else was there with a lawyer, but i went in confidant alone ... knowing that the documents i had prepared were enough. it was truly an empowering process. bankruptcy has offered me a completely clean state to truly begin building my life from the ground up. whereas before every month i felt tremendous anxiety to pay my bills, i am thinking about life more creatively and optimistically. i’m no longer using credit cards to pay my bills, and feel so much more calm and grounded taking financial and life decisions one step at a time. everything in my life has improved. gone are the credit cards, the cheap apartments, the perpetual fear. i’m finally living a life that i’m proud of.
Parker C. May. 17, 2019
I was married and got a divorce. my ex-wife was suppose to pay her half of the debt, but she refused. to top this off, i met a woman who had 3 children, fell in love, and accrued more debt in order to setup a home for us and "our" children. during this time, we got married and her ex-husband continued to battle her for custody. we spent every last penny we had on attorney's fees. although in the end, we came out on top, this accrued a lot of debt for us. i also have almost $600/mo to repay in student loans, which puts me right at the edge of my debt. filing for bankruptcy was very scary. there is a lot of information online and it was very stressful worrying about how to pay a bankruptcy lawyer when we already were in so much debt and didn't have any extra to begin with. after looking at the alternative options, bankruptcy was the best option. upsolve was amazing! it helped with all the paperwork and was very straight forward. in the end, i needed to make some amendments an upsolve was easy to work with and helped us get those right away. the judge actually commended me for doing the paperwork on my own and how well organized it was. i did not use a lawyer in the end and filed pro-se, which i could not have done without the help of upsolve. bankruptcy has changed my life positively. i am no longer hiding from phone calls and afraid to answer the door. i am able to budget adequately each month and provide for my wife and kids to the best of my ability. we are getting back on track and building our credit back up. we hope to purchase our first home within the next couple of years.
Richard D. May. 9, 2019
A combination of medical bills, job loss, and living beyond my means, created a financial situation that was untenable. chapter 7 seemed like the only solution when i had no income (jobs have been rare, given my age and specific expertise). i reduced my expenses—living with friends, finding odd jobs, until i could get back on my feet, but bill collectors kept calling and the anxiety would keep me up at night. my bank account was dwindling quickly, and i avoided even checking my balances knowing i could not satisfy my bills. i was scared, anxiety-ridden, and fearful of my future. at first, like most people, i shuddered at the idea of bankruptcy. i thought i would not just ruin my credit, but also ruin my life, my career, my housing prospects. i went through the usual denial and fear about what others might think, of how terrible i felt about myself. but when i ran the numbers, i realized there was no way to satisfy my creditors. reality settled in. since no great job (nor the lottery) was on the horizon, i concluded that things were only going to get worse. i started searching for solutions on the internet and it seemed like bankruptcy would give me a chance to reboot my financial life. although its effect would tarnish my credit report for many years, i read stories of so many others like me, who, by slowly building credit, making sound economic choices, and staying within a budget, managed to come out of the shadow of chapter 7 to get house loans, car loans, etc. as i sought attorneys, i realized quickly that i would be unable to pay for attorney fees. upsolve’s free program (though you have to pay for two federally-mandated, inexpensive financial management courses) took away that barrier, as well as my fear, and prompted me to make the choice to file chapter 7. as an aside, and piece of advice: i thought about selling my car privately, but i chose not to primarily because i owed more than it was worth and didn’t have enough cash to make up the difference, and didn’t need it in the city. because i had no income, i did not reaffirm my car loan when i filed chapter 7. a few weeks after filing, i called the lien holder (a national bank) to tell them i would like to surrender the vehicle. they mailed a simple form for me to sign, we made arrangements for the pick up, i left the keys in the car, and it was gone. it did take a few calls, because they seemed reticent to do so. but i’m glad i did. i liked the series of wizards and frequent prompts helped enormously with filing. the checklist was incredibly helpful. the relief of no longer getting constant phone calls or emails from creditors right after filing eased my anxiety considerably. i adopted a cash-only form of lifestyle, where i now use the 50-30-20 budget system: 50% of income goes to needs, 30% goes to wants, and 20% goes to savings. when my debts were discharged and i received the official letter, i had a brighter outlook for my future. i am very careful about my financial life now, paying more attention to what i spend, how i spend it, and how i earn it. i no longer avoid checking my balances because i want to know where i stand financially every day. i’m excited about my future, as i hope to build wealth into my retirement, no longer being saddled with crippling debt.
Mary J. May. 9, 2019
If anything, i should be thanking you for your diligence. thank you for keeping in touch with me; i’m sure that, as a nonprofit, staying in contact with everyone you try to help is extremely challenging, so i appreciate you going the extra mile. i appreciate your hard work!
William D. May. 9, 2019
I wanted to thank you all personally, for all the assistance that i have received during my bankruptcy, i could not have effectively and efficiently handled the pro se chapter 7 myself. when i had my 341 meeting, the trustee was very impressed with my binder (containing all the forms, schedules, and lists in order) with sheet protectors, flags, and highlights. and asked about, which i let her read the letters you had supplied to me, and she appeared impressed with your organization, as well. she stated that i was the second upsolve pro se case of the day at the pikeville office, of the eastern district of ky bankruptcy court. the other lawyer, even stated that i maybe one of the few that could successfully pro se their case. i stated “upsolve was a very big help, with the questionnaires and pdf forms and q&a email.” thank you very much, again. i had gotten my fees waived, and my full federal tax return, to help with bills, and car repairs. but i should be able to donate to you shortly, to be able to help another person in distress like myself. also my fico score has climbed from 481 to 567 since my filing 1 1/2 months ago. you can use all, or any part of this as a testimony for your business.
