Fresh Start Diaries

Our time working with Americans across the country has shown us so why bankruptcy is so important. We want to share the stories of our users so others can feel inspired and hopeful for a new future.

successful debtor
Always Be Singing

Of course, I still sing. In church for Christmas programs and black history celebrations. I sing all the time. No matter what happens, I’ll always be singing.
— Filed October, 2018

Successful debtor
Credit Score 543 to 720

I'm going to be honest with you, pre-bankruptcy my credit score went down to a 543. My score today is a 720. With the help of Upsolve, I feel free again. I have the ability to build myself into something new.
— Filed September, 2018

Successful debtor
Only You Can Stop You

I believe my greatest accomplishment is not giving up. Faith and fear cannot exist together. You have to pick one or the other. No one can stop you, only you can stop you.
— Filed August, 2018

Successful debtor
Bankruptcy Allowed Dreams

All told, declaring bankruptcy has cleared the way for me to forge a path in the direction of my future instead of continuing to try to limp along with no hope of ever improving my situation. It reinvigorated me and allowed me to dream again.
— Filed August, 2018

Successful debtor
Inspired by America

As a substitute teacher, we say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. I'm still touched by that to this day. It's so great to hear the little voices, whatever age, the voices say it. It's inspiring. We're an inspiring place.
— Filed July, 2018

Successful debtor
Positive Experience Bankruptcy

I tell everyone about my positive experience with bankruptcy; how easy it was, and what a good thing it’s been for my life. If I can help someone who’s afraid understand how it can be such a positive thing, then I’ll be making a difference.
— Filed June, 2018

Successful debtor
Pastor Success Story

Everyone I know is very proud of me, even my pastor. I told him about the bankruptcy and he tells people I’m like this ‘success story.’ Which I am! I feel like I'm at the best point in my life, like there’s so much life in front of me.
— Filed May, 2018

Successful debtor
Now I Can Focus On What I Love Doing

At first I felt embarrassed. I felt unaccomplished. But I learned that people in my family have filed for bankruptcy — even my father. Even my crazy strict father!
— Filed April, 2018

Successful debtor
Do Not Worry About Barriers

In the future, it’s my dream to open up safe houses for children aging out of foster care. They’re the ones who are going to make changes in the world, and they have more obstacles to overcome than most people do.
— Filed April, 2018

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