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Brad F.

Finished April, 15 2019

How did you fall into debt?

I fell into debt because of a combination of things, I got into a car accident while I was at home recovering my employer decided to let me go. I had a very difficult time with both workers comp which both were denied because of my paper work getting lost so they said. Anyways my health deteriorated I was living on my credit cards big big mistake that house of cards collapsed quickly. I also took out payday loans and those people are ruthless finally I spent a year in a nursing home that's when I decided to file I didn't want to start my life over at 60yrs old with all that debt some of which was clearly my fault.

What advice do you have for people considering bankruptcy?

If anyone is struggling as to whether or not to file just do it your health and peace of mind are worth far more than some bills you couldn't pay. Once your credit is ruined you are better off going bankrupt than trying to pay all that off it's been less than a year and I already have 2 credit cards both low limits $500 and have bought things on Amazon with their 5 installment plan. DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THOSE CARDS WITH THE $125 ANUAL FEE PLUS $12 MONTHLY SERVICE FEE NEVER ALSO BEWARE OF CAR DEALERS TRYING TO SELL YOU OVERPRICED HIGH INTEREST CARS. My cards $39 and $59 annual fee and I don't want to get a car but for those that do after talking to many others you can purchase an off lease car at very reasonable rates but you have to take the time to shop around also BEWARE that car dealers pull credit reports without telling you so if you visit 4 in one day they may pull 4 credit reports if you are trying to rebuild your credit that can hurt.

What did you like most about using Upsolve?

I loved using Upsolve they were very professional and without them I never would have been able to do it. I was living in the nursing home on $50 per month the state takes all your money plus my bank account was attached so once I got out and started to revive my Social Security checks they were at risk even though it's ILLEGAL for creditors to touch Social Security they sometimes do it and it takes months to get your money back plus you will not get it all back because if you accumulate more than your exempt from they can take it all. Upsolve allowed my to go bankrupt for free they filled out all the paperwork then I printed them went to the courthouse and filed I was able to get the filing fees waived. I would highly recommend them.

How has bankruptcy changed your life?

Bankrupt has removed the stress of all debt hanging over my head the phone calls the judgements against me all of it gone it truly is a fresh start.

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