Amanda S. May. 8, 2019
Hi! there upsolve team, my name is amanda. first i would like to say thank you!!! to everyone for all the help that i have received along the way to complete my bankruptcy.
Larry I. May. 7, 2019
Hello upsolve team: the forms are great! i have printed two copies at office depot, signed them, and getting ready to file by next week. as a former certified legal assistant, i found the forms amazingly well done, and i thank you! i have a legal aid attorney that i have suggested to her that she should divert some low income clients to your website, to help everyone out!
Cynthia U. May. 7, 2019
Best decision i ever made to progress! helped by the best…upsolve!!! thanks so much
Cere C. May. 7, 2019
I was able to file bankruptcy correctly the first time. it was so easy and helpful that i didn’t feel overwhelmed and i didn’t feel embarrassed. every step of the way there is somebody there answering your questions and explaining things. then they reached out to me directly to answer any questions that they may have over the information given. filling out the paperwork was no different than filling out a job application. the woman at the clerk’s office said i was the third person to come in that had used and she wish they could do everyone who files by themselves’s paperwork cause it is so thorough.
Trevor S. May. 6, 2019
I had recurring monthly payments to credit cards that piled and it grew into a pile of debt that i struggled to pay off. my advice would be to think of bankruptcy thoroughly as it's the best way which is to get you out of debt and bring relief back to your life. they are honest and upfront with the way they volunteer to help others going through bankruptcy. i trusted upsolve completely when it comes to helping me with my bankruptcy case. i learned a lot with the completion of my bankruptcy. it has helped me greatly in the way that i handle financial planning and saving.
Preston Q. May. 6, 2019
Thank you for all your assistance in getting through the bk process. i couldn’t have done it without your help.
Lulu N. May. 6, 2019
My most sincere thanks. i appreciate the personal communication as this is a very stress process. and i’m trying to work, stop the pending civil suit that could result in garnishment and complete all to file. i feel not so alone. thank you.
Christy L. May. 6, 2019
I really want to reiterate my gratitude because filing pro se, literally barely able to afford the $10 for the first required credit course, and having the software see that i may qualify for the court fees of $335 to be waived, was such help for me. even though you didn’t offer me legal advice, you offered me support and direction in order that i could make informed decisions. i had spent two weeks in research and unsuccessful attempts at trying to complete all the papers and do the numbers on my own. i could not get to completion w/o having several “do-overs”. that’s when i googled “free chapter 7 software” and was led to an article about upsolve.
Ismael S. May. 5, 2019
I fell into debt from a combination of health issues and bad budgeting, and many bad financial choices that i hope to never make again. a friend of mine had helped me overcome the fear of bankruptcy by informing me that the repercussions were not as large as fear had led me to believe, and also emphasizing how it is meant for people with a low come situation like mine, although he left out that i needed to save for a lawyer which with the pending judgments had drained whatever fight i had left from me. extremely user friendly! along with the real people that help individuals where beyond helpful and professional. it has given me financial stability in a situation where it is taking everything i have to keep my mobile home together and my relationship, as well as letting me begin to strive towards one day owning land.
Shyra J. May. 5, 2019
In 2013, my aunt got sick, so i moved to georgia to take care of her. i had just gotten laid off from my job, so i was excited for a fresh start. before i left, i cleaned up my credit. i wrote dispute letters, paid out some old bills, and made arrangements for my student loans. my credit score was pretty good; i think it was 650. so i bought a car and drove to georgia with my sons. i heard the rent there was cheap, but i didn’t realize i would be making much less money than i made in california. my first job there was working the night shift at a group home. i only made $8 an hour. suddenly i was falling behind on paying my credit card bills, and i had to turn my car over for voluntary repossession. i got another car from a buy here pay here lot. i could afford it, but there were all of these issues with the engine, and they wouldn’t let me trade it in. i gave up the car and paid cash for another one. on top of that, i had to buy all of this new furniture because i sold everything before i moved. my credit took a huge, unexpected dive in georgia. it was devastating. i went there to get a fresh start, and instead i fell into a financial hole that i couldn’t find a way out of. i was nervous to file for bankruptcy without an attorney handling the paperwork, but the staff at upsolve walked me through step-by-step and answered all of my questions. it was an easy and pleasant process! i want to purchase a home now that we’re back in california. my husband and i have great jobs and my kids are getting older. i’ve been speaking to some mortgage loan officers and they tell me that i’m not out of the ballpark, so i’m hopeful!
Lisa T. May. 4, 2019
Hi upsolve team. i wanted to let you know that i successfully had my 341 meeting today!!! also happens to be my birthday!!! i would love to thank you! for your kindness and care, your time, your generosity, your inspiration, encouragement, and goodness. what you provide is an amazing, unique, and love based resource. i am blessed! thank you and many blessings back to all of you there!
John D. May. 3, 2019
First, i would like to thank you for co-founding upsolve to help low-income people access the fresh-start a bankruptcy can help provide to the problem of overwhelming debt. a friend of mine committed suicide about 20 years ago. everyone who knew her was stunned. one of the pieces of information that emerged after her death was that this bright, beautiful, healthy young woman was deeply in debt. we will never know for sure if that contributed to her decision to end her life, but my guess is that it probably played a part. so my thought is that what you and those who work with you are doing is not only helping the poor access bankruptcy, but you may be saving lives, too.
