What is the San Diego Bankruptcy Court?

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September 4, 2018

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What is the San Diego Bankruptcy Court?


If you are filing for bankruptcy relief under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy code in San Diego, you will attend court at the San Diego Bankruptcy Court. The San Diego Bankruptcy Court serves the Southern District of California.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases filed in San Diego County and Imperial County are handled by the San Diego Bankruptcy Court. The San Diego Bankruptcy Court is located at 325 West F Street, San Diego, California 92101. The court is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., except for federal holidays.

If you are filing your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case without an attorney and you live in either of the above counties, you need to file your bankruptcy forms with the San Diego Bankruptcy Court.

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Relief Without an Attorney

The San Diego Bankruptcy Court offers a Bankruptcy Self-Help Center on its website. It also has a link to the bankruptcy forms that debtors need to use when filing for bankruptcy relief.

However, some individuals may still be a bit nervous about filing a Chapter 7 case without an attorney. We understand! That is why we created Upsolve.

Bankruptcy attorneys provide a valuable service to individuals who are unable to pay their bills. Bankruptcy attorneys assist their clients in seeking debt relief by filing a bankruptcy case in the San Diego Bankruptcy Court.


However, some people simply cannot afford to pay a bankruptcy attorney for help. Some individuals have such low incomes and limited resources that they cannot afford to hire a bankruptcy attorney to help them file a case with the San Diego Bankruptcy Court.

To make the process of filing for debt relief under Chapter 7 simple and affordable for everyone, we began Upsolve, a Harvard Law School-grown nonprofit organization that provides Chapter 7 bankruptcy services at no cost to users.

In other words, you can receive assistance filing your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case without paying any fees to Upsolve. We can guide you through the process of filing your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case with the San Diego Bankruptcy Court.

If you do not believe me, watch past users explain how they got rid of thousands of dollars in debt by filing Chapter 7 with our help. You can do it too! You can get out of debt and protect your property without worrying about filing a Chapter 7 without an attorney.

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Do You Qualify to File Under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code?

The first step in getting out of debt is to determine if you meet the income requirements for a Chapter 7 case. If you review the information on the San Diego Bankruptcy Court website, you might read about the Chapter 7 Means Test.

Without someone to guide you through the process of completing the Means Test, it may seem overwhelming. Our bankruptcy process guides you through completing the Means Test to determine if you qualify for filing under Chapter 7.

If you qualify to file under Chapter 7, we will guide you through the entire Chapter 7 process from obtaining your Credit Counseling Certificate to completing and filing your bankruptcy forms with the San Diego Bankruptcy Court.

After your case is filed with the San Diego Bankruptcy Court, we do not abandon you. We provide guidance and support as you prepare for your First Meeting of Creditors and complete your Debtor Education Course.


A typical no-asset Chapter 7 case can be completed within four to six months after filing the bankruptcy petition with the San Diego Bankruptcy Court.

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