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My Bankruptcy
Filing Tool

1. Questionnaire
2. Credit Course
3. Generate Forms
4. File Bankruptcy

Generate your bankruptcy paperwork for free!

  • No paywalls, no payments, no credit cards. We’re a nonprofit funded by generous donors like Harvard University, the former CEO of Google, and the Legal Services Corporation.

  • Access on any mobile or desktop web browser.

  • Designed and built alongside experienced bankruptcy attorneys.

Generate Voluntary Petition
Prep for Creditors Meeting
Also known as 341 Meeting
Credit Counseling
Forms Downloaded
File at Courthouse
Conrad B. Duberstein United States Bankruptcy Courthouse

Court: Conrad B. Duberstein United States Bankruptcy Courthouse

Hours: M-F, 9-5pm

Bankruptcy is a big decision. We're here at every step

  • Receive articles and videos created by experienced bankruptcy attorneys for every step of the bankruptcy process. Watch our "341 meeting" prep video!

  • Get real time court updates via text message after you file.

  • Join the Facebook group of Upsolve users and get customer support.

Total debt relieved by Upsolve users: $723,796,025

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