Amy C. May. 3, 2019
I received word of my discharge about a week ago, and want to thank you and your team for having the ingenuity and tenacity to build such an incredible tool. upsolve made the process really, really simple! obviously, nobody feels great about finding themselves in the position to need to declare bankruptcy, but it was unexpectedly empowering to be able to file pro se and have the process move so smoothly. you guys are providing an incredible service that levels the playing field, making the process accessible to everybody. thank you again!
Amanda S. May. 2, 2019
Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly. also, i wanted to thank the team for helping me out with this crappy situation. trying to get back on my feet again and when i get there i will definitely send a thank you donation.
Lisa M. May. 1, 2019
Medical bills, divorce, maxing out credit cards. definitely file, use upsolve if you want it to actually go through. the only fear i had was of filing myself as i didn’t have money for attorney. i researched a lot before i found upsolve. it was like discovering a cure for cancer. i decided to file bankruptcy because i was overwhelmed with bills and threats. i like most that it’s free and yet very knowledgeable. it stopped all collection threats, gave me a new beginning.
Angie F. May. 1, 2019
I just found out, that my bankruptcy had been fully discharged, as of this morning. upsolve, thank you, for making this such and east, seamless process!!!
Sophie N. Apr. 30, 2019
I fell into debt because of an abusive relationship. i married a man with addiction issues and he would steal my credit cards, saying “what’s yours is mine”. he manipulated me into getting him a loan in my name for a vehicle that he destroyed. even after i had filed for divorce, the irs still took all of my tax refund for his debts. after the divorce, it was exhausting to keep up with payments as a single mom, so i just gave up and let everything get really delinquent, with judgements and all. i advise anyone who has more debt than they can afford to consider bankruptcy! for my circumstances, having accumulated a lot of someone else’s debt due to an abusive marriage, i not only couldn’t afford the monthly payments, but it felt wrong to pay off debt from a part of my life i wanted to leave behind. bankruptcy has given me a clean slate and a fresh start. people would try to scare me off from doing it saying i wouldn’t have credit for 7 years, but that’s a myth! i now have my first bank account in years and a credit card, and i went bankrupt less than 4 months ago! it’s not as scary as you think! upsolve was so wonderful! when i first decided bankruptcy was a good idea, as suggested by a financial counselor, everyone i told about my idea said it would be expensive and not worth the hassle. well i’m glad i didn’t listen, because i found upsolve and was able to do the entire process by myself for free. it was easy and a smooth process for me. i did most of it from my phone and went to the library when i needed to print. when i had questions, upsolve would email me back in a matter of minutes or hours. they were there with me every step of the way and we’re so nice and helpful. it was great and i am so so thankful! bankruptcy has helped me leave behind a really hard time in my life for good. because of upsolve, i don’t have to look back. i also finished bankruptcy less than 4 months ago and i already have a credit card that i am using responsibly and making payments on time to start building my credit again! bankruptcy has helped me leave behind a really hard time in my life for good. because of upsolve, i don’t have to look back. i also finished bankruptcy less than 4 months ago and i already have a credit card that i am using responsibly and making payments on time to start building my credit again!
Sylvester D. Apr. 30, 2019
I am thankful to your fine company for seeing me along. your positive support helps. a lot.
Kyle T. Apr. 30, 2019
Start to finish: 91 days. (5 days w/upsolve, 86 days in the court system). the website is very straight forward. the email follow-ups were clear and timely. free service with a+ service level. entirely happy and ~$96k less worry
Christopher D. Apr. 30, 2019
Awesome! if you’re not the best, then i don’t know who is. thank you, very much!
Carrie B. Apr. 29, 2019
I lost my full time job in 2013, and fell into a deep depression. i was unable to maintain constant employment and over-extended myself using credit cards to survive. i fell into debt after being unable to pay credit cards and also incurring large medical bills. i received threatening calls from debt collectors which pushed me further into depression. i became unable to recover and dig my way out. i definitely recommend contacting upsolve. i thought it would be too difficult or my creditors would prevent me from filing. i didn't think i could get the help i desperately needed. i decided to file because i found out i was pregnant. i knew i couldn't bring a child into this world with the debt hanging over my head. i knew it was time to take action and take back my life. i loved how easy and streamlined the process was. there was no guessing involved. from step 1 all the way through my 341 meeting i felt like upsolve was there to guide me. links to the credit courses were provided; assistance in filling out paperwork was provided by upsolve taking the initiative to add "sign on next page" sheets; i was told what to do and how to complete each step and honestly felt like i mattered to upsolve. the biggest change has been my attitude towards life. i am no longer in fear of debt collectors and feel like i have a fresh start. i am hoping to rebuild my credit, so i know i am on the right path to provide the best life i can for my child.
