Do I own my vehicle? What percentage of it do I own?

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Written by Jonathan Petts, Esq.  
Updated May 16, 2019

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Whether or not you own your vehicle depends on whether you purchased it using a loan or leased it from a dealer or other agency.

If you purchased it using a loan, you own it.

If you leased it from a dealer or other agency, you do not own it.

When you purchase a car using a loan, you only own a certain percentage of it until the loan is fully paid off. That percentage is called equity. Use the following formula to determine what your equity is:

  • (Full Purchase Price) - (Amount that you still owe) = Equity To find out what percentage of the vehicle that you own, us this formula:

  • (Equity) ÷ (Full Purchase Price) = Percentage owned. If you leased the vehicle, both amounts will be $0 on your bankruptcy forms.

NOTE: If you have a title loan on your vehicle, the formula for equity will be:

(Full Purchase Price) - (Amount that you still owe) - (remaining balance of your title loan)  = Equity

The formula for determining the amount that you owe will be the same as when you do not have a title loan.

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