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Lori P.

Lori P.

Finished April, 3 2019

How did you fall into debt?

I was laid off my job in 2012 after 12 years and it was a bit of a specialized position. I didn’t work for over a year and half after; I’ve had two jobs since, neither of that worked out but regardless will never make the same money again (barely half as much). Unfortunately still had the same debt though- parent plus loan, credit debt which was increased by lay off. Currently haven’t worked in over year and half and at this point can’t.

What advice do you have for people considering bankruptcy?

Figure out if there is some other course of action you can take to relieve your financial issues. You have to also look at how it came to be and stop any activities that are not necessary. Fear did stop me for quite a while, along with guilt about it. I’ve had credit since 17 (40 yrs) without a mark on it but it became inevitable. I had to give up my place to be able to pay my bills and still have enough left over to live at all. If I hadn’t accidentally found Upsolve I still wouldn’t have been able to file, I would have had to just deal with consequences of not paying them (no income). I happen to be in Seattle with daughter and checked out WA gov websites and found info about them. I live in CT and have tried to get assistance there in past.....Upsolve doesn’t seem to be known there.

What did you like most about using Upsolve?

I like that there are lawyers, paralegals, etc. out there that are willing to devote their time to helping people stuck in my type of situation, that can’t afford to file bankruptcy (seems like an oxymoron, huh?). I AM FILLED WITH EXTREME GRATITUDE FOR EVERYONE THERE!! I cannot believe how simple they make it for you also; my mind was blown. I lived with the stress about it for so long and really thought it’d be stressful doing it Pro Se but I was stunned that I didn’t suffer stress from it. It has made it so that I can focus on taking care of myself right now which is much needed. I still have to deal with the FFEL loan I have but things will all work out.

How has bankruptcy changed your life?

It has made it so that I can focus on taking care of myself right now which is much needed. I still have to deal with the FFEL loan I have but things will all work out.

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