Darin J. Apr. 28, 2019
A combination of life events led me into financial straits. an excellent credit rating earned through many years of responsible borrowing had enabled me to stay abreast of my business debts for many years. when business slowed in 2009, i was able to stay afloat by juggling balances and taking advantage of zero-percent interest rates, hoping that things would eventually turn around. but divorce, a loss of business clients due to the global economic crisis, and finally a major medical emergency all combined to make keeping up with debt payments impossible. the last of my savings was drained servicing my revolving debt, and i found i could no longer tread water. after bottoming out financially, the inevitable feelings of despair and hopelessness are easy to succumb to. but if you can change your mindset and see that life and its possibilities are far greater and infinitely more real than the numbers attached to a personal financial statement, you may see a way out of the darkness. remember that the economy and its rules are man-made, and there is a way to hit reset and carry on with your life. choosing to see bankruptcy as merely a move in a game can help you make the decision to file. credit can be rebuilt and material goods replaced (or not!). of all the immutable forces around us – nature, ecology, mortality – the economy and its rules are actually created and upheld by us, the believers. so, don’t be afraid to use bankruptcy as a lifeline; that is what it is there for. and the peace of mind it can bring is worth more than any amount of illusory money. upsolve is a very special organization. their expertise and compassion made going through the daunting task of filing bankruptcy infinitely easier. when i had questions, they were generous with their time and knowledge to answer, and to assuage my anxieties around the filing process. but perhaps the greatest thing i can say about them comes from my experience meeting with the state-appointed bankruptcy trustee where all of the documentation is presented for review. the trustee - a highly respected member of the san diego business community who has seen thousands of bankruptcy cases come across his desk - took time outside of my hearing to ask who had helped me prepare my case. he was so impressed by the thoroughness and clarity of the paperwork that he asked me to give him the contact information for upsolve so that he could recommend them personally. with the fresh start afforded by filing, i find my mind free to concentrate on the present and to focus on what’s important, today. debt and unmeetable financial obligations are so incredibly crippling that many stagger under the burden and lose sight of what really matters in this fleeting life. now i am able to make decisions without the anxiety and dread of what seemed like a hopeless future of unmanageable debt. liberating the mind from these anxieties has had tremendous benefits to my health, mental focus, and creativity. don’t underestimate the power of de-cluttering your mind and your life; all sorts of possibilities can flourish when you plow the field and allow new seeds to sprout.
Ashley A. Apr. 27, 2019
I opened and used various credit cards while i was in college i was 27 when i went to school and i couldn't find any grants or scholarships for my age group. i had a full time job and going to school full time and couldn't make my school tuition after the first year, it was just way to hard. i kept finding jobs and working at least 2 jobs at a time but the cost of living is so much i couldn't even afford my rent nor the bills. i then became homeless shortly after and have been trying to figure out how to file bankruptcy by myself. my biggest fear was that i was afraid if i filled out the paperwork myself i would mess up. i had all intentions of trying to fill it out page by page myself and research but then i found upsolve. i decided to file because i felt what could be worse? i have already felt so stressed out for many years it could only help. i loved that it was easy to fill in the blanks. once you have all the right documents to enter in, you’re set. this will change my life in the future for sure. i feel able to have that great credit score to get that place to rent. now that i have this under my belt i feel like i can start my life again and my partner won't have to suffer with my poor credit score. thank you upsolve you have changed my life! i think i dropped 5 lbs of stress immediately!!! i can’t wait to give back and get back on track with life!
Kade H. Apr. 23, 2019
I fell into debt in late 2014 as a result of testing and treatment for a chronic neurological condition. as a college student with little money this was a stressful time on top of my shiny new diagnosis. my advice for someone considering bankruptcy is not to hesitate. make an educated decision first and foremost; but once you’ve decided bankruptcy is the right course of action don’t wait on it. you’ll save yourself lots of time, stress, and money. why i went with you guys: because i couldn’t afford the 2k that an attorney would’ve run. by doing it with you guys i was able to save thousands and actually declare bankruptcy. now that i’m mostly debt free; i plan on saving up for my own home and move out from my parent’s home in the next few years. as an early 20s someone, this is a very exciting prospect.
Elizabeth M. Apr. 22, 2019
I was a homemaker/housewife. my husband of 25 years passed away. he had always handled the bills and finances for our household with his retirement pension. he was diagnosed with cancer 5 years before passing. by the time he passed, his cancer treatments had nearly depleted our savings. we also cashed out a large amount of his life insurance to cover cancer medication and his medical bills. as his surviving spouse, we always thought i'd be able to draw his pension, so we didn't worry too much about cashing out the bulk of the life insurance. the pension was more than enough to live on. after he passed, i found out that i couldn't begin to draw his pension until i reached retirement age, 59 1/2 years old. i had nearly 10 years before i reached that age. i was 50 years old with no employment history and minimal employable skills. i had simply taken care of my husband and children for most of my life. after burial expenses i had a small bit of life insurance proceeds left. that got me through the first year or so. then, it began using our credit cards while looking for employment. suddenly, i was diagnosed with severe copd and a sleep disorder. that made it very hard for me to find employment. the credit card balances became overwhelming. i could no longer keep up with the payments. just do it. millions of people file bankruptcy. it's legal & normal. debt can be overwhelming. when i filed, i immediately felt that burden lifted. i was able to finally sleep peacefully without worrying about collection calls or how i was going to make the exorbitant payments. i was simply sick of worrying. my daughter told me about bankruptcy. she explained it calmly & clearly. i didn't know that i had any options, so that was music to my ears. the process was organized into simple, easy-to-understand steps. there were tips, reminders and clear expansions. there was absolutely no guesswork. you answer the questions, fill in the blanks, print, then submit. the optional court alerts were a big help. they kept me on task and reminded of deadlines and court dates. there were also very minimal fees with the court, which made it affordable. bankruptcy lifted an overwhelming burden for me. the process taught me about debt, financial planning, and budgeting. i now have the skills i need to manage my money effectively. thank you upsolve!
Jennifer R. Apr. 22, 2019
I fell into debt because i was laid off. the only advice i can give someone thinking about bankruptcy is that to just do it and you’ll feel 100% better. i liked upsolve because it was extremely easy to use. all i had to do was follow the steps. bankruptcy has changed my life because it has cleared away a lot of debt i no longer bear.
