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Attorney Natalie Jean-Baptiste

Attorney Natalie Jean-Baptiste

Bankruptcy Attorney

Natalie Jean-Baptiste is a New York bankruptcy attorney focused primarily on providing debt relief to student loan borrowers. To date, she has helped her clients wipe out nearly $1 million of student loan debt through the bankruptcy process and other administrative tools. Prior to launching her own practice, Natalie worked for many years in the music industry where she handled various contracts for superstar acts like Alicia Keys & Janet Jackson. She is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and the American Bankruptcy Institute.  Natalie earned her undergraduate degree from Fordham University, where she majored in Communication and Media Studies and minored in Business Administration, and her J.D. from New York Law School.   When she’s not assisting student loan borrowers, Natalie enjoys planning parties, going to the beach, Thai food, 80s music and spending time with friends and family.

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Student Loan Deferment vs. Forbearance: What’s the Difference?

Written by Attorney Natalie Jean-Baptiste
Updated September 6, 2023

Student loan forbearance and deferment both provide temporary relief for student loan borrowers who can’t afford their monthly federal student loan payments. When money is tight, you can use deferments and forbearances to temporarily pause student loan repayment until your financial situation improves. The key difference between student loan deferment and forbearance is the way the interest is treated. The federal government pays the interest on subsidized student loans in deferment. In forbearance, the borrower is ultimately responsible for paying the accrued interest.

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