Lyn R. Apr. 17, 2019
What happened in my situation, why i had to file for bankruptcy was i went out on disability. i became sick and could no longer work. i was still getting an income but not nearly as much as i was getting while i was working. i started falling behind on everything. i recommend it especially if you can not take off work or get to a brick-and-mortar lawyer where you have to go and travel there and take off work. my advice is to you, listen, my credit as shot. so i had to realize that i couldn’t save it. that even if i filed bankruptcy it would be the same. my credit would start going up, which it has. i have a bankruptcy on file but i needed a fresh start. so think about it. research it, but i would definitely recommend upsolve. it is a great organization. i was able to pay for the bankruptcy and get it done. they also were super easy to communicate with. it was a very personal experience. i felt like they knew my case. i wasn’t just a number. they knew what was going on.they would even send me updates. they would text me. they would send me a checklist of what i still needed. and i was able to do most of it from my cell phone. it was very user friendly and very easy. i just thought it was such a great idea and i am so happy i used upsolve. my life has really gotten so much less stressful. i’ve been able to increase my credit score. every month it goes up. i’ve been able to get a couple of credit cards with small credit limits. that’s fine though. i didn’t want a big credit card. i wanted to stay with a small credit card just in case i needed it for an emergency. and i charge something once a month and i pay it. and my credit score has just been going up because of that. so my experience was great. my life has really gotten so much less stressful. i’ve been able to increase my credit score. every month it goes up. i’ve been able to get a couple of credit cards with small credit limits. that’s fine though. i didn’t want a big credit card. i wanted to stay with a small credit card just in case i needed it for an emergency. and i charge something once a month and i pay it. and my credit score has just been going up because of that. so my experience was great.
Latash K. Apr. 16, 2019
I got into debt by taking out payday loans and credits to survive while putting myself through college. and medical bills. advice is to really make sure it’s what you need for a fresh start. i was so scared because i wasn’t sure what would happen. i didn’t want my score to go down but i knew it would help. i overcame my fear because i knew that i wanted a fresh start and upsolve would provide me with the tools i needed to have a fresh start. i liked all the tools that were offered and the constant communication. my life has changed so much. i know more about credit in general. i am working on buying my first home.
Brad F. Apr. 15, 2019
I fell into debt because of a combination of things, i got into a car accident while i was at home recovering my employer decided to let me go. i had a very difficult time with both workers comp which both were denied because of my paper work getting lost so they said. anyways my health deteriorated i was living on my credit cards big big mistake that house of cards collapsed quickly. i also took out payday loans and those people are ruthless finally i spent a year in a nursing home that's when i decided to file i didn't want to start my life over at 60yrs old with all that debt some of which was clearly my fault. if anyone is struggling as to whether or not to file just do it your health and peace of mind are worth far more than some bills you couldn't pay. once your credit is ruined you are better off going bankrupt than trying to pay all that off it's been less than a year and i already have 2 credit cards both low limits $500 and have bought things on amazon with their 5 installment plan. do not take any of those cards with the $125 anual fee plus $12 monthly service fee never also beware of car dealers trying to sell you overpriced high interest cars. my cards $39 and $59 annual fee and i don't want to get a car but for those that do after talking to many others you can purchase an off lease car at very reasonable rates but you have to take the time to shop around also beware that car dealers pull credit reports without telling you so if you visit 4 in one day they may pull 4 credit reports if you are trying to rebuild your credit that can hurt. i loved using upsolve they were very professional and without them i never would have been able to do it. i was living in the nursing home on $50 per month the state takes all your money plus my bank account was attached so once i got out and started to revive my social security checks they were at risk even though it's illegal for creditors to touch social security they sometimes do it and it takes months to get your money back plus you will not get it all back because if you accumulate more than your exempt from they can take it all. upsolve allowed my to go bankrupt for free they filled out all the paperwork then i printed them went to the courthouse and filed i was able to get the filing fees waived. i would highly recommend them. bankrupt has removed the stress of all debt hanging over my head the phone calls the judgements against me all of it gone it truly is a fresh start.
Joanna M. Apr. 15, 2019
In 2015, after a few years of joblessness and underemployment, i could no longer pay credit card bills. at the time my credit score was 730. a combination of lay-offs and age discrimination lowered my earning power. the credit cards were being used for dental bills, irs bills as well as necessary clothing, etc. during the 3-4 years of difficulty. i decided to file when i was served papers by a creditor earlier this year, and knew i had no defense. in a panic i googled "low cost bankruptcy attorneys, and bingo! upsolve appeared! the first thing i noticed was the professionalism combined with a low-key approach, in other words, no hype. it felt like the utter grace of god, because paying up to $1500 was not possible for me. i don't have to think about creditors or have the black cloud of debt hanging over me. i've learned how to live without credit cards, with the bonus of keeping my car via family/personal loan at 2.2%.
Antia T. Apr. 14, 2019
First i've been a single parent without a support network. i've always worked but it's been hard having children with illnesses that required me to miss work and often lost a job because of it. if it has come to the point that you are thinking about filing just file. my fear was routed in admitting to myself that i failed yet again. i decided to file because i was being sued by a creditor and a defaulted student loan. i enjoyed the ability to do almost everything online. upsolve held my hand throughout the whole process which gave me comfort. this process gave me the ability to start fresh, with hope and a clean slate to bring my company to life. a support network for other single parents without a village. thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Hezekiah L. Apr. 14, 2019
I was forced into bankruptcy after a lay-off that left me homeless. i was bouncing around from couch to couch for over a year, looking for work and doing my best just to survive. it's extremely difficult to find a job and get back on your feet when you don't even know where you're going to be sleeping next week. once i found a stable residence and a source of income, i had to decide what to do about my personal, credit card and vehicle repossession debts. i knew it would take me years and years to pay off which would prevent me from saving for emergencies or getting ahead in any way. it's very important to find a lawyer who you feel comfortable with and confident in, but since i was living paycheck to paycheck, i was not able to access that legal assistance. i was afraid that soon my wages or bank account may be garnished as i already had a judgment against me from a credit card company, but i didn't have a single dollar to spare in my budget to survive. unable to hire a lawyer, and not knowing what to do, i had no idea how i was going to ever get out from under my debts. when i found upsolve, i was astonished by the amount of help, both video and written, that i received in walking me through every step of the bankruptcy process. they were a godsend and a huge support to me, showing me exactly what to do and making certain my documents were prepared accurately. i highly recommend them to anyone! since being discharged, i was surprised at a jump in my credit score -almost 100 points!- and realized that all of the missed payments and negative marks were doing more damage to my credit report than bankruptcy could. this was a huge burden lifted from my shoulders and now i'm able to start saving for an emergency and getting my life back on track. i can't thank upsolve enough!
Robert M. Apr. 12, 2019
I was unable to work for about six months after i hurt my back at work. the company i was working for denied all medical claims and this forced me to have to pay for all x-rays, mris, and procedures out of pocket since they did not offer any medical insurance either. the bills just kept mounting with late fees and interest charges. i spent about four years trying to play catch up and realized that i was too deep in the hole and never would. i decided to file when i finally realized that i would never be able to dig myself out of the hole that i was in. aside from the social stigma that is typically attached to bankruptcy, i didn't really have any fears about filing bankruptcy. my advice to someone thinking about bankruptcy would be to seriously evaluate the situation to make sure that this is truly your only option. be honest on your schedules and make sure you include all of your debts to ensure a true "second chance". upsolve was very easy to navigate. i loved that i could log in and out to continue the lengthy process of filling out all of the required paperwork. i only had to make some minor adjustments to my paperwork prior to filing. upsolve really streamlined and simplified this process which i thought was going to take weeks! i actually finished in about two days. bankruptcy has alleviated all of the extra stress that i was under while i was so deep in debt. it has allowed me to rebuild and re-establish myself.
Leshel B. Apr. 3, 2019
I started when i first went to college out of high school and i wasn't prepared for what credit was and how to maintain it. over time, i got car loans and was able to handle but certain circumstances kept me from being able to pay and there were some repossessions. my debt increased and finally i just wasn't able to make a dent in eliminating any of it. check all your options prior. but, when you have made the decision to, you have to look at it as your credit isn't changing with the current status of your credit but with bankruptcy, there's a sense of a fresh start. i ended up filing because i was given a summons to pay for an old car loan and there was no way i could afford to pay that and my current bills. i had to do something to stop this and already had planned to file some years prior. just could never afford to. there was no judgement and i was provided with so much assistance. any questions, someone was there to answer. i love that they pretty much did the grueling part of preparing the documents. it has changed tremendously. i've been able to rebuild my credit and have since obtained a higher score.
Lori P. Apr. 3, 2019
I was laid off my job in 2012 after 12 years and it was a bit of a specialized position. i didn’t work for over a year and half after; i’ve had two jobs since, neither of that worked out but regardless will never make the same money again (barely half as much). unfortunately still had the same debt though- parent plus loan, credit debt which was increased by lay off. currently haven’t worked in over year and half and at this point can’t. figure out if there is some other course of action you can take to relieve your financial issues. you have to also look at how it came to be and stop any activities that are not necessary. fear did stop me for quite a while, along with guilt about it. i’ve had credit since 17 (40 yrs) without a mark on it but it became inevitable. i had to give up my place to be able to pay my bills and still have enough left over to live at all. if i hadn’t accidentally found upsolve i still wouldn’t have been able to file, i would have had to just deal with consequences of not paying them (no income). i happen to be in seattle with daughter and checked out wa gov websites and found info about them. i live in ct and have tried to get assistance there in past.....upsolve doesn’t seem to be known there. i like that there are lawyers, paralegals, etc. out there that are willing to devote their time to helping people stuck in my type of situation, that can’t afford to file bankruptcy (seems like an oxymoron, huh?). i am filled with extreme gratitude for everyone there!! i cannot believe how simple they make it for you also; my mind was blown. i lived with the stress about it for so long and really thought it’d be stressful doing it pro se but i was stunned that i didn’t suffer stress from it. it has made it so that i can focus on taking care of myself right now which is much needed. i still have to deal with the ffel loan i have but things will all work out. it has made it so that i can focus on taking care of myself right now which is much needed. i still have to deal with the ffel loan i have but things will all work out.
Cynthia T. Feb. 22, 2019
Best decision i ever made to progress. helped by the best...upsolve!!! thanks so much
Christine T. Feb. 20, 2019
The trustee made an off-record comment that in many ways, i was as, if not more, prepared than many attorneys who walk through their doors. he did not need any additional information. he said that the resource i found in you served me well.
Larry H. Feb. 19, 2019
As a former certified legal assistant, i found the forms amazingly well done, and i thank you! i know a legal aid attorney, and i have suggested to her that she should divert some low income clients to your website to help everyone out.
Brandi P. Feb. 13, 2019
To anyone in this situation i’d say: “don't be so hard on yourself. you learn through mistakes. do not live beyond your means because that is a guaranteed set-up for failure. but don’t be so hard on yourself if you get i to some kind of trouble with debt because that happens. i don’t think there's one person walking on this earth who hasn't had that experience with owing something and not being sure how you're going to pay for it or you're struggling to pay it. you helped me during a tough time. i couldn't thank you and your team enough.
Kyle S. Dec. 20, 2018
Start to finish: 91 days. (5 days w/upsolve, 86 days in the court system). the website is very straight forward. the email follow-ups were clear and timely. free service with a+ service level. entirely happy and ~$96k less worry. all told, declaring bankruptcy has cleared the way for me to forge a path in the direction of my future instead of continuing to try to limp along with no hope of ever improving my situation. it reinvigorated me and allowed me to dream again.
Amy Hans Dec. 14, 2018
Upsolve is amazing. i never thought it would be possible to file your bankruptcy in such a way. i am so very very grateful for their time and attention to my serious financial woes. they were always on top of things - despite this is all electronic!!! they must be a group of very hard working individuals!!!!
Ken Preston Dec. 12, 2018
The staff at upsolve were very helpful with my filing and they answered all my questions that i had along the way. their dedication to helping me get a fresh start was unbelievable. i would recommend upsolve to anyone who needs help with filing. excellent people.
Ryan Roberston Oct. 26, 2018
Great service! walked me through the process, and saved me the hassle of having to use a lawyer and pay fees i couldn't afford. i highly recommend upsolve, it feels great to have a fresh start!
Kimmy Meyer Oct. 17, 2018
I just can’t get over how friendly and warm the staff was to me during a very difficult time, they were knowledgeable and were able to provide me with easy to understand steps to get me through the process. i would highly recommend upsolve to any of my family or friends, this company was a lifesaver!!:))
Karren L. Sep. 14, 2018
It's a process. it takes some work to go through this process but once you do it, you don't have to worry about your debt anymore. you can start that part of your life over, and make better decisions. i have had such a positive experience with kristin, john, rohan, and ben to name a few. everyone is so friendly and willing and able to help. without upsolve i would not be on my way to a fresh start of a debt free future ahead!!! thank you so much to all of you!!! may god bless and keep each and every one of you. being debt-free makes me very optimistic because i see the possibility of one day having financial stability. one day maybe getting a decent job, and being able to keep my pay.
Kate K. Sep. 6, 2018
I came in from a very like, "no i should never be bankrupt, it's a bad thing, it's very frightening." and if a group like upsolve can start from where people are, and then build into the hope and the optimism and the fresh start part of it, it can be life-changing. this experience was difficult, but i got another chance.
Julianne Steele Aug. 29, 2018
The upsolve team has helped me so much during this process. i would recommend them to everyone needing help that just can’t afford a lawyer right now . i pray they are able to continue offering this service for a lifetime to come.
Melvin I. Aug. 24, 2018
To be honest, i was putting off my bankruptcy for awhile because i didn't have the attorney or application fee to apply. however, when i heard about upsolve bankruptcy through a friend and that it was free, i immediately when online to find out more. it was true it didn't take long to get my application started with the expert team of jonathan & rohan. they help me all the way with my bankruptcy free of charge and now i am happy to say i have no more worry about any debt collector agency. i thank jonathan & rohan for their advise and guidance, and i would recommend upsolve to anyone.
Cyndi Gomez Aug. 13, 2018
So amazing and helpful with filing my bankruptcy. they made the process so simple, and took on the responsibility of finding every debt i had wherever i told them to look. truly helpful and very pleasurable experience.
Dawn Clay Aug. 12, 2018
Incredible organization with people who really care. everyone works so hard to try to improve the lives of their clients. working here has been an incredibly rewarding opportunity.
Amu Ptah Aug. 9, 2018
Upsolve has a user friendly platform that is both engaging and encouraging for people who find themselves in financial crisis. the upsolve team is responsive, helpful and nonjudgmental. i received great counseling and support. i recommend them to anyone considering or actively pursuing bankruptcy as a solution. while, i did not need to move forward with my process, i received help and solid guidance. give them a shot, they are doing great work! i see the light at the end of the tunnel. thank you upsolve!
Elena Ivleva Aug. 7, 2018
Upsolve is very helpful. i walked through paper work with easy to understand instructions. rohan always answered all my questions quickly using chat online which is convenient. jonathan and rohan are professional and supportive, with great amount of patience. i highly recommend upsolve service to anyone who needs help to deal with bankruptcy.
Johnnie Q. Aug. 1, 2018
I had been putting off my bankruptcy for a while. finally, one creditor decided to collect through the courts. it was now or never and upsolve came to the rescue. upsolve made what was a hassle into a bearable process. thanks upsolve!
Deborah Medley Jul. 30, 2018
Great service and very helpful, kind staff. i would definitely recommend them to family and friends. at first i was worried and nervous but anytime i had a questions they were there to help. smooth process.
Cameraz Mile Jul. 27, 2018
These amazing team made this process simple. their hearts is amount helping people like myself have a fresh start. i am forever grateful😊💕
Nissim Jul. 18, 2018
Good service,great people. helped make a not so easy experience that much better. i wish you guys the best!
Ken S. Jul. 14, 2018
Go to upsolve they're a great help for anyone needing to file bankruptcy, specifically if you don't even have the financial resources. they were a blessing to me. i highly recommend them. instructions are very easy, each part of the process goes very quickly, and smoothly. no complaints here. i give upsolve from 1-10...10 🌟 also a big shout out to our local community legal aid thanks couldn't have done it without you.
Keri Savoca Jul. 13, 2018
I knew i needed to file chapter 7. i did the paperwork by myself because i couldn't afford attorney fees, but then paused at the last minute and realized i had better have someone look over this. i found upsolve when i searched for pro bono bankruptcy attorneys. their process was simple -- fill out a quick online form, which auto-populates the bankruptcy forms; upload copies of bills and a few other documents; go down to the office to finalize the paperwork; walk a few blocks to drop off the documents at the bankruptcy court. easy and life-changing. i'm glad i had them do my paperwork because there were a few little things that i had missed when i did the forms on my own. bankruptcy is not the end of the world -- if you're too deep into debt and you can't get out, it's often a better solution than doing debt consolidation because you can begin to repair your credit right away instead of 2-3 years from now when you finish paying everything in a debt consolidation plan. i'm looking forward to starting over.
Vanessa McNeil Jun. 23, 2018
Professional, courteous, and educated team of individuals. i was assured that even though it can be nerve wrecking to fine bankruptcy, the end result is literally, a breath of fresh air- a fresh start. i am glad i took this step and had the guidance of educated professionals. thanks upsolve team!!
Betsy O'Brien Jun. 13, 2018
Upsolve is a great program for anyone filing bankruptcy. i never thought it could be so easy. i had pine tree legal and volunteer lawyers project help me through this process. they told me about upsolve online. they said i was the first person in maine to file for bankruptcy through the upsolve program. this program wasn't available in maine until january 2018. i started my first bankruptcy course with upsolve on january 29, 2018. i filed my bankruptcy paperwork with the court on february 16, 2018. i went to bankruptcy court with my volunteer lawyers project lawyer in march 2018. i received my discharge on may 21, 2018. i couldn't thank upsolve enough. they helped me whenever i had a question. it feels great to be debt free. i never thought i would ever have to file bankruptcy, but thanks to upsolve they made it easy. they helped me through a tough time in my life.
Ron Poulin Jun. 9, 2018
Very user friendly. rohan was there to answer all questions immediately. my experience with upsolve was easy to understand and made my bankruptcy less stressful. i thank them for all their help.
Shaemane Davis Jun. 6, 2018
I knew bankruptcy was something i had to do. i was a little unnerved and didn't have the funds to file. after putting it off for as long as i could i contacted upsolve. i followed their instructions with regards to what documentation i had to provide and boom, they took it from there. they were so helpful, so informative and now i am so ready to get my life back. thanks guys
Andrew H. Jun. 5, 2018
Upsolve is great if you need a fresh start . i am very greatfull for all what they did for me. thank you!
Abed M. Apr. 13, 2018
There are some things i’m trying to work on about myself now — my confidence, for one. for so long i stalled and didn’t make strong decisions. but filing for bankruptcy, i want to be more affirmative about decisions like that. i’m so very grateful for this fresh start i’ve gotten from upsolve. i’m happy i made that call. i’m grateful that i still have my ambition. some people, they would rather complain than doing something to change their life. but i did. since i filed for bankruptcy, i’ve started learning about software, i’m trying to develop apps. i have a lot of ideas for the future, but my dream job is to be a project manager, to make something big.
Tarrita Wyre Mar. 7, 2018
Great staff that is knowledgeable about debt relief and is available to assist with any questions or concerns. i would recommend a friend.
Bill Higgins Nov. 22, 2017
I was in such a bad way financially,i contacted upsolve and applied and once approved was immediately taken care of. so thankful!!!!
Charles Nov. 2, 2017
Upsolve is honest. they have integrity. and they’re very decent people and doing a great service for the public. bankruptcy probably extended my life a little bit with all the anxiety that disappeared. when the debts cleared, the anxiety cleared.
Anne P. Sep. 5, 2017
Working with upsolve helped me file for bankruptcy with ease and confidence. their support was essential with regards to understanding the lengthy process and paperwork. i recommend upsolve if you need assistance filing for bankruptcy!
Edna Cardwell Aug. 9, 2017
When upsolve said that they would be able to assist me, i did not believe them initially because i was let down by other organizations. they held my hand throughout the entire process and i cannot thank them enough. i highly recommend upsolve!
Lawrence DeLucia Apr. 3, 2017
Great legal aid co. to get help when filling for bankruptcy.
Thasha Jackson Mar. 17, 2017
Thank you so much for all your help!
Thelma Tanner Nov. 15, 2016
Great very friendly unique individuals. they was there from start to finish, and provided me with all materials i needed. they were very knowledgeable and covered all aspects of my case. i would definitely recommend them.
Maria Diaz Nov. 8, 2016
Great experience and very helpful
Felicita Rodriguez Aug. 20, 2016
Upsolve was great in helping us throughout the process of filing for bankruptcy. we had done so much research prior to contacting them. yet once we had the initial visit at their office we knew we had made the right decision and left assured knowing that they'd guide us every step of the way. they answered all our questions and eased any doubts we had. we can finally breathe better. thanks upsolve.
Rashad Taylos Aug. 10, 2016
I received the most knowledgeable and secure experience with the upsolve team. we were available around the clock to answer any question before, during, and after my filing process. what i thought would be a horrible experience filled with judgement and pressure was just the opposite. i recommend upsolve for anyone considering bankruptcy or just need advice on the subject matter. its a knowledgeable, user friendly, process with great people around to assist. thank you upsolve team.
Kisha F. Aug. 1, 2016
I tell you when i came on board with upsolve my life was in a financial wreck i didn't know where to turn to get help i didn't want to file in fear of messing up my credit further and i was already strapped for cash and didn't think i could pay the fee to file or anything i was just an emotional wreck ,thank god [upsolve] made my fears go away they explained the process to me and gave me courage that this could work for me i then went forward to file with the upsolve team rooting for me all the way it was like a big weight lifted up off my entire soul thanks to the upsolve team i have a second chance at life and i'm on the way to rebuilding my credit and oh yeah folks when you do get clear of the debt beware there are creditors waiting to put you back into debt i have some many auto loan offers and rebuilding credit offers coming in weekly so don't be afraid bankruptcy will not damage your credit staying in debt that u can't repay will ...once again thank you [upsolve] from me one of your number one fans kisha f.

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